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Best Band Names Ever! Part II

22 Jun


First off, have you signed up for You should, especially if you are in a band, own a bar, DJ, or just like music!

So it’s become painfully obvious that another edition of the greatest band names ever had to be done. Firstly, it struck a nerve and I received a lot of suggestions! Secondly, I forgot many, many spectacular names. Thirdly, you could go on and on and on with something like this. And the more and more I search my memory and music collection more bizarre and creative names keep popping up. So while the subject is hot let’s continue on…

A Flock of Seagulls

So you’re going to make a list of the greatest band names ever and leave this one off? Epic fail bro! Reason number one to do another list then right? The Seagulls were a wildly popular new wave band during the early 80’s due to the monstrous and catchy single “I Ran.” It’s probably stuck in your head right now just from reading the title. The second reason is the pioneering hairdo’s they had, thanks to founding band member Mike Score being a hairdresser. They had other equally catchy songs as well and were a fairly passable new wave entity. Mike Score still performs sans hairdo and most of his hair. Supposedly the band name comes from the Richard Bach book “Jonathan Livingston Seagull.”

Fine Young Cannibals/General Public

Two bands were born of the ashes of The English Beat, in the first band bass player David Steele and guitarist Andy Cox joined forces with Roland Gift to form Fine Young Cannibals. They scored two major hits with “She Drives Me Crazy” and “Good Thing” which came from the album “The Raw and the Cooked.” The name came from the title of the 1960 film “All the Fine Young Cannibals.”

The other band formed from The English Beat were General Public. GP was also a bit of a super group. Formed by Beat members Dave Wakeling and Ranking Roger and featuring members from The Clash, Dexy’s Midnight Runners and The Specials.  The hit “Tenderness” was their biggest one putting them in the realm of “One-Hit Wonder” status. Dave Wakeling still performs with other musicians as The English Beat.

Better Than Ezra

One of the best jokes from Saturday Night Lives Weekend Update segment came from Norm McDonald’s stint in the anchor chair. “And in music news,  number one on the college charts this summer Better Than Ezra, and at number two, Ezra.” A giant of the 90’s alternative music boom, this New Orleans band’s album “Deluxe” was  a platinum level seller. Their singles “Good” and “Desperately Wanting” were everywhere in 1995. The band has gone through several drummers and put out a minor hit in 2009, “Absolutely Still” of the album “Paper Empire.” The band has never disclosed the meaning of the name or who Ezra was. Speculation has it that the name comes from the Earnest Hemingway novel “A Moveable Feast” in which a description of an annoyance goes “…no worse than other noises, certainly better than Ezra learning to play the bassoon.”

Alien Sex Fiend

I can’t believe I left this band off the first list! Consisting of the married couple Nik Fiend and Mrs. Fiend, who are actually married couple Nik and Christina Wade. Alien Sex Fiend hail from Cardiff, England. You could categorize them in many sub genres including, death rock, goth, industrial, electronic, alternative, psychedelic and so on, but its easier just to call them all of those. Their look and sound is nightmarish, droning, and horror movie campy. Formed in the early 80’s the band has featured many lineups with Nik and Mrs. Fiend as the core duo. I think the band just picked Alien Sex Fiend because it sounds cool and it raises eyebrows. Not a sound or look that’s made for the masses, but check them out.

Amps for Christ!/Man is the Bastard

Both bands, or projects if you prefer, are the brainchild of Henry Barnes. Barnes often modifies instruments and amps to get an experimental and specific sounds. Amps for Christ is a more acoustic almost middle eastern sound that features tablas and sitars. Man is the Bastard is an 180 degree turn from AFC. A metal/noise band that pioneered the punk sub-genre “power violence.” Both bands are worth checking out. Not sure where these religion based names come from, but ask yourself does Christ need amps? Is man the bastard? Yes, to both of those

A Place To Bury Strangers

A very extreme metal headbanger sounding name but closer in sound to the Jesus And Mary Chain and the shoegaze scene of the 90’s. APTBS is a trio from New York formed in 2001. The band has released three albums of well crafted  spacey and noisy guitar tunes. Not sure where the name of the band comes from, but with a name like that do you want to ask to many questions?

Neutral Milk Hotel/Apples in Stero/Olivia Tremor Control

These three bands are the three main components of the Elephant 6 Recoding Company of Athens, GA. NMH were a 90’s indie rock band formed by Jeff Mangum. Their most popular album was the eccentric “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea.” Mangum would later semi-retire due to a nervous breakdown and frustrations from touring and the music press. Mangum has stated that he wants to keep the origin of the band name private. Whatev bro, whatev. I offer up a home made video someone posted on Youtube that is a literal translation of the lyrics to “The King Of Carrot Flowers.

The Apples in Stereo is basically Robert Schneider and a cast of supporting musicians. Their sound is poppier sounding indie music influenced by The Beatles and The Beach Boys. The Apples have been around since the early 90’s and are still producing music.  The name is inspired by the Pink Floyd song “Apples and Oranges.” The video for “Dance Floor” features a great cameo by Frodo Baggins, er I mean, actor Elijah Woods.

Olivia Tremor Control contains members of Apples in Stereo and Neutral Milk Hotel. OTC is the more experimental side of Elephant 6. Songs range from two to ten minutes and are often just collages of noise, recordings, and tape loops. The band is influenced by the odd quality inherent in dreams. Yeah, I don’t know what that means either. But I do know I like their stuff however weird it gets.

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

Sounding like the tell all autobiography of a misspent youth MLWTKK were an electronic/industrial group spawned from Ministry’s touring band in 1987. Part of the Chicago Wax Trax scene and heavy in the alternative scene of the late 80’s and early 90’s the group was often hounded by the religious right for the dark and occult imagery and tone of their music, although most of those claims were unfounded. The name came from an art film project founding members Frankie Nardiello and Marston Daley wanted to make after reading a headline in a british newspaper. The film was never made. Starting as an almost abrasive and metallic industrial band their recent sound is more disco and lounge oriented, but still retains a darker and ominous tone. MLWTKK also put on a strong live performance and continue to perform.

Man or Astroman?

Straight out of sweet home Alabama, Man or Astroman? is a trio from Auburn. The band use a heavy dose of science fiction themes in the songs and titles. They even used strange instrumentation such as theremins and tesla coils in their music. The name came from the American version of the poster for the  1960 Japanese film, “The Human Vapor.”

Supreme Beings Of Leisure

The SBL are a trip hop band from L.A. They formed in the late 90’s. Have released three albums. The members also participate in other musical projects. Their music has appeared in many commercials, television shows and also movie soundtracks. The name eludes to the fact that leisure is given a bad name in our society (damn straight!) and that periods of rest are essential to feed our souls. I’m going to tell myself that when its time to rake the leaves again.

Trampled By Turtles

Tampled by Turtles are a folk based  bluegrass/indie band from Minnesota. Their first album “Songs From A Ghost Town” came out in 2004. They have released seven albums total. Their songs have been played on  the show “Deadliest Catch.” They are also a staple on the music festival circuit. Their name was cooked up to avoid sounding like a bluegrass group. I think they succeeded.

Judas Priest

Probably the most interesting thing I could inform you about this band is that I once had a co-worker who firmly believed that this band’s name was Judith Priest. They only relented after we called the local record store and had them confirm the real name after they were done laughing! One of the pioneers of the twin lead guitar attack the Priest have been dominating since 1969. The Priest were forced to be a scapegoat for heavy metal in the late 80’s and early 90’s, facing a lawsuit over “influential lyrics and back masking” that was claimed to have influenced a teen’s suicide. Singer Rob Halford then left the band for a period in the early 90’s, but they have bounced back and continue to shred and melt faces. The name came from original singer Al Atkins, as it was a name of one of his previous bands. Seriously, if you don’t own a JP record I’m not sure we can be friends.

Insane Clown Posse

You can bad mouth them all you want but this rap duo from Detroit has lasted for well over twenty years, sold over six million albums, started a pro wrestling league, and founded their own music festival. What has your favorite band done? The ICP are famous for wearing makeup and dressing as scary clowns, spraying Faygo soda on their crowds at concerts, and angering music critics who pick at them ceaselessly. ICP’s original name was Inner City Posse but it was changed to the more popular clown version in the early 90’s. I’ve never owned an ICP album and probably never will, but I don’t think they care. They’ve been pretty successful without me, but the name’s a good one.

Lords of the New Church

Super group alert! The Lords of the New Church were a 80’s punk super group comprised of Stiv Bators (Dead Boys), Brian James (The Damned), Dave Tregunna (Sham 69), and Nick Turner (The Barricudas). The LOTNC’s most famous song is a cover of Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” and it is a hoot! Stiv Bators life was cut short after being hit by a car in Paris in 1990 and refusing medical care, now that’s punk rock.

Fields of the Nephilim

Fields of the Nephilim were an English goth band formed in the mid 80’s. The band’s sound was a guitar heavy version of  goth. The look was a sort of western goth cowboy theme. They have released seven albums under various incarnations. Their first album “Dawnrazor” being a standout among them. The band’s name comes from a biblical race of giants known as the Nephilim.

A Tribe Called Quest

This hip hop band from New York were part of the Native Tongues Posse that also included the groups De La Soul and The Jungle Brothers. The group consists of Q-Tip, Phife Dog, and DJ Ali Shaheed Muhammad. The band’s heavily jazz influenced sound has had a lasting impact on hip hop to this day. They released five albums from 1990 to 1998 and broke up in 1998, although they have reunited several times for live performances. The original name of the band was Quest, but was given its prefix by a member of The Jungle Brothers.

Old Dirty Bastard/Big Baby Jesus

While not technically a band name. Old Dirty Bastard “ODB” was the stage name of Russell Jones. ODB was a member of the Wu-Tang Clan from New York who had prominent success during the 90’s. ODB gained a small amount of infamy for taking two of his thirteen children to pick up a welfare check while being filmed for an MTV show while his album was in the top ten! But later gained a hero status after witnessing a car accident from his recording studio window and organizing onlookers to lift a car from the scene and rescue a four year old child. ODB then visited the child frequently in the hospital. ODB also was the first to pull a “Kanye” and rushed the stage at the 1998 Grammy’s during Shawn Colvin’s acceptance speech proclaiming (in summary) that he had bought a new outfit because he thought Wu-Tang was going to win, and that Wu-Tang is for the children.

Late in his career Jones changed his stage persona to Big Baby Jesus. He also used Ason Unique, Dirt McGirt, Dirt Dog, and Osiris. The ODB moniker was given to him by Wu-Tang member and child hood friends RZA and Method Man meaning that there is no father to his style. ODB’s life was riddled with legal troubles, run ins with the law, and unfortunately substance abuse which took his life too soon at age 36.

Hammell On Trial

Hammell On Trial is the one man band of Ed Hammell. Hammell’s music is a hybrid of acoustic folk and punk rock.  The music is an amplified acoustic guitar played fast while the lyrical content is humorous, often politically charged, and energetic. Hammell On Trial have been around since the late 80’s and are still releasing music and performing today.

Thelonious Monster

The name is a play on jazz musician Thelonious Monk. Thelonious Monster were from California and were active from the early 80’s to the mid 90’s. They came up with The Red Hot Chili Peppers and are intertwined with them through guitarist John Frusciante who was a member of T-Monster briefly before the Peppers plucked him away. Current Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer was a member of singer Bob Forrest’s band The Bicycle Thief before joining the RHCP. Thelonious Monster released several critically acclaimed albums including the gloriously named “Baby…You’re Bummin’ My Life Out In Supreme Fashion.” Bob Forrest is probably best known as the right hand man to Dr. Drew Pinsky on the television show “Celebrity Rehab.”

Tears for Fears

An English new wave band from the early and mid 80’s, Tears for Fears hit #1 on the album charts with their massively successful “Songs From the Big Chair” album. Tears For Fears are essentially a duo of Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith. The first name of the band was History of Headaches. The TFF name was inspired by Primal Scream which is a treatment method of psychology where patients are encouraged to scream out there frustrations and fears. The band scored many hits off of Big Chair and a few from their third album “Sowing the Seeds of Love.” Their Song “Mad World” has been covered extensively and used in many movies and television programs. Tears For Fears were scheduled to play 1985’s massive “Live Aid” concert in Philadelphia but pulled out hours before because two of the band members quit over contract issues. They were replaced by George Thorogood & The Delaware Destroyers.

Hüsker Dü

This Minneapolis punk trio were active during the 80’s. Hüsker Dü are one of the most important bands to come from the 80’s punk scene. Their first few releases “Metal Circus” and “Land Speed Record” were thrashy hardcore punk. Growing tired of the strict confines of punk the band branched out and brought in melodic touched and acoustic flavored numbers. After growing frustrated with the capability of their indie label to get their music out in a timely and proper fashion the band signed to the Warner Bros. record label.  Their 1987 album “Warehouse: Songs and Stories” was on many best of lists as the best album of the year. Their use of melody and emotion based lyrics pushed punk forward into the future.

The band’s name is reported to mean “do you remember” in Danish. It was stumbled upon while trying to play Talking Heads “Psycho Killer” during rehearsals and not knowing the french words that David Byrne originally sang the band filled in their own words they knew, thus Hüsker Dü came about. Unfortunately, group tension caused an unceremonious meltdown and break up on stage at the Blue Note concert club in Columbia, MO. in 1987. Bob Mould went on to form early 90’s powerhouse alt rock band Sugar, while drummer Grant Hart formed Nova Mob. Bassist Greg Norton formed a short lived band called Grey Area, but then left music to own a resturant. Norton has since returned to music with the band Gang Font.

An Emotional Fish

AEF were a four piece alternative rock band from Dublin. The band put out three albums during the 90’s, their self titled debut being the most popular. They scored a few minor alt rock hits in the U.S. and opened for U2 during the Zoo TV tour. The most interesting thing I can tell you about this band is I once had a friend from Ireland who was asked by a founding member of to supply his band with some lyrics. The lyrics he supplied were lifted from an AEF song called “Celebrate” which I caught immediately after he read them to me! We laughed and laughed much to his embarrassment and chagrin. I can’t blame him though, it’s a great song.

Dukes of Stratosphere

The Dukes of Stratosphere were simply the members of XTC (another band name gem!) using a pseudonym. The project was an outlet for the band to experiment in the psychedelic sounds of 60’s bands like Jefferson Airplane, The Zombies, The Kinks, Pink Floyd. The band even used pseudonym’s for their own names. They were even thanked on an XTC album for loaning the band their equipment!

Airborne Toxic Event

Airborne Toxic Event is an indie rock band formed in L.A. by Mikkel Follet. The band was formed in 2006 after Follet began writing songs due to some personal issues. ATE’s sound is an orchestral rock sound popular in the alternative genre. The band has released two albums. They have also played many of the music festivals and appeared on the show “Gossip Girl.” The name comes from the novel “White Noise” by Don De Lillo in which a chemical spill is dubbed an “airborne toxic event.”

The Grateful Dead

The fore runners of the jam band scene. The Grateful dead were a rock, psychedelic, folk, bluegrass, country, and blues band all rolled up in one. We all know the story of the band. Formed in San Francisco during the 60’s. Led by icon Jerry Garcia. Known for long improvisational jam sessions during live performances that inspired people to dance like they were chasing butterflies. The Dead had a large following that traveled to see the band everywhere. There are several versions of how the band got their name. Most of the stories involve randomly picking words from a dictionary. Jerry Garcia died in 1995, may he be chasing butterflies in heaven forever! Here’s a song that actually comes in under 5 minutes!

Amusement Parks On Fire

From Nottingham, England this shoegaze influenced band started as a solo project by Michael Feerick. The band has released three albums. I do not know where the bands name came from but I would love to know.

Karate Bikini

In the fine tradition of great musicians coming out of the Gateway City such as Chuck Berry, Uncle Tupelo, Fontella Bass, Scott Joplin, The Bottle Rockets and Nelly comes Karate Bikini. KB is made up of veterans from other St. Louis bands Tight Pants Syndrome, Lydia’s Trumpet, The Bottle Rockets, The Ambassadors and Magnolia Summer to name just a few. Their myspace profile’s description of their sound starts out like this,”….Dave Mathews after doing lots of acid and crack cocaine…,” it’s quite  a story that ends with “…but it also sounds like the Rolling Stones, kind of.” You should check it out, its hilarious.

Their name represents the two most beautiful things in the world karate, which is God’s proof of beauty, and bikinis which are God’s proof of lust. I love a band with a sense of humor. They represent STL well! They also rock a saxophone, which is sorely missed in rock n’ roll these days. You know what Karate Bikini is? God’s proof that good music is out there! Support your local music people. Their album “Sauce of the Apple Horse” is out now. I command you to run, do not walk and pick it up now!


Archers of Loaf

Archers of Loaf were a alternative rock band from Chapel Hill, N.C. They were active during the 90’s. Considered by many to be an important and influential band in the alternative music scene of the 90’s. The Archers released four albums and a couple ep’s from 1991 to 1998. Their video for “Web in Front” appeared on an episode of “Beavis and Butthead.” The band broke up in 1998. Vocalist Eric Bachmann releases solo material and plays with Crooked Fingers. Bassist Matt Gentling has toured with Band of Horses. The name apparently means nothing, but it is right awesome.

Wall of Voodoo

Wall of Voodoo were an early 80’s new wave band from Los Angeles. The band started while working at a studio scoring music for films. The band’s sound was a mix of synth driven new wave and spaghetti western film music. Vocalist Stan Ridgway left the band in 1983 and went on to a long solo career. The band added new vocalist, and spot on Ridway sound alike, Andy Prieboy and continued to play as Wall of Voodoo achieving a modicum of success in Australia. They are widely considered a “one hit wonder” due to their song “Mexican Radio” which was entrenched on early MTV. The name came about while Ridgway was talking about their soundtrack music comparing it to legendary producer Phil Spector’s wall of sound when a friend joked that it sounded more like a wall of voodoo!

Be Your Own Pet

Be Your Own Pet was a short lived critically acclaimed punk band from Nashville. BYOP were a raucous four piece of blazing energy and garage punk fury formed in 2004. The band released a couple albums and few ep’s. They were also a fixture on the festival circuit. Unfortunately, in 2008 the band broke up. Members of the band now perform in other bands the Turbo Fruits, JEFF the Brotherhood, and vocalist Jemina Pearl has a solo career.

Black Moth Super Rainbow

Here’s the scoop on this band. They are from Pittsburgh. The members go by names such as Tobacco, Father Hummingbird, The Seven Fields of Aphelion, and Iffernaut. A former member went by the name Power Pill Fist. Previous names of the band included Allegheny White Fish, a slang term for a condom floating in the Allegheny River, satanstompingcatepillars, f*ckeroo, and Side 8. The music is a psychedelic blend that makes The Flaming Lips sound like The Monkees. Band member Tobacco also releases solo albums!

Cactus World News

Cactus World News were an Irish band from Dublin formed in 1984.  They released one album “Urban Beaches” in 1986. A second album was unfinished after a few members quit the band. It was finally released in 2004. The “Urban Beaches” album manufactured three minor hits on the alternative charts, “Worlds Apart” “Years Later”  and “The Bridge.” CWN’s sound was a mixture of influences of U2, R.E.M., Talking Heads, The Waterboys and The Clash. I’m still listening to this album today.

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone/Oscillating Innards

CFTPA is the solo project of Owen Ashworth. His sound is lo-fi synth music sounding much like a cheap Casio keyboard from way back in the 80’s. The lyrics are usually dreary, depressive, desolate and delivered in a maudlin tone. That shouldn’t stop you from checking him out. Gordon Ashworth is Owen’s brother and is the sole member of Oscillating Innards. His band makes noise, lots and lots of electronically produced flat out noise. The name possibly intones as to what actually happens to your innards as you listen to the aural assault!

Clap Your Hand Say Yeah!

One of the first successes of the music blog world and internet buzz machine this indie rock band from Brooklyn were well hyped even before their first album was released. Their excellent self titled first album was released in 2005. They have since put out two more. Very much worth your time to check them out. I am unaware as to how they got the band name.

Death Cab For Cutie

Death Cab For Cutie is basically Ben Gibbard. However Gibbard has played with basically the same core lineup for a while now. DCFC are from the state of Washington. They have been described as everything from indie rock and pop to emo and even lo-fi. DCFC have put out seven albums and counting, and have appeared on the Twilight” soundtrack. Ben Gibbard was briefly married to Zooey Deschanel, lucky bastard. The name comes from a song that The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band performed in The Beatles “Magical Mystery Tour” movie. Here’s a great video for the magnificent tune “Grapevine Fires.

Does It Offend You,Yeah?

DIOYY? are/were a British electro rock band from Reading. They formed in 2006 and put out two equally awesome titled albums “You Have No Idea What Your Getting Yourself Into” and “Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You.” The band were known for wild live performances where instruments often were broken. The name comes from an episode of the British version of “The Office” where Ricky Gervais’ character David Brent asks, “My drinking-does it offend you, yeah?”

Blue Öyster Cult

You know how badass the 1976 song “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” is? They could release the song today and it would reach number one on the rock, alternative, adult contemporary charts and be listed on everyone’s list of the top songs at the end of the year! The same could be said for “Burnin’ For You.” The original name of the band was Soft White Underbelly. This name referred to Winston Churchhill’s description of Italy during World War II. Blue Öyster Cult was taken from a book of their manager’s poems about a secret alien race that controlled the history of earth. There are several versions of who came up with the idea of the umlet over the O. They also inspired the great Christopher Walken Saturday Night Live skit “More Cowbell!

Fight Like Apes

Fight Like Apes are a female fronted  four piece Irish alternative rock band. FLA formed in 2006. They are known for campish long winded album titles like “David Carradine Is A Bounty Hunter Whose Robotic Arm Hates Your Crotch.” The band name comes from the film “Planet of the Apes” when the character Caesar yells “Now we fight like apes!” FLA have two albums out and a couple ep’s floating about. They have received moderate attention in Europe and very little in the U.S., which is a shame because band leader Mary Kate Geraghty is a dynamo.

Dread Zeppelin

A play on the mighty Led Zeppelin, the band’s sound was Led Zeppelin songs sang by an Elvis impersonator with reggae music! And it was as awesome as it sounds. The band members were “Tortelvis,” a 300 pound Elvis impersonator. Guitarist “Jah Paul Jo”, bassist “Put-Mon”, drummer “Cheese”, another guitarist named “Carl Jah”, and percussionist “Ed Zeppelin.” Other members were in the band over the years such as “Bob Knarley” and “Ziggy Knarley” and “Derf Nosna Haj.” Their first album “Un-Led-Ed” was produced by Dave Stewart of The Eurythmics and it is a beast. It is musically sound, hilarious and Tortelvis’ Elvis is spot on. The band has fourteen albums and five live albums under their “king” sized belts.

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names

A Swedish duo SKWBN was formed in 2003. The band has been described as twee pop for their light airy poppy sound. They have released two ep’s “#1” and “#2.” There is one album called “#3.” Their music has appeared in a Prius commercial. The name comes from lyrics of the Silver Jews song “People.

Drive-By Truckers

One of the best bands in America right now, if not the best. DBT were formed in Athens, GA. by Alabama ex-pats Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley in 1996. The band is a southern rock, alternative, alt-country band. There have been many lineup changes over the years. One former member Jason Isbell has gone on to form Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit. Known for strong song writing, concept albums revolving around the south, great live performances and the album artwork of Wes Freed the DBT have found moderate success and sell out shows everywhere. An excellent documentary was made about the band “The Secret To A Happy Ending.” If you do not own a DBT record, change that situation now.

Sex Pistols/Public Image Ltd./Steel Leg Vs. Electric Dread

We all know the story of the Sex Pistols. An influential punk band from London formed in 1975 that could barely play their instruments and whose entire career lasted only two and a half years, but whose album and legacy continue on in reverence and infamy. Own a copy of “Never Mind The Bollocks” study it, learn it, live it.

The main ingredient of the Pistols and Public Image Ltd. is John Lydon, known as Johnny Rotten in the Pistols. After the demise of the Sex Pistols in 1978 and a failed attempt by Virgin records CEO Richard Branson to implant Lydon as the singer for DEVO (this may not be factually accurate, but I believe that DEVO’s response to this was “…umm, no.”) Lydon hooked up with guitarist Keith Levene and Bassist Jah Wobble to form PIL. PIL are regarded as one of the most innovative, influential and challenging post punk era bands. Their second album “Metal Box” is a sonic masterpiece.

Steel Leg Vs. Electric Dread was a one off side project from Keith Levene and Jah Wobble alongside London reggae musician Don Letts and Vince Bracken. SLVED was an ep consisting of four songs and is very rare and hard to find. Guess who has a copy? Sorry, was I gloating?

Southern Culture On The Skids

This band is a three piece rock band that has been around since 1983. SCOTS’ sound is a mix of rockabilly, surf, punk, R&B, and country. SCOTS is a killer live band that has been known to throw fried chicken into the audience. While their albums often contain adult themes the band has also recorded children’s music and performed family friendly shows for children. Definitely check them out live if they come near you.

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments were a noise punk band from Columbus, Ohio formed in the late 80’s. Their lyrics were snotty, vitriolic, and political at times. They would receive some favorable press and minor success. The last album released was in 2000. They are often associated with the band Guided By Voices who were also from Ohio. My guess is the name came from the slave apartments of Thomas Jefferson, but I could be wrong.

Well that’s all I have for you now, nope wait a minute, I’m suddenly remembering some more good band names…