Scary, Dark, Horrifying, and Deadly Halloween Music!

5 Oct



It’s October! The best month of the year. It’s my favorite time of the year. The weather is perfect. The colors change and it’s Halloween! Best holiday ever! Well, the most fun one anyway. So let’s take a run through some Halloween themed tunes Shark Sandwich style. C’mon, it’ll be fun, what are you scared or something? You might actually find something you like. And as always, sign up for! If you don’t the Boogey man will get you.

Rev. A.W. Nix- “Black Diamond Express Train To Hell

The Rev. A.W. Nix was a preacher from the 20’s whose style was fire and brimstone. Here he tells us how we all about to get on board if we don’t straighten up.

GWAR- “Zombies, March

It just wouldn’t be a special Halloween without GWAR around. Bow down!

The Horrors- “Sheena Is a Parasite

Perfectly named band straight channeling the legendary Nick Cave led, Australian pre-goth band, The Birthday Party.

16 Horsepower- “Heel On The Shovel”

Gothic bluegrass and very creepy and wonderful.

Alien Vampires- “Her Blood In My Veins”

This one actually sounds like an alien vampire is singing it. Rave on vampires!

The Swimming Pool Q’s- “Rat Bait”

Attacked by a rat, yikes!

Eddie Noack- “Psycho”

One truly scary country tune.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds- “Up Jumped The Devil

The aforementioned Australian and his goth crew stomp through a song about Lucifer himself.

.45 Grave– “Night of the Demons

Its goth punk from the mighty .45 Grave!

Bauhaus- “Bela Lugosi’s Dead

One of the original Goth bands go all moody berserk.

Government Issue- “Sheer Terror”

80’s hardcore punk band shreds you to pieces.

Slipknot- “Wait and Bleed”

Can’t have Halloween without dudes who wear masks all the time!

Ghoultown- “Drink With The Living Dead”

Psychobilly stomp through the old west.

Rowland S. Howard & Lydia Lunch- “I Fell In Love With A Ghost

The Bad Seed/Birthday Party guitarist and post punk legend Lunch go all goth deadpan.

The Automatic Automatic– “Monster

“What’s that coming over the hill? Is it a monster!”

Coheed And Cambria- “Blood Red Summer

This very cool sci-fi themed prog rock/metal band give us a right awesome zombie themed video. Hide under the covers now!

Skinny Puppy-“Rivers

Canadian Industrial Goth band pretty much makes a living by sampling from horror movies. This song samples from A Clockwork Orange, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Fearless Vampire Killers, and Dead And Buried! Great song from this spectacularly inventive band.


Legendary Chicago hardcore punk band.

Iced Earth- “Dracula”

Heavy metal ode to the dark master!

Johnny Paycheck-“Pardon Me (I’ve Got Someone To Kill)”

Paycheck excuses himself from the bar to take care of some dirty work.

Articles of Faith- “Ghost in the House”

Old school punk!

R.E.M.– “I Walked With a Zombie”

R.E.M. cover Roky Erickson to perfection.

Daniel Johnston- “Casper the Friendly Ghost”

The indie cult phenom covers the theme song for Casper.

Deceased- “Fright

Thrash metal nightmare!

Alien Sex Fiend “She’s A Killer

British goth horror veterans go all weird and wonderful.

The Birthday Massacre- “Midnight

More people should know about this goth metal band.

La Peste- “Better Off Dead”

More of a warning tale than a Halloween song, but the sentiment is real. Real old school punk here.

Play Dead- “Break

Old school goth band from the 80’s.

Johnny Cash- “Delia’s Gone”

Things didn’t go well for Delia.

Motley Crue- “Shout At The Devil”

80’s hair metal band serves up hot dish of awesome!

Fats Waller- “There’s Going To Be The Devil To Pay

The jazz legend wants you to stay on a the straight and narrow or else!

Radio Werewolf- “Buried Alive

Little known goth band that did good stuff.

Whodini- Haunted House of Rock”

If you’re having a costume party at your house and you don’t play this classic hip/hop party anthem to start the party right, turn in your masks and decorations tomorrow please.

W.A.S.P.- “Chainsaw Charlie (Murders in the New Morgue)”

Blackie Lawless and crew rock us!

The Cure- “Lullaby

It’s The Cure, the quintessential goth band. Enough said.

Stars- “I Died So I Could Haunt You”

Yo, that’s deep man.

Angry Johnny & The Killbillies- “Kill Again”

Country-ish psychobilly blues stomper about a killer.

Halloween- “Trick or Treat”

Some mid 80’s hair metal!

New York Dolls- “Frankenstein”

Legendary glam band the New York Dolls rip it up.

Atlantic Line- “Ghost in Daylight”

Indie band gives a gentle tune for Halloween.

No Labels- “Lifeless Corpse”

More 80’s hardcore!

Groovie Ghoulies- “My Computer Said Kill

This Sacramento pop punk band has been around for a while now giving us this ghoulish good music.

Curve- “Horror Head

Early 90’s gothy shoegaze band. This comes from their first album, the spookily named Dopplegänger which is pretty good stuff.

The Fall- “There’s A Ghost in My House

This legendary post punk band is actually covering an R. Dean Taylor song from the 60’s. This 1987 version still rules. Mark E. Smith is a real beast.

Marilyn Manson- “I Put A Spell On You”

Manson covers the classic tune.

The Mutants-“Monster of Love”

This one starts out all creepy post punkish, then careens into a lovely little poppy punk killer.

The Hackensaw Boys- “Box Of Pine”

Bluegrass directions for a funeral.

Echo & The Bunnymen– “The Killing Moon”

Iconic 80’s alt rockers classic song is a little goth, a little new wave, and a whole lot of awesome.

Harlem- “Friendly Ghost”

Indie rock band tells us of a friendly ghost.

Lee “Scratch” Perry- “Wake The Dead

Seriously, if you do not know the music of reggae master Lee “Scratch” Perry, or own any of his albums, you must remedy that a.s.a.p! I promise that you will not be disappointed!

Oingo Boingo- “Dead Man’s Party

80’s new wave band’s biggest hit. This is taken from their farewell concert. “It’s a dead man’s party, who could ask for more? Everybody’s coming leave your body at the door,” is still one of the greatest lines ever.

Satan’s Rats-“Year of the Rats

Awesomely named punk band tells us how it’s going to be their year.

Joy Division-“Dead Souls

Influential post punk band lays on the heavy mood in this classic song.

Wesley Willis- “Vampire Bat

The late great Wesley Willis was a cult hero to many. I’m a huge fan and it’s time for the world to re-discover his genius and his signature calling card of,  “Rock over London! Rock on Chicago! (then whatever commercial slogan pops into his head.) We miss you Wesley!

Band of Horses- “Is There A Ghost”

Band of Horses epic rock song wandering if there house is haunted or not.

The Dead Kennedy’s– “Halloween”

Legendary punk band pay tribute to the pagan holiday in perfect snotty tone.

Bobby Soxx- “Scavenger of Death”

Snotty old school hardcore punk.

Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers- “Ichabod”

Country rockabilly stomp through Sleepy Hollow.

Cannibal Corpse- “Death Walking Terror

The name of the band and the name of the song say it all.

Cults- “The Curse”

Creepily named indie duo are cursed!

Blitzkid– “Cannibal Flesh Riot”

Virginia spawned horror punk/rock trio rock us with this horror themed song and video.

The Postmarks-“Everyday Is Halloween”

Indie rock band covers the early era Ministry song.

Figure- “The Werewolf

Dubstep artist Figure takes us on a horror filled story of the werewolf!

Caliban- “The Bogeyman

Face painted metal crew try their hardest to scare the life out of you.

Gorillaz- “Dracula

Everyone’s favorite cartoon band celebrates eternal life.

Detention-“Dead Rock N’ Rollers”

Punk rockers scream about all the dead rock stars.

Iron Maiden- “Fear of the Dark

One of the metal masters best songs. This clip is from the excellent film Flight 666 that shows how this band still kicks it live.

The Dead Brothers- “Death Blues”

I believe they call this twisted version of bluegrass “blackgrass” due ti its dark nature.

Mogwai- “1% Of Monster”

Instrumental indie rock band slow builds a great song.

Memphis May Fire- “Ghost in the Mirror

Emo/metalcore band goes from soft to brutal and back again.

The Misfits- “Skulls

Hey all you kids that wear this bands shirt! This is the band that you are promoting. Glen Danzig and the boys thank you very much. Listening to The Misfits will never get old.

Danzig- “Devil’s Plaything

Speaking of Danzig, how about some solo stuff.

Concrete Blonde- “Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)”

Great song from a great album by a great alternative band from the late 80’s early 90’s.

The Tiger Lillies-“Mortuary”

Theatrical trio are truly creepy and wonderful.

Miranda Sex Garden- “Play

Gothy post punkers start out all innocent then go all noise skronk crazy on you.

Peter Tosh- “Old Vampire Dub

A little more reggae horror vibe.

Funboy Five- “Life After Death”

Very old school British punk band lives in a haunted house!

Specimen- “Dead Man’s Autochop

Early 80’s British glam/post punk/goth pioneers. This was edgy back in the day. The Marilyn Manson of their day.

Dr. Acula- ” Welcome To Camp Nightmare

This New York band has their tongues firmly in cheek with this song that plays off every cheesy horror movie concept ever. I love bands that pepper songs with samples.

KISS- “Creatures of the Night”

Its KISS, what else needs to be said!

The Flesh Eaters-“Digging My Grave”

A bluesy beat and a skronky sax drive this one all the  way home, to its grave!

Dead Man’s Bones- “Lose Your Soul”

All the ladies favorite movie star Ryan Gosling and his pal Zach Shields gather up the Silverlake Conservatory of Music Children’s Choir and bust out some tunes about horror movies, sci-fi adventures, and other such stuff. It actually turned out pretty well.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion- “Killer Wolf

Jon Spencer, Judah Bauer, Russel Simins drag the blues through a punk filter. You better get on board because The Blues Explosion’s number 1!

Los Reactors- “Be A Zombie”

More early 80’s hardcore. this one has a synth line to it !

Alice Cooper- “Teenage Frankenstein”

Did you think I was going to celebrate Halloween and not include the king of horror rock?

Here’s a playlist of most of the tunes above for easy access!

Shark Sandwich’s Halloween Playlist #1

That should hold you for now. Remember, look in your closet and check under the bed before going to sleep. You never know what lurks nearby. So sleep with the light on. You know what they always say in horror films, “I’ll be right back……”


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