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It’s Easter, Let’s Rock!

23 Mar



This will be a quick list. Trying to dig up cool tunes for Easter is pretty difficult.  Now, I’m sure that there are a thousand and one Christian rock songs dedicated to the Biblical events that Easter is based on. Good for them. I don’t listen to Christian rock, it just doesn’t do it for me. But hey, if that’s your bag so be it. I’m more looking at “the mainstream” rock world here and just playing with the theme. I’ve thrown in some pretty good humorous stuff as well. It’s all in good fun so relax and enjoy!

Patton Oswalt- Paas

Classic bit about Easter eggs!

Simple Minds- East At Easter

Simple Minds were awesome whatever happened to them?

Jesus Lizard- Happy Bunny Goes Fluff-Fluff Along

David Yow and the boys make a wondrous racket!

The Hold Steady- How a Resurrection Really Feels

Damn, The Hold Steady are seriously good at what they do.

Kanye West- Jesus Walks

It’s Kanye from his first album.

The Prize Fighter Inferno-Easter

Maybe my fave tune on this list. This light gentle lo-fi acoustic ballad is pretty good.

UNKLE- Rabbit In Your Headlights

This song features Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.

Halford- Resurrection

Rob Halford’s band rock’s us with a an epic blazing metal tale.

Warren Zevon- Jesus Was A Cross Maker

The late great Warren Zevon covers The Hollies song.

Frank Zappa- Watermelon In Easter Hay

From the legendary album Joe’s Garage. This instrumental/spoken word track is pure Zappa.

Jefferson Airplane- Easter

Whoa, Grace Slick is pretty confrontational on this one. Probably not for everyone out there. But, it is a song about Easter.

Fear Factory- Resurrection

Not about Jesus at all, but it rocks something fierce.

Melleefresh & Spekrfreks- Chocolate Bunny

Does the Easter Bunny visit S&M clubs?

The Stone Roses- I Am the Resurrection

Legendary British band and Coachella headliners bring back some old school alternative for you youngsters.

Yonder Mountain Stringband- East Nashville Easter

Jam band alert! The jam band heavies deliver a light jammy song about Easter!

Soundgarden- Jesus Christ Pose

The legendary grunge rockers rock thoroughly with this awesome tune.

Laibach- The Cross

Legendary Russian industrial band offers up a cover of the mighty Prince from their album Jesus Christ Superstars.

Doug Benson- Easter Is Sneaky

The great comedian talks about the Eater Holiday. (Very adult themes! Warning!)

Easter- Lights Out

This band is a lost gem from the mid to late 80’s.

Patti Smith– Easter

The legendary Patti Smith, enough said.

The Blue Nile- Easter Parade

The Scottish band have been around for a long time now and their understated music is a real find for anyone.

The Toilet Bowl Cleaners- Easter Bunny Poop Pellets

Don’t mistake your Easter candy for something else. Unfortunately, the only sample of this song I could find is a sample from Amazon. It’ll have to do.

The Smooths- Get By (Easter Egg)

This ska band released this tune way back in the late 90’s.

Oscar Peterson- Easter Parade

The great jazz pianist Oscar Peterson sways us with a little magic.

Kittens-  Easter Egg Hunt

Ten minute plus aural assault on your senses.

Love Battery- Easter

Another lost late 80’s 90’s band that has tragically disappeared from view.

Nat King Tron- Easter Bunny

Another relentless assault!

Nat King Tron- Easter Bunny

Tracy Chapman- Before Easter

The excellent Tracy Chapman makes you think.

Calabrese- Resurrection

More about the Frankenstein monster than the story of Jesus. You’ll love it anyway.

Artifacts- Easter

We’re going to make Easter a hip hop holiday.

Daniel Johnston & Jad Fair- Easter Bunny

The musical pairing of these two wonder twins was an act of genius. Again, no suitable sample except for an Amazon clip, blame the internet.

Daniel Johnston & Jad FAir- Easter Bunny

Jellybones- Ether Flavored Easter Eggs

I know zip about this band, the song title grabbed me though. Not bad, not bad.

The Homophones- Easter

I don’t know very much if anything about this band. Nice sound they have though.

The Homophones-Easter

The Real Tuesday Weld- Easter Parade

This song comes from an album in which the band makes music to accompany the novel I, Lucifer by Glen Duncan.

Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers- Easter Flesh

Rockabilly madness from the great Shack Shakers!

Emmy The Great- Easter Parade Pt. 2

A sweet mellow folky number to listen to after your Easter meal.

The Temper Trap- Resurrection

Australian band brings us this way cool soothing burner.

Bloodkin- Easter Eggs

Roots rocking flavored number.

Blackburner- Easter Death Bunny

Apparently the Easter Bunny is bringin’ the rave up to your house.

Chocolate Bunnies From Hell- Run With Me

Don’t know much about this band. Seems to be from the 80’s or early 90’s whenever this was made, the song sounds decent enough though.

Bill Hicks- Easter

The late great comedian rants hilariously about the holiday. This guy was one of the best and is truly missed.

So that’s it, now go collect your Easter eggs and rock on, but before you do please visit and sign yourself up!