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New Music For June!

31 May


sharksandwWe are pretty much to the halfway point of 2013. Are you enjoying the year’s music so far. We hope you are out there supporting live music and local bands  as much as possible. If you are not, it is not to late to start. Summer is now hear festivals are gearing up, the outdoor sheds are in full force, and your local watering holes and clubs are always open featuring bands so get out there. As always come back here often because new tunes are added pretty much on a daily basis. And swing by and sign up to follow your favorite band!

Right On Yukon-Gold Dust

Right On Yukon are from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Gold Dust is a fast paced bluesy acoustic folk rock number. The vocals are emotional and strong telling a tale of hardship and trial. The sense of loss is really felt as the song ends on the phrase, “There is no gold dust anymore...” This is your official heads up for Right On Yukon.

Metz- Get Off

Freak out alert! the Canadian band Metz latest single Get Off comes with their cursory brash loud full throttle rock. And it’s more great stuff from them. Check out the video below for a mind blowing animated tale!

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin– Nightwater Girlfriend

Somehow, my favorite Missouri bred band released a new single right under my nose. Some bands just get it, and this is one of those bands. Another catchy fuzzed out blissful piece of indie rock greatness. The new album Fly By Wire won’t be out until September 17th, but you can pick up the single at any of your favorite download stores. Currently out on the road also.

Empty Flowers– Five

Empty Flowers new single is the title track to their new album coming out August 6th. It is a bruising power blast that flexes its muscles at you then pummels you under the weight of its guitar crunch. Indie bands should be more like this, more rock less synths and horns and light harmonies!

Until the Ribbon Breaks-2025

Until The Ribbon Breaks is really just one man Pete Lawrie Winfield from the U.K. “2025” is his second single. His attentions are turned to the emptiness and loneliness of society over some freak R&B electro squabble. Is ” So don’t we look pretty with nowhere to go...” the line of the year or what?

Nude Beach- What Can You Do

Brooklyn band Nude Beach put out one of the best albums last year II. It was chock full of scruffy, bright and sunny tuneful guitar rock reminiscent of the late 70’s Tom Petty, Joe Jackson days. The band recently put out a new single “What Can You Do” that follows that formula as well. These fellows are mighty good and definitely a band to watch for. Currently on tour, catch them if you can.

Scraper- Alien Eyes

From the shores of San Francisco come the lo-fi blues punk musings of Scraper. “Alien Eyes” has all kinds of sharp edges scraping everything in its path as this song rolls over you. From their self titled seven inch out July 16th.

Pop. 1280- Lights Out

Last year’s album The Horror was a dark and twisted post punk freak out similar in vein to Sonic Youth, The Birthday Party, a tad bit of Suicide thrown in for good measure. The Brooklyn band has just released the first single from the follow up Imps Of Perversion. It’s a unrelenting rambunctious tumbling nightmare inducing trauma. So yeah, it’s pretty cool. Album out Aug. 6th!

Part Time- I Want To Go

Upon first hearing this song’s shiny guitar pop I was taken back to the heyday of Flying Nun Records and all the great indie pop bands coming out of Australia and New Zealand in the late 80’s early 90’s like The Chills, The Bats, Staightjacket Fits, and The Clean to name a few off the top of my head. Part Time are a five piece outfit from San Francisco,CA. The band will release their PDA album on the great Mexican Summer label July 9th.

Keaton Henson– Lying To You

Time to slow down and and listen to real heart breaker. Takes a lot to wring true emotion out of just an acoustic guitar, violin, and vocals but Henson pulls it off quite nicely.

The Ceremonies- Ballroom Bones

The Ceremonies are a band of siblings from L.A. The new single Ballroom Bones has a swampy dark goth undertone. Stomping beats, swamp grooves and vocals that sound a preacher testifying to just about to whisper sweet nothings to you, and a huge harmonic chorus definitely an ear catcher for sure.

Terrible Twos- A Word And A World

Terrible Twos come screaming at you from Detroit rock city! Their new single careens almost out of control just like a big muscle car should with its tires barely holding the road. The band will have a new album out soon called Horror Vacui.

Scientific Upper Cut- Devil Red, Electric

Found these masked metal purveyors accidentally while searching out the  J Mascis project Heavy Blanket my search turned up these fellows album Blue Blanket Disaster! So I checked it out and found these interesting metal jams. “Devil Red, Electric” is the lead off track and it’s a scorcher.

The Orwells- Other Voices

The Orwell’s latest offering is a sunny power pop inflected punk inspired rave up. Full of spunky guitar licks and upbeat tempos. Perfect summer tune for sure.

John Legend- Made To Love

John Legend definitely has one of the better voices in music today. He’s a class A songwriter and a real deal talent. For his new single he gets production help from Kanye West. West’s impression is all over this track and with Legend’s vocals they both boost each other up.

Wise Blood- Alarm

Here’s a trippy and layered electronic workout for your ears. It mayt ake a second to get your head around it, but it will be worthwhile.

Pretty Lights- Around The Block (feat. Talib Kweli)

Pretty Lights (Colorado’s Derek Vincent Smith) is on fast moving trajectory towards mega stardom. The past few have seen him rise the ranks of EDM scene. He also has risen in popularity and it has shown at festivals where he is a main stage act. So if you haven’t heard of Pretty Lights it’s time to jump on board because this stuff will knock your socks off. Nothing new to the formula of thumping bass beats, jazzy vibes and expert DJ technique, there’s soul and real talent in that style. Talib Kweli lays down some sweet verses to top it off. Smooth.

The Fall- Sir William Wray

So The Fall put another album out, Re-Mit. Mark E. Smith rants and raves with his usual fervor while the band puts out a solid punk inspired snarl behind him. You should listen to The Fall a lot. There’s really nothing else to say about that.

Serengeti- Crush ‘Em

You gonna step to Kenny Dennis? Better think twice about bringing it to this 5o year old brat loving, Brian Dennehy and Tom Berenger worshiping, Buick driving, Chicago South Side, ultimate mustache having rapper fool! On this new track Serengeti’s alter ego Kenny Dennis compares the British and The U.S.A. against an old school beat. Who wins? No one really, and who cares it’s all about the list anyway. All that really matters to KD is if Ditka is coaching, Dennehy’s on the offensive line, and Berenger’s playing tight end.

Neko Case- Man

The golden voice is back. Although we’ll have to wait until Sept. 3 for her new album The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You the first single has been unleashed upon us. Case comes out swinging early. She’s clearly laying down the law on someone, giving them a hard dose. M. Ward drops some guitar squall all over it to punctuate the points. But don’t ever forget, she’s a man.

Slowriter- April 8

Slowriter is the music of Bryan Taylor, who comes from Atlanta, GA. Taylor’s music is a mixture of soundscapes, samples, acoustic guitar and hip hop influenced beats along with loping lyrics that all come together quite brilliantly. Definitely one of the most unique and intriguing things I’ve heard this year.

Amber- Noah

I could be mistaken here but, I believe this is the incredibly promising first single from this Nottingham based British band. If it is, holy cow that’s quite an entrance fellas. I was hooked in the first few seconds. Do take a listen below, trust me it’s good stuff.

Spose- I’m Starving

I first heard of Spose a few years back when I heard his hilarious track “I’m Awesome“and instantly became a fan. Spose is from Wells, Maine and has continued to spin out hilarious and competent and clever hip hop. “I’m Starving” is his latest tune about being on a major label and making a little cash but now things are a getting a little tight. Sounds heavy but it’s has a comedic vibe. Check this dude out, he is in fact awesome.

ASG- Mourning Of The Earth

I do have to say that I come from the old school, meaning that corporate sponsorship of music makes me highly suspicious. But, I also realize that the world of music has changed a lot just within the last decade regarding how music is promoted. So that being said the Scion automotive company seems to have developed an excellent taste in music with their label ScionAV.  They recently released a music sampler Scion 10 Series profiling some of the music they support. The awesome North Carolina band ASG are featured with their booming track, “Mourning Of The Earth” and it is hea-vy. Their Blood Drive is out now.

The Editors- A Ton Of Love/ The Sting

Last week The Editors re;eased their first single “A Ton Of Love” from the upcoming album The Weight Of Your Love and now this week they offer up a b-side track “The Sting.” Both tracks are straight Editors goodness. Featuring Justin Lackey’s U2-ish guitar shimmer, drummer Ed Lay lays on some bombastic drum, and Tom Smith’s deep emotive baritone and piano. Nothing wrong at all with a huge sound. More bands should aim for that.

Skinny Puppy- Wornin’

Canadian veterans Skinny Puppy just keep going and going. They can keep up the pace because they have created a unique mesh of punk, industrial, goth, with rock thrown in to glue it all together. They’ve been doing this type of things for over twenty years and it stills sounds fresh and exciting every time a new album is released. The new album is called Weapon.

Nine Inch Nails- Came Back Haunted

Looks like Trent Reznor has decided to load up the wagons and construct some more industrial goth tinged electro nightmare throb for us all and release a new album Hesitation Marks in September. As always for the new song “Came Back Haunted” percolating synths gurgle under ominous waves and Trent wallows in self loathing and it’s great as usual. Touring this summer with Godspeed You Black Emperor! and/or Explosions In The Sky s show up early.

Superchunk- FOH

And Superchunk is also gearing up for a new release I Hate Music, unfortunately, we all have to wait until August 20th to get it. Until then here’s a teaser that still finds the band in fine form and shredding at the highest level.

City And Colour- Thirst

The mighty Dallas Greene is also released new material recently. the new album The Hurry And The Harm for a few months now. Big fan of this Canadian artist and his songwriting skills. Lots of beefier hooks and blues wrapped up neatly in this single from the album. Dallas Greene is the real deal folks.

Fairchild- Dancer

This young six piece band comes from the ever impressive scene that is bubbling up in Australia. “Dancer” is only their second single and an upcoming e.p. is in the works for summer, so hopefully real soon we’ll get to hear it. Better jump on the bandwagon now.

Northeast Party House- Pascal Cavalier

Well, it must be Down Under day around here, Australian bands seem to be ruling my ears. Like I said, lots of good, good things going on down there. Northeast Party House is another great indie band featuring grooving danceable songs that lift up your spirits such as this fine tune does. All you North Americans, Europeans, and pretty much the rest of the globe need to seriously start watching Australia because their be happening!

New Gods- On Your Side

Guess where New Gods are from? That’s right Melbourne, Australia. And again it’s undeniable truth to the fact that great music is being produced from there. You should be downloading this right now. Or better yet, drive on down to your local record store and pick up a copy. Either way it’s win, win.

Jubilants- Spain

I guess by now maybe I should be appointed musical ambassador to Australia or something. Jubilants hail from Sydney. There is some great guitar work going on here. I mean seriously, is it in the water? What is propelling these great bands and tunes? I hope it keeps up, i can’t get enough.

Grizfolk- Hymnals

Grizfolk are a fresh new trio on the scene listed from L.A. and Stockholm. I can definitely hear that Swedish pop sensibility coming through. Consider this your heads up on a great new band! Their Facebook page reports a new e.p. for summer. Until then enjoy this tune and also check out their other song “The Struggle” as it’s quite good as well.

Disclosure- When a Fire Starts To Burn

Yeah, I know every music blog in the world has put this song up. Hey, when you’re hot you’re hot, and right now Disclosure’s house grooves are hitting all the right buttons. I’m a sucker for spoken word samples in music. And a double sucker when it’s any kind of preaching. So this is right down my alley.

Midnight- Evil Like A Knife

What is this here? Some speed metal from Cleveland perhaps? Indeed it is! I’m detecting a sense of humor here. Not a funny, ha ha sense of humor, but a look at what we’re getting away with kind of humor. But that doesn’t diminish the potent concoction of metal going on here. “Evil…Like a Knife!” Now that’s rock n’ roll baby!

Pity Sex- Wind Up

Is it safe to say that shoegaze has officially made a comeback? With the abundant plethora of bands that are out there down tuning guitars and using feedback with aplomb, I would gather that yes, shoegaze and it’s glorious noisy shuffle is back! Pity Sex (great band name!) is carrying the shoegaze torch mightily. It even starts with a blast of feedback! Nice.

Amon Amarth- Shape Shifter

This is listed on Soundcloud as Viking Metal. Perfect explanation. What you get with Amon Amarth is great guitar work with fierce and brutal rock, hey we’re not having a picnic over here, we came to rock, and that’s exactly what you get. Have to wait until June 25th to get your paws on their new album Deceiver Of The Gods.

Capital Cities- Farrah Fawcett Hair Feat. Andre 3000

Another great sample heavy tune from Capital Cities. This one features NPR’s Frank Tavares, guest vocals from Andre 3000, and the super funky disco funk of Capital Cites themselves. New album In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery out June 4th. Should be a good one!

Man Or Astroman?- Defcon 5

The crazy surf punk noise collective Man Or Astroman? are back with anew album Defcon 5,4,3,2 and 1. It’s full of all the great stuff that Man Or Astroman? do so well. Defcon 5 is the first single and it is very good. One of those great bands that will be around forever.

The Baptist Generals– Dog That Bit You

Flowing in a a sliding guitar refrain and gently galloping beat and Chris Flemmons vocals the Baptist Generals latest single “Dog That Bit You” takes hold and carries you  away. Their third album Jackleg Devotional To The Heart was recently released and should be picked up immediately.

Dirty Beaches– Casino Lisboa

Dirty Beaches new single is a throbbing electro sound clash that brings to mind the band Suicide. Alex Zhang Hungtai moans and yelps to a dirty lo-fi industrial bass throb. Menacing and entrancing. Sounds hot and sweaty, just like summer. Very cool video that captures the intensity perfectly.

Harry Fraud Feat. Max B, French Montana, and Daft Punk- Been Around The Wave

This is a cool, I’m going to call it a mashup, using Daft Punk’s “Around The World” with some sweet rhymes from current hip hop sensation French Montana and Max B. Listen up and enjoy a perfect summer hip hop tune. If you hurry you can download!

Misterwives- Coffins

Like a cool summer breeze Misterwives music blows in. Slow and deliberate with subtle violin melodies and gently picked banjo “Coffins” carries you along. It’s a real beauty.

Twenty/One/Pilots- Car Radio

This young duo from Columbus, Ohio are steadily gaining attention with fanatical high energy live shows, one of the highlight sets at The Hangout Festival. With just a piano coda and a booming drum beatand some programmed synth the boys rip up a stunning power ballad about a stolen car radio, but it seems to have more to do with everything really.

The Sleaves- No Man’s Land

“Drop me off on Sinner St….” are the opening lines of this slightly ominous new single from The Sleaves. With male and female vocals trading places and a gently loping indie guitar rock pace this is a right catchy tune. Good for a late night drive.  Also available for download if you hurry!

Ghostigital feat. Nick Zinner & Sensational- Don’t Push Me

Ghostigital continue their humorous streak with their latest offering. Featuring some space punk guitar skronk from Yeah Yeah Yeah’s guitarist Nick Zinner and a mad rap smack down from Sensational this could be your lighten the mood trunk rattler for the summer.

Saskatchewan- Spellbound

We’ve featured this band before and they keep doing great stuff so we are offering them up again. “Spellbound” is a perfect title for this wondrous song as it is quite captivating. The shuffling bass line and beat topped with the shimmering guitar luster with a snapping electronic drum beat and airy synths swim in perfect harmony. Watch this band, big things are going to happen.

Adam Ant- Bullsh*t

I’m probably going to see a lot of bands this summer but, the upcoming Adam Ant show is the one I am most looking forward to. Adam just put out a sturdy new album Adam Ant Is The Blueblack Husser In Marrying The Gunner’s Daughter that takes it back to his punk/post punk roots. “Bullsh*t” is my favorite track from the new album.

Mudhoney – Slipping Away

The Seattle grunge rock veterans led by Mark Arm released their last album Vanishing Point with a take no prisoners vengeance. The latest single captures all The Stooges like sloppy rock power that they are famous for. The guitars scream and moan, the bottom shakes and heaves along while brother Arm frets and hollers and chops away like tomorrow’s not coming. Dig in and take the ride.

The Dillinger Escape Plan- When I Lost My Bet

The great documentary series Metal Evolution described TDEP’s sound and live show as “trying to physically harm the audience..” and that is a pretty good summation. Angular with sharp edges, angry, hostile, aggressive to the max, their sound is challenging for sure. Over the years the band has refined the sound into a finely tuned weapon, so listen at your own risk and enjoy this disturbing and bloody (awesome!) video too!

Slutever- 1994

A grungy noisy doom laden slice of indie rock about being cool and disaffected while listening to Nirvana’s Nevermind in 1994. Awesomeness! This should be downloaded immediately. I’m hoping with fingers crossed that this band will take off to bigger things soon.

Ellie Goulding- Only You

So I’m a little slow catching up to Ms. Goulding talents. I was aware and had liked what I had heard but pretty much everybody did a remix of her hit “Lights.” I think my mom even did one! So I was reserved to say the least. She knocked it out of the park at The Hangout Festival and opened my eyes up to her awesomeness. If you are in the same boat I was in just take a listen.

Ian Rubbish & The Bizarros- It’s A Lovely Day

Cast member Fred Armisen left a love letter to Saturday Night Live during the season finale when he rehashed his role as Ian Rubbish and was joined by Bizarro band mates Derrick Gash and Keith Grimshaw, Bill Hader and Taran Killam on guitar and bass, with Jason Sudeikis on drums to perform this pretty good song. The skit took off when Carrie Brownstein, Steve Jones, Kim Gordon, J.Mascis, Aimee Mann, and Michael Penn joined them for a jam session. Visit the website and download the tune!

It’s A Lovely Day

The Front Bottoms- Twin Size Mattress

The Front bottoms are from Bergen County, New Jersey. To be honest I had never heard of them until I came across them on itunes! Exploration pays people! They have a new album out called Talon Of The Hawk and it sounds pretty good. I can’t believe a band this damn good escaped my reach for so long. Best new find of the month!