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Cool Songs To Bring in the New Year

29 Dec



2012 is virtually gone. The first year of Shark Sandwich! comes to an end. It was fun. I sincerely hope you have enjoyed reading about my crazy musical knowledge. I hope you’ve been turned on to new things. Thanks to for asking and letting me do this. It’s a great site and you should swing on over and sign up promptly! But we have one more crazy night to get through. Bring in your New Year’s party correct with these jammin’ tunes. Carry on in 2013!

The Living Things- New Year

This band hails from St. Louis, MO. I also hail from the area and none of my friends are aware that this band exists and that is terrible because they are quite good.

The Zombies– This Will Be Our Year

Classic song from classic band.

Todd Snider- Happy New Year

Todd Snider is ridiculously good.

The Kissaway Trail- New Year

Some shoegazy guitar uplift for the new year!

Jeff Buckley- New Year’s Prayer

Incredible talent that was gone too soon.

Psychostick- Happy F*cking New Year

Psychostick gives you the big middle finger new year’s salute.

Embrace- End of A Year

Another completely awesome Washington D.C. area 80’s band. I hear a big Fugazi influence here.

Beach House- New Year

Light and airy, like a cleansing for the new year.

U.K. Subs- Auld Lang Syne

Yes, more please.

First Aid Kit- New Year’s Eve

Swedish sirens that sound so good.

Lightnin’ Hopkins- Happy New Year

Lightnin’ lays down some hot blues for you.

Bert Jansch- The Bright New Year

Crushing song from a true original.

New Year’s Day- Let’ Get Dead

It’s a band called New Year’s Day!

New Year’s Day- Let’s Get Dead

U2- New Year’s Day

It’s U2!

Blind Lemon Jefferson- Happy New Year Blues

Blind Lemon brings it down a notch.

Mc 900 Ft. Jesus- New Year’s Eve

There was not enough Mc 900! Where did you go dude?

MC 900 Ft. Jesus- New Year’s Eve

Slaid Cleaves- Hard To Believe

Awesome tune about trying to get through.

The Mountain Goats- This Year

“Even if it kills me…”

Audrye Sessions– New Year’s Day

Quiet and gentle slow building little number that turns grand and epic.

Johnny Otis- Happy New Year’s Baby!

Swingin’ tune for the new year!

God Is An Astronaut- New Year’s End

Lovely instrumental track.

Luna- Happy New Year

Dean Wareham was in some cool bands like this one and Galaxie 500.

Semisonic- This Will Be My Year

Great band, what happened to them? They need to come back in 2013!

Frontline Assembly feat. Tiffany- New Year’s Day

Industrial cover of the U2 song. And yes, it’s that Tiffany.

The Thomas Syndrome- December 31

Cool song from a band I know little about. Just shows you learn new things every day!

The Thomas Syndrome- December 31

Regina Spektor- My Dear Acquaintance (A Happy New Year)

Delightful little song from much buzzed about songstress.

Zedd- This Year

Pump up the dance floor a little.

Ella Fitzgerald– What are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

What a voice.

And I’ve included a playlist for you to enjoy!!/playlist/New+Year+and+number+x27+s+Eve+Playlist/81215646