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July Is Hot, Some Would Say Too Hot!

13 Jul


How about that heatwave huh? The only good thing that came out of it is the old lawnmower is getting quite a rest as the grass has checked out. But seriously we could use a some rain. You know what’s not lacking this summer? Hot fresh tunes. I’ve picked out a few to melt with during this heat. And remember, just as diversity is good for your financial portfolio, it is also good for your ears. Open up your ears and get some new sounds flowing in.

Superchunk- “This Summer”/”Cruel Summer”

North Carolina Veterans Superchunk have released a new song called “This Summer” in the middle of summer! And its a bright chunky ode to the warm months of being care free and restless. Superchunk’s guitar anthem will make you happy. The B-side is a cover of Banarama’s “Cruel Summer” and its a tasty delight to cool off the summer heat!

“This Summer”

“Cruel Summer”

Fossil Collective – “Satellite

A mid tempo acoustic ballad that is at once epic and small and haunting all at once. This British duo paints a shimmering acoustic colors that remind me of Canadian band City and Colour. Best listened to in the moonlight walking home.

Bela Fleck “Petunia”

The banjo master Bela Fleck has teamed up with jazz masters The Marcus Roberts Trio to record an album called “Across The Imaginary Divide.” While one would think that bluegrass inflected leanings of Fleck would clash with the jazz stylings of the Roberts Trio, but they actually go together quite well. Bela Fleck has always been a little more jazz anyway. Check out “Petunia” from the album and broaden your horizons.

Japandroids- “Continuous Thunder

This very well could be my pick for song of the year. A song about enduring hard times through a relationship definitely contains the couplet of the year. “If I had all the answers, and you had the body you wanted, would we love with a legendary fire?” Set ablaze with churning guitar and a stoic drum pattern that fades out into rolling blasts of thunder nothing else that’s hit my ears has come close to this yet.

FIGURE-” God Slay The Fiend”

Using a sample from the movie “SLC Punks”  that chastises the British punkers view on American punks this dubstep stomper gets medieval on you real quick. There’s not much else to say except that it wobbles with intensity and purpose, the kids will love it.

The Vondrukes- “The Prince Of L.A.

A flamenco guitar and Spanish horn tinged bit of alt country from this St. Louis band. Features the awesome line “I guess its cool to sit under the Hollywood sign…”  An earlier version of this song in a previous band (shout out to Ten High!) was a humorous winding epic worthy of Tenacious D comparisons and it was a good one then. The flamenco guitars and horns spice it up nicely. Good stuff and well worth your time checking out.

Rush- “Headlong Flight

The mighty Canadian trio that sounds like eight guys is still around laying down head crushingly awesome rock. Their latest album “Clockwork Angels” is an intense rock sensation that is well worth your time and efforts. Rush’s first album in five years finds them at a new record label and brandishing some tight prog rock epic rockers that kill all the way through. This cut is the first single off the album with themes of looking back on past adventures and not trading in the experience for anything. Rock on Rush, rock on! And don’t ever stop!

Melody Gardot-“If I Tell You I Love You

The smoky voiced chanteuse seduces us with a equivalent of a jazz slap in the face. I could go into detail about her overcoming physical adversity with music but that would be defeating the purpose of the music. If you must know look it up, but first listen to her sexy, powerful voice and enjoy the music.

Glen Campbell- “A Better Place

This single is off Glen Campbell’s final album at the age of 76. Glenn gets a prop up on the album “Ghost On The Canvas“from the likes of Chris Isaak, Billy Corgan, Brian Setzer, Paul Westerberg to name a few. That doesn’t mean its not good either. This heartbreaking ballad is a tale of how Glen struggles with his affliction. The video features Queens of the Stone Age front man Josh Homme as a ghost like bartender/keeper to Glen. Its not a weeper full of regret like Johnny Cash’s “Hurt“, but it is definitely a look back on an outstanding career.

Moonface- “Quickfire, I Tried”

Moonface is yet another project for the prolific Spencer Krug who has been part of  Wolf Parade, Frog Eyes, Sunset Rubdown. He’s also had a hand in other various projects. Moonface finds him using his distinctive voice in a goth sounding keyboard heavy sound that is delightful and pleasant even thought the themes are morose and somewhat slightly depressing. Here Krug is lamenting/apologizing things that just didn’t work out, he tried but things got away from him.

High Rankin- “F*ck You Virtual DJ”

High Rankin is  a British DJ. That is the extent of what I know about him. I stumbled across this tune and found it hilarious. It’s a dubstep burner that features a conversation between a Club DJ and his warm up DJ “Filthy Ken.” I don’t want to spoil the fun so you’ll have to listen to the song to found out what happens. Language alert for the kids!!

Human Don’t Be Angry- “1985

H.B.D.A. is the solo project from former Arab Strap guitarist Malcolm Middleton. The album features densely layered songs with occasional vocals, recordings, odd noises placed about to a hypnotic effect. Not for a casual listen, one must spend some time with this type of music to fully appreciate it. And if you do you will be handsomely rewarded.

Lightouts- “The Big Picture”

Possibly my favorite song this summer. Brooklyn indie band Lightouts deliver us a rocking guitar blasted tune with a loping melody line and a catchy chorus that will stick in your head all day long. The guitars crest and crash in an epic wave. Download immediately. As I like to say, “Learn it, Live it, Love it.”

Keane– “Silenced by the Night (Alesso Remix)

Keane’s epic U2-ish big air ballad gets the remix dance floor treatment and pumps it up a notch. Complete with breakdowns and buildups to get the party started right. Keane’s song is a pretty ballad in and of itself featuring the great line “… The people in this town, They Look right through me.” Sometimes a DJ will come in and kick a song up a notch or two.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Bird’s- “Everybody’s On The Run”

Music critics and music snobs like myself love to hate on the Gallagher’s and their seemingly Beatles appropriated material. News flash, everything is derivative of the Beatles, get over it. Actually NGHFB’s self titled album is quite good. “Everybody’s On the Run” is the latest single. A high flying mid tempo song about staying true to your love while the world moves madly on. Its a strong song from a music vet who knows how to push the right buttons.

And now for something completely different! The Shark Sandwich will be attending the Rockstar Mayhem Music Fest soon and is quite looking forward to getting my metal on with Anthrax, Motorhead, Slayer, and Slipknot. We love metal and cannot wait to head bang with all the metal kids. Word to the wise boys and girls, I can hang! To gear us up we offer up some tasty samples.

Slayer-“South of Heaven”

Here’s an early one from Slayer. Tom Araya, Kerry King, Jeff Hanneman, Dave Lombardo make up Slayer. They are one of the most brutal and heavy metal bands around. Slayer belongs in that rare group of bands that have never compromised their sound, sounded the same throughout their career, made albums that are hard to distinguish from one another and  miraculously it still rules and is outright awesome. Other bands that have pulled this off are The Ramones, Motorhead,  and Iron Maiden so they in pretty good company.

Anthrax- “Anti-Social

This is my all time favorite Anthrax thrasher. Straight out of New Jersey! Anthrax were and still are a killer live band. If you haven’t seen them you should.

Motorhead- “Rock Out”

Why thanks Lemmy, I plan on doing just that when you and the boys hit the stage. Not sure there’s a bigger badass walking the rock n’ roll lifestyle than Lemmy. What a dude. Lemmy is a rock star supreme. Motorhead’s music is fierce, rocking, tight , blues based, and in your face. Everyone should own a Motorhead album, it should be mandatory.

Slipknot- “My Plague

Why do I like Slipknot? Because they scare the ever living shittake mushrooms out of me, that’s why! And also because they are a band that gives you 1,000 percent live, even if that means harming themselves. Recently lead singer Corey Taylor passed out at the end of a show in Dallas. That’s rock baby!

So, if someone could do a rain dance soon and get some clouds in here to cool things off a bit it would be appreciated.