Cool Christmas Songs: The Cure For Christmas Cheer Vol. II

4 Dec



It’s full blown holiday time now. Everywhere you go sappy perfectly crafted and completely boring Christmas music is playing. Decorations are up. Trees are lit up. Peoples houses have their lights strung out. It’s actually kind of nice, yet it’s still a little an annoying. Christmas shopping anyone? If you’re like me you despise it.

Again, it’s not a war on Christmas. That notion is nonsense. I’m not a Scrooge either folks! I spend time giving out Christmas baskets and donate to several charities every year. And I hope all of you do as well. It’s just that my version of Christmas just rocks a little harder that’s all. I got to have some soul music as well. Maybe some rap thrown in. Definitely some metal! And to square it all out let’s get funky up in here! Let’s do this thing.

Remember to jump over to and sign up! Now let’s rock out to some good x-mas tunes!

Henry Rollins- “Twas The Nigh Before Christmas”

Henry reads the classic poem with venomous potency while apocalyptic sounds surround him. Nice way to start out!

Chewbacca- “Silent Night”

I don’t know where this comes from or who made it. All I know is it’s pretty freakin’ awesome.

Weird Al Yankovic- “The Night Santa Went Crazy”

Weird Al gets pretty violent with his story about how Santa finally can’t take it anymore and goes a bit bezerk.

Lon Chaney Jr.- “Monsters Holiday”

Apparently even scary monsters celebrate the holidays.

The Almost- “Little Drummer Boy”

Pretty rocking and angsty version of this carol.

The Descendents- “Christmas Vacation”

The mighty Descendents tale of how a girlfriend dumped them at Christmas time. Man that sucks!

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone- “Cold White Christmas”

Another brutal song about being alone at Christmas.

Spyder D- “Ghetto Christmas Santa Rap”

Spyder D lays it down X-Mas style.

The Sonics- “Don’t Believe in Christmas”

The Sonics lay down a fantastic groove for  a depressing little song about not getting anything for Christmas.

For All Those Sleeping- “Maybe This Christmas”

Emo band screams about how their former girlfriend is dating someone else and maybe they’ll be back and if not, then the hell with you bee-otch!

U.K. Subs- “Hey Santa”

Legendary British punkers get all snotty and indifferent to the season.

Eels- “Everything’s Gonna Be Cool This Christmas”

Everybody just chill out, it’s all going to work out man!

Royal Crown Revue- “Hey Santa”

The Royal Crown Revue take us swinging and boppin’ this Christmas.

The Gonads- “White Christmas”

Killer punk version.

The Gonads-White Christmas

LCD Soundsystem- “Oh You (Christmas Blues)”

James Murphy and crew channel a little Pink Floyd for this slow burning number.

The Wedding Present- “Stepping Into Christmas”

Great cover version of the Elton John song.

The Melvins- “Black Santa”

The Melvins take it down a notch, slow it down, and warp it up all twisted like.

The Juice Crew- “Cold Chillin’ Christmas”

Old school merry jingle from Big Daddy Kane, MC Shan, Roxanne Shante, and Fly Ty. Nice!

Divine Weeks- “O’ Holy Night”

Great version from little known 90’s alternative band.

Eric Idle- “F*ck Christmas”

Monty Python vet’s hilarious ode to being surly at Christmas time.

Lemmy Kilmister, Billy Gibbons, Dave Grohl- “Run Rudolph Run”

Super star rock version featuring Lemmy Kilmister from Motörhead, Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top, and Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters! Dynamite stuff.

Bootsy Collins- “Merry Christmas Baby”

Bootsy gets all funky for Christmas.

The Alan Milman Sect- “Punk Rock Christmas”

Real punk rock. Real Christmas song.

Lyle Lovett- “Christmas Morning”

Let’s take a break and take it nice and easy for a lovely little song from the great Lyle Lovett.

MC Chris- “F*ckin’ Up My Christmas”

MC Chris shakes down a woman for messing things up.

James White & The Blacks- “Christmas With Satan”

Legendary jazz musician, composer, punk legend, genius James Chance/White blows out a nine minute jazzy explosion. You can handle it.

Alton Ellis- “Praise Jah, It’s Christmas”

Time for some reggae vibes!

Aimee Mann- “I Was Thinking I Could Clean up This Christmas”

The amazing Aimee Mann sings about getting her act together for the holidays and then she’s done. Hits home.

Sparks The Rescue- “Christmas Brings Me Down”

Christmas gets you all depressed, just admit it.

Count Floyd- “Reggae Christmas Eve In Transylvania”

I love everything Count Floyd related.

Travis- “River”

Splendid cover of the Joni Mitchell song.

DJ BC- “You Shook Me All Noel”

Cut and paste DJ mash up.

Redd Foxx- “Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire”

Redd Foxx’s show Sanford and Son was a classic for sure. This little ditty was quite a surprise and an excellent version as well.

Frightened Rabbit-“It’s Christmas So We’ll Stop”

Delightful indie rock tune for the holidays.

Reverend Horton Heat- “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”

Reverend Horton Heat scorches through a hot rockabilly version.

Saccharine Trust- “A Christmas Cry”

Early 80’s hardcore California band pulls a little post punk attitude here.

The Cocteau Twins- “Frosty The Snowman”

80’s alternative, goth, shoegaze trail blazers cover the Christmas classic.

Jimmy Butler- “Trim Your Tree”

Bluesy and swingin’ Christmas tune laiden with innuendo!

Cheech And Chong- “Santa Claus And His Old Lady”

Classic comedy duo make a song about Santa. Chong is confused as always!

Guided By Voices- “Father Sgt. Christmas Card”

Robert Pollard and his band of merry gents make a joyful noise.

The Dead Milkmen- “Christmas Party!”

The Dead Milkmen are having a X-Mas Party! You’re invited. You should come.

Yellowman-“We Wish You A Reggae Christmas”

We also wish you a reggae Christmas!

The Surf M.C.’s-“A Surf M.C. New Year”

The Surf M.C.’s wish a Happy New Year!

The Yobs- “Auld Lang Syne”

A punk rock anthem for your New Year’s celebration. Happy New Year!

That should cover it. Happy Holidays and have a great new year everybody!

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