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Working diligently on the new site!

22 Jun

We here at Bandbook wanted everyone to know that we’re still hard at work to create a much more robust and compelling Bandbook experience. We know that our current site needs big upgrades to the design, usability, and technology so that you can get more accomplished for your band. Luckily, we’ve got a talented team that is tackling these problems as we speak.

One of the big additions we’re going to make with the new site is the ability to support not only bands and fans; but band managers, individual musicians and venues as well. Each kind of member will be able to communicate and follow one another as well as find other resources that are located in your city. While the future of Bandbook will have the biggest and brightest musicians for you to follow, you’ll also be able to support those bands that are yet to get their big break and are right next door. We see this initiative as a way to democratize the process of getting exposure.

We also thought it might be a good idea to get you excited about all of the changes to come. So, without further ado, here is a small sneak peak at what the design of the new Profile page is going to look like.

Let us know what you think, as well as any ideas you have for the new site!