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18 Feb



It’s February. That’s means it’s probably cold outside wherever you are. Two non music things I need to get off my chest. When did we start naming winter storms and treating them like hurricanes? Two: Thanks to whoever threw that piece of asphalt through my window in what appears to be a random act of silly vandalism. I will let you know that I fully believe in the mistress Karma. I have seen what she can do, and hopefully she has you in her sights soon. Sleep tight.

O.K. then now that that is done, let’s turn our attention to some fine new tunes! Make sure that you check back often as I will be adding new discoveries pretty much daily. And as always jump on over and check out the mighty and delightful and incredibly resourceful for all your  band rand music business related needs!

My Bloody Valentine- Only Tomorrow

I probably would have my blogger card revoked if I didn’t mention the fact that finally the new MBV album is out!! (well it’s available for purchase on their website) What I have on most of the other blogger’s in the blogosphere is that I have actually seen this band play live, back in the day! Their immense wall of noise was a defining moment is my musical journey. Hopefully it won’t be that long until we here more stuff from this important band.

Roÿksopp & Susanne Sundfor- Running To The Sea (Protohype & Carnage Remix)

Roÿksopp area quietly magnificent electronic duo from Sweden. Their music is always on the right side of cozy and warm without putting you to sleep. Here they team with Norwegian songstress Susanne Sundfor  and get remixed with a just enough wubtastic fervor to make for an enjoyable listen.

Ghost Beach (feat. Noosa)- Close Enough

I’ve touted this fine young electronic duo before. And I’m going to do it again, and probably will in thee future because the keep pleasing my eardrums with their crafty and hook filled song like “Close Enough” is. Pay attention to this band!

As Elephant’s Are- Youth Blood

Way back in the day bands from England ran roughshod all over the American alternative music landscape with cool icy and brooding sounding tunes such as this. Then the 90’s and Grunge happened and it seems the ‘Mericans lost a lot of interest in this kind of crisp guitar based type of music and started listening to grunge wannabee bands like Creed and Nickelback. We need to change that back. There’s great stuff happening here without all the bluster and guffawing of said acts.

Asher Roth- Dude

Asher Roth just set a new track out onto the world. This track features Roth’s slow slacker college flow. New Orlean’s rapper Curren$y stops by to drop in a few verses over an old school beat provided by Blended Babies. Dude, it’s pretty awesome.

The Capsules- Across The Sky

It seems a lot of the indie music world is preoccupied with the cold synthy missives once popular in the early 80’s new wave scene. Most of the time it seems a little pedestrian and lame but The Capsules new song“Across the Sky” hits the marks on all cylinders.

Kurt Vile- Wakin’ On A Pretty Day

New Kurt Vile single alert! It’s pretty good stuff. You will need to go to your nearest store or download site and act accordingly.

Noun- The Weekend

Noun is the side project of Screaming Females Marissa Paternoster. This track comes off a compilation of lo-fi home recordings called Forgotten Grin. Something a little different from the Screaming Females usual M.O. Good stuff though.

Marnie Stern- Nothing Is Easy

Keeping it in the female shredder department Marnie Stern steps up and delivers a new track. Some days I wish I owned a radio station so I could champion the likes of artists on a wider scale. Especially artists like this who need more publicity and deserve it.

Shout Out Louds– Illusions

Swedish guitar pop outfit Shout Out Louds are soon to release a new album Optica. “Illusions” is the first single off the new album. It’s a a pure crystal clear blast of uplifting harmonies and  production that we’ve come to expect from this great band.

Soft Bullets- Posterity

Soft Bullets is a great band name. I’m a connoisseur of band names so I had to get that out of the way first. This latest single percolates like a warm cup of coffee and feels like a warm blanket on a cold February morning. Nicely done fellas!

California X- Pond Rot

You know what I love. Layers of guitars piled on top of each other into a fuzzy and full on blast of pure bliss just like this beauty of a tune does. Rock on California X, rock on!

Brave Baby- Living In a Country

Brave Baby are a band that I do not know much about except that they come from Charleston, S.C. via Charlotte, N.C. which is info I lifted from their Facebook page soon after I heard this fantastic new song and it’s slow building surging guitars. Let’s all keep an eye on this young indie rock band.

Tomahawk- Stone Letter

Mike Patton has many irons in the fire with many musical projects. His tomahawk project has just released a new album Oddfellows and it’s surprisingly accessible. Stone letter is the lead single. Mike Patton is the real deal.

The Ocean Blue- Sad Night, Where Is The Morning

More in the “way things used to be awesome, and we should bring them back” category we find the Hershey, PA. band The Ocean Blue lifting their heads up after a short hiatus. It’s a lush guitar driven gentle pop anthem just like they used to do back in the day. Welcome back boys.

Iceage– Coalition

Swedish punks are back and as sonic and fierce as ever! With guitars flying all over the place and a breakneck pace. I can’t be properly angry if I’m smiling this wide. Long live punk rock fury.

Apparat- A Violet Sky

Apparat is really a one man band made up of Sascha Ring from Germany. “A Violet Sky” is a slow moving piano ballad spaced with electronic flourishes and low key percussion and fades gently out over a long outro section. Peaceful yet brilliant. More please.

Io Echo- Ministry of Love

Here comes more gigantic distorted guitars with a a hint of the shoegaze sound that I endorse so much! Big sweeping and epic. Right down the middle of the plate as they say in baseball. Io Echo will be opening for Garbage on a few of their tour dates in the coming months so be sure to show up early and catch this great band.

Purling Hiss- Mercury Retrograde

This is a nice slice of new music from Philly band Purling Hiss. Think Dinosaur Jr. like riffs in front of Boss Hog style crunch. With a bag full of swirling melody underneath. I likes it a lot I tell ya!

@Peace- Flowers

Hip-hop by way of New Zealand! Slow and low flowing with zonked out space jam flavor. It’s a bit of a downer though, but sometimes good music had sad stories to tell us.

Decades- Tonight Again

Straight from the cold heart of winter or as we know it Toronto, Canada comes a dark, goth tinged post punk dirge worthy of The Cure, Sisters Of Mercy, Bauhaus or any 80’s era goth band that was good. Pull down the shades and brood.

No Joy- Lunar Phobia

No Joy’s newest single is a big slab of psychedelic and swirling and dare we say a little bit bubbly shoegaze guitar haze.

Container- Saturated

The first three comments on this song’s soundcloud comments section are in order: “Saying no to saturated fats after this.” “Pizza.” and the f-word in all caps. Those words strung together would be a perfect review of this record. I mean that in a good way though.

Foals- My Number (Hot Chip Remix)

Foals rule supreme. No need really to remix the original version of this tune but hot Chip went ahead and did it anyway. So I guess we’re gonna take it to the dance floor. I hope that’s cool with everybody.

Juicy J feat. The Weeknd- One Of Those Nights

Juicy J is one of the Three 6 Mafia, strike that, one of the Oscar winning rap group Three 6 Mafia! With a little help from The Weeknd he’s back. Yeah, this needs to find it’s way to your ipod soon.

Great White Buffalo- Thanks For Nothing

Been a while since I’ve heard a good hard charging and surging catchy guitar anthem.  Los Angeles band Great White Buffalo have solved that issue for us all. Turn it up and pump your fist!

Waxahatchee- Coast To Coast

Great band name alert! sounding like they just stepped out of a time machine from the earl 90’s lo-fi guitar pop era come Waxahatchee. I hear some Pavement, Sebadoh, Guide By Voices influences going on here. Lovely stuff.

King Tuff– Sun Medallion

King Tuff has put out a new song. That’s good enough for me. It’s another psychedelic tinged guitar rocker worthy of us all.

Pantera- Walk (Team Bayside High Bootleg)

What? Pantera? Remixed? Apparently so my friends. the legendarily heavy metal act featuring the late guitarist Dimebag Darell Abbott’s thick guitar goodness has been remixed into a trap and/or dubstep dance floor monster. Just go with it. It will be all right.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds- We No Who U R

If you’re lucky enough to go to Coachella this year you get a double dose of Nick Cave this year. As both the Bad Seeds and Grinderman are on the roster. As for the Bad Seeds their new album Push The Sky Away is another masterpiece. This time things are quieter and more reserved, but still pack a powerful punch.

The Strumbellas- Underneath A Mountain

With the popularity of Mumford and Sons, The Avett Brothers, The Lumineers the undergrowth of indie music is thick with bands riding that soft traditional acoustic trend. So it’s quite nice when one of the songs rises up to catch my ears. The Strumbellas hail from Canada.

The Strumbellas- Underneath A Mountain

DJ Shadow- Come On Riding (Through The Cosmos)

While not necessarily  a new tune I was doing alittle housekeeping when my ipod decided I needed a little DJ Shadow shot to my day. It’s always a good time for DJ Shadow’s music.

Concrete Knives- Happy Mondays

This indie pop band comes to us from Normandy, France with a heaping mound of promise and talent that seems to bursting at the seams. Get to know them.

Elephant Stone- Setting Sun

A lovely little buzz of psych rock. Is pychedelic rock the next big thing?

Moon Duo- Sleepwalker

It’s not a brand new track, it’s actually from October of last year but I put it up to go in a the psych rock vibe I had going with the last tune!

Carousel- Stay Awake

And to bring you back from that heavy acid trip rock fest I give you the light electro pop fuzz of Carousel. Instantly catchy.

Roomrunner- Weird

This crunchy rock blast is not weird at all but full on rocking. Rocking with complete abandon. Yes.

Pony Time- Geordie

Pony Time are another guitar and drums duo. They do not however ape the blues like other so called duo’s do. Pony Time sound more like Wire, or even the Buzzcocks with their fuzzed out guitar sound and the sharp vocal style. Good stuff going on here.

Moon King- Appel

It’s a big shoegaze type thing with shimmering guitars and female vocals. You will like it.

Low- So Blue

The long running band Low will soon have another album out for us. Word on the street is that it is being produced by Jeff Tweedy. Here is a a little preview of what is to come from the collaboration. Sounds good to me.

Pleasure Leftists- Elephant Man

Sounding like Joy Division with their dark and gloomy bass line and post punk guitar lines one could easily peg this band as British or from some dark cold corner of Europe but they actually hail from Cleveland! Which is somehow where most of the cooler post punk bands have come from in America i.e., DEVO, Pere Ubu, Rocket From The Tombs, etc.

Milk Music- I’ve Got A Wild Feeling

Milk Music come from the land of Sub Pop Records, Olympia, WA. and possess a sound that would have landed them on that label back in it’s 90’s heyday. Which is a good thing! Their sound is all chunky lo-fi slightly grunge-ish rock guitar mastery.

Fossil Collective- Under My Arrest

The duo Fossil Collective will soon release a new album and have given the world a first single to mull over while we wait patiently. Should be good stuff if this first song is any barometer!