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New Music July 2013!

30 Jun



Welcome to July! It’s been hot and it’s going to be hot, that’s because it’s summer. Wipe the sweat off your brow grab a tea and crank up the tunage. Please take a moment to peruse the site and sign up to follow your favorite bands, venues, etc. Check out the past post of the blog site as well such as The 40 Best Songs Of 2013!  post! And as always visit back here often as new songs are added daily!

Sango- Affection (feat. JMSN)

I really like where these minimalist r&b artists are taking the genre right now. It just seems like a breath of fresh air has been brought in by these musicians. Here’s another stand out track from Sango. this super smooth song comes from the new album North.

Sundays- Delicate

Sorry older readership, this is not the early 90’s alternative band The Sundays trying to reclaim former glory. Sundays is a strong new Canadian talent that seriously needs your consideration. Operating in the r&b genre and using the light and airy minimalist approach Sundays uses mostly her voice to hold you. Cue the make out room, teenagers!

Hockey – Wild Style

Hockey released their second album Wyeth Is back in May and I criminally overlooked it, my bad! Time to make amends. The album is still available and you should drop everything right now and go get it. “Wild Style” is the soaring opening track and the rest of the album is just as good.

The Intelligence- Hippy Provider

Thank you to the brilliant KEXP indie station out of Seattle for shining a light on this lo-fi band for me. Reason number one why public supported radio is important! It’s a short song but it a tasty song that zips right along.

Villagers- Earthly Pleasure

This rambling and wordy song comes from the Irish band’s sophomore release {Awayland}. Probably took some kind of effort to construct this Jenga like stack of textures that seem to crash into each other and sway teetering on collapse. The only thing glueing the thing together are the words. I love a band that’s not afraid to challenge you.

Saint Motel- My Type

With a brass intro that catches your ears and pumps you up instantly Saint motel have announced that they are back and ready to take over the world with this gigantic hook filled and big sing along chorus having song from their forthcoming album.

Bushwalking– No Enter

Need more proof that they’ve got it going on down under in Australia? Try this pulsing and dark rocker from Bushwalking.

Postiljonen- Atlantis

Did I just get transported back to 1985?  With that hot sax and synth intro I almost thought I had been for a second. Then for good measure this Swedish Trio break out the sax again for a ripping solo to close out the song! It was then that I realized that we need more saxophone in music.

Majestic & Jungle 70- Creeping In The Dark

Here comes a straight sort of old school bangin’ hip hop stomper from Majestic and Jungle 70 with a hardcore British edge to it. we might have to settle this on the dance floor with a break dance battle.

Frontline Assembly- Ghosts

Bill Leeb’s Frontline Assembly have been in the music game for a long time now. Their seventeeth release, the very industrial sounding Echogenetic was released on July 9th. It’s another solid piece of crushing industrial and metallic gloom and doom. “Ghosts” almost breaks into a clear sky melody momentarily only to be sucked back into the dark and twisted void in the nick of time.

The Orwells- Who Needs You

Another brilliant slice of scrappy guitar rock from The Orwells. Self titled track of the e.p. out in September!

Childish Gambino- Centipede

Anything Donald Glover does will always catch my attention. Dude was right funny on Community, although it appears he’ll be leaving that fine show. His music project under the alias Childish Gambino has been fun to follow along with as well as Glover is not afraid to do his own thing listener be damned and it’s that kind of attitude that keeps music fresh.  His latest song is definitely out there a bit as it starts slow and then ends in a rant. It’s all good though!

Hybrid Minds- Halcyon feat. Grimm

Maybe the best EDM song I’ve heard all year so far, and that’s saying a lot because I usually roll right past drum n’ bass songs! Almost a lonely and somber vibe to this tender and moving song. Well done.

Davell Crawford- Can’t Find My Home

Davell Crawford is yet another musician you need to be paying serious attention to. a native of New Orleans he is carrying on the tradition of great piano players to come from the Crescent City. Crawford had released his latest album My Gift To You earlier this year. It is very good and I highly recommend that you get it soon. Here he interprets the Blind Faith classic and turns into a stunning soul ballad.

SOHN- Bloodflows

SOHN”s latest single has slowly and steadily grown on me over the past few months. “Bloodflows” is a very slow building R&B influenced and soulful electronic piece that intensifies then fades back down to it’s soothing pace before fading out.

Rod Stewart- Do Ya Think I’m Sexy (Zimmer Rework)

I’m always a big fan of old songs getting the DJ punch up. Zimmer puts a new spin on the old disco era classic by Rod Stewart. Kick the next house party up a notch!

The Missing Season- Partied Out

Man do I ever know what it feels like to be partied out. French band The Missing Season perfectly capture that moment at the end of the night and/or morning when you know the good time is over then you go home with a sweet buzz, warm feelings, sorry that it’s over but can’t wait for the next time state of mind.

Kill Them With Colour- True Love

Toronto duo Kill Them With Colour (that’s a ten out of a possible ten on band name points!) put a big house music stamp on Spandau Ballet’s 80’s hit “True” and it turns out pretty good.

George Glass- A.M. Radio

I certainly hope that name refers to the Urban Dictionary definition! George Glass the band which is a trio from L.A. are set to release their album Welcome Home Aug. 6th. “A.M. Radio” is the first single. Many of you fellow musicians can relate the trials and tribulations set upon in this indie rock nugget.

Bent Shapes- Big Machines

This Boston area trio used to call themselves Girlfriends. For the record, I concur that Bent shapes is a much cooler name! Their indie jangle pop sound is pretty cool as well. the album Feels Weird will be out Aug. 2oth.

Friends- The Way

Last time I heard from the Brooklyn band Friends from their album Manifest! last year their sound was all urban slink and groove with a post punk edge. Times have apparently changed. While still sounding like Friends, the band has taken a funky and slower approach. Wherever this band’s direction is headed I am definitely liking it.

Phil Cook- The Jensens

Soft and gentle but completely mesmerizing instrumental featuring the understated guitar work of Phil Cook whose been a member of Megafaun and Shouting Matches.

Jamie N. Commons- Lead Me Home (Unknown Remix)

Unkown takes Jamie N. Commons darkly lit bluesy acoustic number and puts just a minimal house touch on it to make it fit for clubs but more suitable for a late night drive home maybe with a light sprinkle coming down to match the atmosphere here.

Call Me Señor- Begging For Trouble

All the way from France comes Call Me Señor. With a sound that combines indie rock and electronica. It’s a toe tapping jam that will undoubtedly get compared to that other French band Phoenix. But, that ‘s O.K. because it doesn’t mean that it’s not good.

Mazzy Star- California

What’s this? A new song from Mazzy Star? Nearly twenty years after their outstanding album So Tonight That I Might See featuring the hit “Fade Into You” the band is set to release a new album Seasons Of Your Day in September. This new one is a light acoustic number with Hope Sandoval’s light airy vocals still able to carry you off into the middle distance in a warm sleepy haze. Welcome back.

Violent Soho- In the Aisle

Brisbane, Australia’s Violent Soho continue the remarkable trend of Aussie bands being completely awesome. A full on rock sound reaching back into the early 90’s alt era of band’s like The Pixies, Sonic Youth with the guitars blazing and a vocal scream that channels Bon Scott in it’s scratchiness Violent Soho are 2013’s answer to who’s saving rock n’ roll.

L.A. Witch- Get Lost

L.A. Witch are a trio from Los Angeles whose debut self titled e.p. is out now. You can get it their Bandcamp here. “Get Lost” is a sludgy reverb pysch jam that is heavy. Definitely need to keep an eye on this band.

Honeyslide- Drippin’

“Drippin” may just be the best My Bloody Valentine song not recorded by My Bloody Valentine this year. the song song drips slow and heavy in reverb and echoing vocals just like their band name intones.

Lightning Dust- Loaded Gun

Been warm outside. I’m talking in the 90’s with stifling Midwestern humidity on top of it. So here’s a cool icy blast of electro throb from Lightning Dust to cool us off.

Michael Jackson- Beat It (Mutrix Remix)

The legendary song gets a dubstep makeover and I have to admit I dig it.

Editors– Formaldehyde

Editor’s recently released their fourth album The Weight Of Your Love. While it’s more streamlined and cleaner than previous efforts darker more propulsive efforts it still serves up winning singles such as this their second from the album.

Carousel- Not Enough

Carousel strike again with a perfect synth summer jam. Try as you might, you cannot resist it so don’t even try.

Sturgill Simpson– You Can Have The Crown/Some Days

A now for something completely different. There’s plenty of artists out there playing real true country music out there. Simpson is a throwback to the days of Waylon Jennings. This is not the adult contemporary rock with fiddles fake country accent bubble gum fluff you radio spits out. THIS is country music. Currently on tour supporting Dwight Yoakam. Attention must be paid!

A Grave With No Name- Aurora

The cool name having British trio are set to release their third album Whirlpool July 16th. “Aurora” is the first single. The song finds the band continuing their shoegaze influenced guitar haze with a moody goth wax on it. so hurry up 16th and get here already so I can get my hands on this thing.

Beach Vacation- I Saw You

This young Washington band is fairly new to the scene. Their big echoing dreampop sound carries a lot of space and weight for such a young band. Keep your eyes on this fine young band folks.

Adam Ant- Cool Zombie

Well, my plans were to go to a bunch of shows this summer but one broken foot put the damper on that plan. But for an artist that has sold 50 million albums worldwide over a three decade plus career, a punk rock and post punk pioneer, and being one of the most charismatic front men to rock a stage ever I will hobble on down in a couple weeks when the man comes to town. “Cool Zombie” is off Ant’s latest album Adam Ant Is the Blue Black Hussar In Marrying the Gunner’s Daughter, which is getting praises all over the place.

Weekend Nachos- Watch You Suffer

And now to raise the intensity level up a few notches because it just got real up in here with this super heavy crushing grindcore meat wagon served up by Weekend Nachos. The band seems to be lengthening their explosive punk metal with no ill effects on their ferocity.

Whirr- Drain

A slow churning melancholy shoegaze song, maybe better suited for a rainy day. The songs off the new mini-LP Around are longer and more spacious but judging by this one, no less majestic.

RDGLDGRN- Lootin’ In London (feat. Dave Grohl & Angel Haze)

The funny thing is RDGLDGRN (pronounced Red, Gold, Green) are from Virginia! Nowhere near London. Also probably explains why Washington D.C. area native Grohl is on board helping out the local boys. Angel Haze sings the chorus as the boys pop off a bouncy hip hop flavored indie jam.

Pelican- Immutable Dusk

From the mighty metal label Southern Lord comes a new release from instrumental metal band Pelican. It’ s actually slated to be out in October, but to keep us anticipating the first single is out and it’s pretty damn good stuff.

Ghost Beach- Moon Over Japan

More fresh summer sounding goodness from Ghost Beach.

The Flag– Alpha 60 Punch Out

First off, no this is not one of the current Black Flag reunion rip offs currently fleecing you out of your money. (Listen up Black Flag fellows, either get along or let it go, and if you do get back together- no Henry=no Black Flag!) Back to The Flag, it’s a project of New York artist Ted McGrath. The post punk freak out has a little Talking Heads, Liquid Liquid, maybe even a dollup of James Chance mixed in. Sounds pretty cool!

NONONO- Like The Wind

Swedish trio NONONO have put out another tight and concise electro pop gem. We’ve featured their magic before and will continue to do so. Someone in the States really needs to pick up this band and release their music here.

Lucero- Texas & Tennessee

The mighty Lucero from Memphis, TN. have released a largely acoustic e.p. and this is the title track. Adding horns tot he acoustic mix Lucero carries on their tradition of great southern rock songs with true heart.

The Bots- Plastic Jacket

It’s an outright travesty that I have to look towards Europe sometimes to discover cool bands from my own country. That’s how I ran across this sibling duo from Los Angeles, CA. Perusing across the Rockskilde Festival live stream (from Denmark!) these two blew me clean out of the water. And they’ve been doing this for a few years now, thanks for nothing music press and commercial radio. As for The Bots, attention must be paid!

C2C- Down The Road

C2C are a four piece turntablist collective from Nantes, France. Again, I’m behind the eightball on this one as this song has been out for quite some time. They chop and scratch up the blues to hip hop perfection on this one. the video features pro skater Richie Jackson.

Talbot- Delta

Another great band I discovered through Rockskilde! So this is you heads up America. Meet Talbot, they come from Estonia and they rock. They play doom metal and it rules supreme. They have anew album out called Scaled. You should probably be listening to it right now.

Freedom Hawk- Indian Summer

A little late to the game on this Virginia Beach band as this rocking tune comes from their 2011 release Holding On. But it rocks to hard to pass up sharing its goodness with you all! And, it odes rock out solidly.

Fatboy Slim & Riva Starr- Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat

Fatboy Slim and Riva Star team up for this wandering stoner’s story about a wild night out. Good song to start out a good mix with.

Pissed Jeans- Teenage Adult

Pissed Jeans are literally pissed that you haven’t grown up yet. And, probably a little jealous about that too. I’m totally guilty of all these things they talk about, yep you got me all right.

High On Fire- Bloody Knuckles

I’m not sure if we’ve featured a High On Fire song on here before because we love the metal so much. If we haven’t shame on us, because this Oakland band shreds with an intensity unrivaled. Matt Pike is a real deal musician. From last year’s De Vermis Mysteriis album.

Benbrick- Beyond That Nothing

Soft and sleek and minimal R&B with polite blips and bleeps underscoring the mood throughout. it’s quite a lovely listen really. Recommended if you dig Frank Ocean, The Weeknd. Debut e.p. to be out later this years according to the Facebook page

Mikal Cronin- Shout It Out

A mid summer classic driven by surf rock guitars that erupt with the chorus and ooh ooh ohh’s that end the song on an upbeat note.

Mood Rings- The Line

Perfect band name to describe this song. Moody and atmospheric with synth washes and echoing vocals floating in and out. My mood ring says I’m happy hearing this.

Bob Marley- Get Up Stand Up (Thievery Corporation Remix)

There’s a new album of remixes of Bob Marley called simply Legend Remixed. Whether or not that’s a good thing will remain to be seen. But, Thievery Corporation seem to have taken it in the right direction with their mix of “Get Up Stand Up”. Making the original more dub tinged. Good stuff.

Eliza and the Bear- Friends

Big guitars echo, big chorus in harmony, sun shining in. Perfect summer tune for you.

KEN mode- Your Heartwarming Story Makes Me Sick

Just an aggressive and angry post punk rager. Just the type of song you need sometime to keep your sanity in check.

Nina Simone- Please Don’t Let Me Be Missunderstood (Zed’s Dead Remix)

The magic is provided by Nina Simone. The deep whump is provided by Zed’s Dead.

Radkey- Out Here In My Head

Radkey are from my home state of Missouri, so big shout out for that bit of awesomeness! With a big dollop of Danzig era Misfits thsi rocking punk throwback sounds pretty spectacular rolling out of my speakers. The Midwest had got it going on folks!

The Derevolutions- Yell It Out!

I wish I could fill you all in on what I know about this band. But, unfortunately I know almost nothing. What I do know is I haven’t heard anything similar to their sample heavy instrumental tunes in a while. Definitely a new and fresh sound for 2013.

London Grammar- Strong

Beautiful piano ballad from the trio featuring great vocals from Hannah Ried.

Jason Isbell– Elephant

Isbell is one of the best songwriters out there right now. Deceptively simple but deep beyond the years. This is how country music should be. This is hoe ALL MUSIC should be for that matter. New album Southeastern out now, don’t even hesitate in getting it.

Gymnast- Away The Sun

It was a bleary rainy and somewhat cold day for early July around these parts. Perfect day for this chilled out low key offering from Gymnast. Their debut e.p. Wait For Dark With A Heady Heart out now.

Kid Francescoli- Blow Up

I have to admit, I do not know much about Kid Francescoli outside of this song. But this is one wicked cool low key electro folk song. The video is pretty awesome as well.

Diarrhea Planet- Separations

Great band name alert! DiarrheaPlanet hail from Nashville and boast a solid four, count them, FOUR guitar attack. The fantastically titled new album is called I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams will be out this summer, so keep your eyes peeled and the Immodium handy, just in case.

Hausu- Kool Off

Portland band Hausu have a new album out called Total. “Kool Off” is the angular hardcore noise punch first single.

Holograms- Meditations

The Swedish are usually known for their crystal clean pop sparkle a la ABBA or the rumbling garage rock of bands like The Hives. Holograms show off a penchant for doomy goth driven punk in the vein of Joy Division, or more recently Savages. However categorized it’s pretty good stuff.

The Pixies- Bagboy

The Pixies are back! Nuff’ said.

Jessy Lanza- Kathy Lee

Sometimes less is more. This fantastic new minimal electronic tune from upstart Jessy Lanza is a perfect example of that. Slim beats, occasional synth washes, and lightly buzzing cymbals create a glittering atmosphere. Great video featuring “Jed The Dancing Guy” from Hamilton, Ontario.

Carcass- Captive Bolt Pistol

After 18 long years metal fans everywhere have a reason to celebrate. Seminal death metal crunchers Carcass are st to release new material Surgical Steel soon. This is the first salvo from the album.

Swans- Mother Of The World

Michael Gira has been around for the ages. He’s one intense fellow. His band’s music follows that intensity. Their music can be immensely beautiful or jarringly abrupt and discordant or, if it’s possible, both at the same time. It is always a challenge that Gira puts up though and I like that.

Pasadena Napalm Division- 100 Beers With A Zombie

Great Thrash punk comedic tune from Texas band made up of members of D.R.I., Dead Horse, and Verbal Abuse.

Daughter- Human

If You Leave maybe the debut album of the year from this London based band. You may have already heard their songs “Medicine“, “Smother” or”Youth“. If you haven’t, you need to be listening to their understated airy and roomy indie magic right now.

Sebadoh- Keep The Boy Alive

What’s this? The mighty Lou Barlow,Jason Lowenstein and Co. released an e.p. last year? I had no idea! Hate it when that happens. Better late than never I guess. Glad Barlow’s keeping the Sebadoh fire alive while Dinosaur Jr. continues to put out strong music as well.

Orchestral Manouevres In The Dark- Helen Of Troy

Still can’t get over how much I am enjoying the new O.M.D. album English Electric. Is it because the original lineup is back together? Is it because the band has covered its many phases synth pop, post punk, electro freak out phases? Is it because Andy McClusky’s vocal ability is still top notch? Or is it because the album is just plain good? The correct answer is all of the above.

Iron Lung- Heirs To The Prize

Iron Lung have a spastic fire breathing fit of pure rage for just under a minute. If you are like me you’ll reach for the rewind button and here it again. I hope you are like me!

Rise At Night- Armed & Dangerous (feat. MC Zulu, Datsik Remix)

Datsik scrubs up Rise At Night’s reggae inflected dance floor anthem with a trap, dubstep punctuation.

Grim Tower- Reign Down

Grim Tower is the side project of psych rockers Black Mountain’s Stephen McBean and Indian folk rocker Imaad Wasif. Their facebook page says that their debut album Anarchic Breezes was “written around the central idea of New Acoustic Death Folk...” I’m going to say they nailed it.

His Electro Blue Voice- Sea Bug

This white hot blast of psych infused noise rock comes from Como, Italy. High energy tuneful and passion filled. Comes from the album Ruthless Sperm out 8/20/13.

Batillus- Concrete

The slow torturous doom metal of Batillus takes me back to the days of Godflesh with it’s industrial leanings. And I was a big Godflesh fan so I love what I’m hearing here. Low and slow is how I like my metal. Great album just put out by this Brooklyn band called Concrete Sustain.

The Front Bottoms- Skeleton

The Front Bottoms are hands down my favorite band right now. Their new album Talon Of The Hawk is flat out knocking my socks off! These fellows are quite good at this.

Bronze Radio Return- Further On

Bronze Radio Return hail from Hartford , Connecticut and have just released their third album Up, On And Over. The first single is an indie roots rock stomper with big catchy choruses. Good to see thsi type of music finally getting its time in the spotlight.

OMN- Betwixt

Minimal electronic with soft and warm tones under a single phrase sung over and over. It sounds way better than it’s been described. Take a listen.

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