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I Know It’s Cold Outside. It’s January, It’s Supposed To Be Cold!

27 Jan



Well, it looks like we all survived the Mayan Apocalypse intact. So we’ve got that going for us, right? I guess we’ll have to deal with 2013 after all then. That’s cool with me, because artists are still making good music for us all. So turn up the heat, shovel the driveway, and de-ice the windshield, or better yet just stay home and listen to some new tunes.

Kid Koala– 8 Bit Blues

Kid Koala has been around for a long time. He is a master at his game. His latest release 12 Bit Blues sees him turn-tabling and twisting up the blues with awesome results.

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats– Over and Over Again

Uncle Acid brews up a metal stew that bubbles and churns and boils over into a mighty sludgy old school masterpiece.

Chvrches- The Mother We Share

Yes, I’m well aware this tune had been posted all over other blogs and what not. I’m posting it also because it’s a good tune. I just have one question. What’s up with all the bands using other letters in their band names? Does that cross anyone’s mind besides mine? Enjoy this pop sensation.

Horse Feathers– Fit Against The Country

Hard times have come down on the poor souls in this Portland area bands ballad. The whole plight of the working man in America can be summed up in this song. Pay attention folks.

Ume- Captive

Austin band Ume capture the perfect guitar dive bombing and charging that a great shoegaze anthem requires. Perfection, I could listen to this type of stuff all day long. I miss the early 90’s.

The Avett Brothers- Down With The Shine

The Avett Brothers continue their hot streak with another Americana tinged home brewed concoction. Everybody’s down with the shine baby!

Public Enemy- Run Till It’s Dark

Did you know that Public Enemy put out two albums last year? If you didn’t you need to seriously catch up with Chuck D and the boys.

Crystal Castles- Plague

The doom and gloom stylings of Crystal Castles are the perfect remedy for a gray skied January day.

The Joy Formidable- This Ladder Is Ours

I would like to think that the inspiration behind this video comes from the night I saw this band in concert. The area was under attack from violent thunderstorms and a tornado actually hit the local airport just prior to stage time for the band. They actually acknowledged that they were a bit freaked out by the weather. They were spotted prior to the show outside watching the lightning and clouds gather most of the evening. Just another spring night in the Midwest for us. The song rocks and their new album Wolf’s Law is finally out!

Skism- Experts

Ever take a look at the comments section of a music blog? I think Skism has and he eviscerates all the so called “experts” sounding off on them. Also it bangs hard.

Blank Maps- Everything Ends

Big sweeping and epic like Coldplay or Muse. “Everything Ends” soars through the air with effortless ease. It seems the 80’s alternative sound is making a bit of a comeback. That’s not a bad thing.

Stephanie- Blinding Light

Stephanie is a band of all dudes o.k. So let that initial shock wear off. Now, prepare yourself for their brand of guitar driven shoegaze influenced delights. This is fresh and exciting stuff. 2013 is looking up so far.

Service Lab- Aquatic (Mochipet’s Aquatic Alien Remix)

Mochipet remixes this into a ragged reggae tinged freak out and I love every second of it.


Patterson Hood- Come Back little Star

The Drive By Truckers vocalist gets a little help from Kelley Hogan on this stunningly beautiful alt country ballad from his solo album Heat Lightning Rumbles In The Distance.

Mountains- Living Lens

Not all cool songs have lyrics or instantly pop and hook you right away. Some songs take their sweet time to reel you in with their lush instrumental genius, like this one.

Deftones- Swerve City

Deftones are awesome and you should listen to them a lot. The dark swirling mood they capture is ferocious like a beast.

Single Mothers- Christian Girls

Blazing in at breakneck pace and screamed at a top of the lungs volume and spat out with all kinds of attitude this brazen rocker is the kind of thing that will keep rock n’ roll alive and well. After all  “You gotta write about what you know!

Happy Jawbone Family Band- “Now Everybody Rock Like You Got Aids”

This song is what one would describe as a hot mess. It’s a sloppy lo-fi jam out. Is that a harmonica I hear in there? The cool thing is this song still works whether they are being serious or joking around.

City Calm Down- Sense of Self

City Calm Down come from the rising crop of cool things coming out of Australia. “Sense of Self” is their latest cool blast of sleek retro 80’s synth driven alternative pop. I see this band becoming bigger really soon, you may want to jump on the wagon now.

Dada Life- Boing Clash Boom

Dada Life are Swedish DJ’s who are pretty big on the scene right now. Not hard to figure out why when they bang out the place with big epic numbers like this one. The nightclubs will go crazy when this comes on.

The Haxan Cloak- The Mirror Reflecting

Now this is some seriously dark and terrifying music. Is it Halloween yet? I’m going to play this and freak out the whole neighborhood this year. Just warning you all right now.

That should keep you all warm and toasty for now. Remember to jump on over to and sign up it’s well worth your time!