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April’s New Music!

30 Mar



Welcome to April! It’s Spring time finally. It’s time to shake of the winter doldrums and get acquainted with some new tunes for the warmer weather. Remember to check back here daily as this post is updated quite frequently with new tunes added pretty much on a daily basis! And as always take a few minutes to check out the mother site and all the great stuff for your musician, club, bar owner needs that it has to offer. Or if you are just a music lover follow your favorite band!

Zebra Safari Ft. Goofy Mane- Never

More goodness from Sweden.

Daughn Gibson- The Sound Of Law

Daughn Gibson’s first album All Hell was a unique take on country, and this first release from his new effort Me Moan seems to be that he has not changed tactics, and that’s a good thing.

Bass Physics- Old School Melody

Ahh, now this is what I’m talkin’ about. Slowing it down, flowing it out and letting it ride. Cool.

Crystal Castles- Sad Eyes (Invisibles Remix)

Haven’t checked in with Crystal Castles lately. Here’s a slight remix of the gloomy goth club creeper.

Work Drugs- West Coast Slide

Was gone there for a few days. Had a power outage with cell service interruption so the internet was not available! Withdrawal symptoms have now cleared up and I offer up a cool new indie pop breezy gem from Work Drugs to start the week odd with.

Childish Gambino- Think Of Me

Donald Glover is back after nearly a year’s absence. That’s a good thing.

De La Soul- Get Away (Feat. Spirit Of The Wu)

Always good to hear from these innovative hip hop stars. They’ve been around the block for years now and it never gets old hearing them.

The Hood Internet feat. Phoenix & R. Kelly- Ignition/1901

While last year’s Hologram Tupac was probably a more stunning cameo at Coachella, R. Kelly leaping onstage with Phoenix (headliners?) was still pretty amusing, By the way, I am all in favor of two artists from completely different genres getting together for a collaboration, just not in a stupid and moronic way. (Sorry LL Cool J and Brad Paisley, but that was a fail!) The Hood Internet makes us realize it really was a good idea.

Northeast Party House- Stand Tall

Someone turned the switch on in Australia within the last couple of years because there’s been a strong and high level of music coming from the island for the last few years. The latest string including Northeast Party House. Here’s their single “Stand Tall”. Whatever it is down there, keep it going.

Camera Obscura- Do It Again

Scottish band Camera Obscura haven’t been heard from in four years but have popped up again with a new single “Do It Again” which is sprightly and infectious  with bubbly lyrics and  a jangly guitar sprawl. Nice.

Family Of The Year- Hero

This song actually came out last year, but today just felt right to put up for your consideration. “Hero” is actually one of the slower more acoustic ballads as opposed to the rest of their album Loma Vista. It is a quite a nice song though, perfect for the middle of the week.

Puscifer- Dear Brother

Again, ashamed at myself to admit this. The first time I heard of Puscifer I saw a picture of the band and went, “Umm, maybe not today thank you very much” and moved onto the next thing.  Here’s what I missed, Puscifer is a side project of Maynard James Keenan! Maynard is the voice of Tool,  and A Perfect Circle. So I was surprised to learn that the mullet, cheesy mustache wearing, sleazy looking fellow was merely Keenan in costume! Especially since Maynard is what one would call uber-intense. While Puscifer’s music is lighter with comedic titles and such, there is still an edge that is pure MJK intensity there. Maynard is a true real deal musician and artist.

Deftones- Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)

R.I.P. Bassist Chi Cheng, tragic and heartbreaking loss for all of music.

Purity Ring- Lofticries

In the sometimes it pays to go back and give something another listen department is Purity Ring. I’ll admit the first time I heard them, for some reason, it didn’t take. But, upon going back everything clicked and now I just can’t seem to get enough. Which just goes to show, just because at first something sounds odd and different doesn’t mean you can’t get your head around it. Give it time and go back, possibilities are endless. Purity Ring are cool, spacious, ethereal, haunting and mesmerizing.

Say Lou Lou- Julien

Say Lou Lou is were formerly known as Saint Lou Lou. They are a Swedish/Australian sister duo. That is all I now about them. I do know this heavenly slice of electro pop is pretty darn good.

Codeine- D

In the special way back retro department, and because I sludged through a bunch of sub par new offerings, I’m taking it back to 1990 with Codeine because they popped up on the ipod today. Codeine’s music usually sped along at sloth like speed like an indie version of stoner metal. Let’s just say it yawns and stretches out like it just got up from a tasty nap. So it’s not going to instantly grab you with big hooks and guitar riffs, but it will slowly win you over. Most of their catalog has been recently re-issued, check them out.

The Ocean Blue- Give It A Try

Can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying the new Ocean Blue album Ultramarine. This is the lead off track.

Local H– Terrible Love

Long running Chicago area band does a cover of The National and beefs it up a bit.

The 1975- The City

There was a whole bunch of cool bands from Manchester, U.K. way back in the day of the late 80’s and early 90’s, far too many to name here, look it up! The 1975 are well on the their way to putting that city back on the map. This an updated more polished version of a song that was released as a demo recorded in their bedroom. Listen to both and make up your own mind.

NONONO- Pumpin Blood

What is with the Swedes and finely crafted pop? Is it in the water or something? They’ve given us great acts like Lykke Li, Fever Ray, part of Miike Snow, not to mention a little band called ABBA. And now comes the Swedish trio NONONO to brighten your day. I wish pop music was this cool here in the States.

TNGHT- Acrylics

AS opposed to their last more minimalist effort TNGHT’s new single “Acrylics” is way more bouncier and noisier with a stomping drum beat, fat warbly synth noise and interludes of quiet foreboding chimes. Kind of barrels you over, and I like that.

The National- Demons

The National have finally popped their heads up to offer some new tunes with a a new album  Trouble Will Find Me due next month. Perfect National form moody, wordy, lonely and emotional. Good stuff.

Queens Of The Stone Age– My God Is The Sun

Guess who else is back? Josh Homme and the rest of whoever else is involved in QOTSA, including one Mr. Dave Grohl. Rumors were swirling that Former bassist Nick Oliveri has contributed a bit as well. Homme and Grohl = the real deal.

Dwight Yoakam- Nothing But Love

So my friends always say, “How come no country music on your little blog thing, hmmm?” And I always say, “Because country music blows!”  Just kidding! Country music does NOT blow, it’s just not the highest priority for me. Like other types of music there are some artists that will catch my attention when they release albums and Yoakam is one of them. He plays the country music game, that cowboy hat and boots thing, but he is the real deal. Big fan of this guy.

Seven Lions- Days To Come (Faraway Skies Remix)

Seven Lions are one of the better acts in the massively popular EDM movement. Here’s a classy remix by Faraway Skies.

Free Energy- Wild Life

This band and their album Love Sign will be on all the best of lists for 2013 and if their not, a crime will have been committed. Crafty, loose and tuneful and completely brilliant.

Dave Alvin- You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive

Just as the season finale of Justified was ending this slow smoldering version of the country classic by Dave Alvin cued up not only did the first few lines fit perfectly in to the show its another fine song from Alvin. Pay attention to the excellent guitar solo also.

Hem- Tourniquet

It’s been seven years since we last heard from Hem. But the wait is now over. It funny how as song as soft, gentle, and spacious can fill up our rooms as if the sound were deafening. Thank goodness they’re back.

Josh Ritter- Joy to You Baby

Ritter has been one of our better singer songwriter’s the last few years that he’s been around. His new album The Best In Its Tracks does not disappoint.

Dr. Living Dead- You’re Lost

I just found your new favorite metal band for 2013! These rocking youngsters hail from Sweden and play a bruising brand of thrash metal that harkens back to the late 80’s heyday. They also wear skeleton masks with bandanas pulled low gangster style. I love that type of thing! All hail Dr. Living Dead!

The Jane Doze- I Know Heaven Is Eternal

I love a good mashup. You know whose really good at mashups? This fantastic female duo straight out of New York that’s who!  Just take a visit to their Soundcloud page or website and listen away and you’ll be mighty impressed. This throwback mashup between Belinda Carlisle and the late Whitney Houston is a favorite. To kick your next party up a notch, throw this one on and watch the magic happen.

Computer Ugly- Computer Ugly/ Why Worry

From what I understand Computer Ugly is a side project of rap M.C. Black Milk. Here is a pretty cool sample heavy half instrumental track. There needs to be more of these type of tracks.

Fun. (feat. Wale)- Sight Of The Sun Freestyle

This is exactly what it says it is. Fun. doing Sight Of The Sun then Wale drops a monumental freestyle right in the middle and it turns out pretty badass.


Yep, you still have to wait another three weeks or so for their album Sister Faith to come out on April 30th. But they uploaded another song to tease us and prepare us! Rocks pretty awesomely.

Fashions- Slip Away

This Brooklyn band is relatively new on the scene. Score major points for having a kids choir sing “No one will ever come to our funeral” over their catchy synth pop.

Serengeti- Directions

You need directions, Kenny Dennis is here to give you some, bring a pen it gets complicated at the end.

Call of the Void- Iron Horse

Start your spring off with some flesh ripping metal from this Boulder, CO. foursome. Heavy and strong.

Totally Enormous Dinosaurs- Household Goods (Zed’s Dead Remix)

Zed’s Dead Slow down Totally Enormous Dinosaurs beats to an almost sludge like heavy pace and float in dub induced noise to fill in the open spaces. Awesome slow groove.

Kvelertak- Manelyst

More blistering metal for your skull to scrape against. The video is possibly the video of the year in which a collage of gruesome horror movie themes are explored with different scenes at breakneck metal pace. Watch this Norwegian band they are going places, their music grabs you like the choke hold their named after.

The Tontons- Never, Never

A nice slow soulful burner from up and coming Houston, TX. band.

The Airborne Toxic Event- Safe

The Airborne Toxic Event have a new e.p. out The Secret. The new songs are as emotionally charged as ever as is the case with this telling of tense moments between lovers.

Maggot Twat- Turbo Jagoff

I do not know how I stumbled across this band, but when I saw their name I was sucked in instantly. Turns out their brand of metal is also right up my alley. Seek them out!

The Replacements- I’m Not Sayin’

So the Replacements Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson went into the studio to record a benefit e.p. of covers and what nots for fallen Replacement Slim Dunlap who recently suffered a stroke to help him cover the medical costs.  It’s good to hear Westerberg and Stinson rip it up on Gordon Lightfoot’s song here.

Traumahelikopter- Down In the City

Traumahelikopter are a trio from the Netherlands. Down In The City is a hot blast of jet propelled rockabilly-ish surf sounding guitar rock that hits you like a gale force wind coming off the ocean. We need more of this now please.

Inc.- Black Wings

Soft and gently loping and rolling song from sibling duo Inc.’s debut album No World. Sort of an almost whispery version of R&B. New sound for 2013 for sure.

Dump- Superpowerless

Dump was/is Yo La Tengo bassist James McNew’s project for 4 track home recordings. His first album Superpoweless containing this title track has gotten the reissue treatment. Check it out.

Ghost B.C.- Secular Haze

I don’t know if these guys are serious or joking,and I don’t really care because either way it’s brilliant stuff. the only change from their lst album is the addition of the b.c. on the name. Check out their fantastic dark and ominous video for “Year Zero” as well!

Cold War Kids- Miracle Mile (Houses Remix)

Cold War Kids new album will be released on April 2. As is often the case these days their first single Miracle Mile has already received the remix treatment. You would do well with the original version too. Tour mates Houses give the song a a good once over and slow it down to great effect.

Boy + Kite- Fall

Austin, TX. band Boy + Kite (pronounced boy plus kite) have a new e.p. out We Can Go Anywhere We Want. Fall is a dreamy swirling guitar epic that will take you away to a happy place.

Palma Violets- Best of Friends

Palma Violets are a fresh young band from Lambeth, England. Their rock sound has created hot rage in England and probably needs to create one on this side of the pond as well.

The Thermals- Born To Kill

The Thermals continue their awesome streak with this new single from their forthcoming album Desperate Ground. It’s pure Thermals formula spikey vocals with punk driven guitar rock that works so well. The cool thing is this excellent video which due to its violent nature will probably not see heavy rotation on any music channel which is a shame. Thank good old Youtube and us bloggers for opening your eyes to this stuff then.

Arsenal- Melvin (Compuphonic Remix)

Compuphonic take the great Arsenal tune Melvin which is brilliant in its own right and let glide on the shuffling bass line that runs throughout the song.

Gaslamp Killer (feat. Dimlite)- Seven Years Of Bad Luck For Fun

Gaslamp Killer (great name!) lives not just on the fringe of hip hop and electronic music, he lives on the very fringe of music itself. Just loosen yourself up and open your ears and mind and let this sound provocateur take you on a journey.

Motion City Soundtrack- True Romance

Motion City Soundtrack came up with all those excessively long worded song title emo bands like Fall Out Boy that have mostly faded away. Motion City Soundtrack were one of the better bands of that group. Now, a few years down the line they have become a quite well rounded power pop band with tight songs and tremendous hooks overflowing everywhere. Their latest album Go is quite worth a listen. Check the mind warping video below!

Space Capone- I Just Wanna Dance

In the incredibly late to the party news I was perusing the lineup for the Hangout Music Festival coming up in May and saw that Space Capone was on the bill so I checked him out. Took about two seconds to become a fan of his disco funk awesomeness. So now I’m doing you the favor.