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New Music October 2013

1 Oct



Welcome back to for a look  at what October’s new music has in store for you. Please take a moment to peruse over the site and especially if you are in a band, are a musician, a DJ, own or work at at a music club or venue please sign up as this site is specifically tailored to meet your every need.  And as always check back to this blog post frequently as this list of new music is added to often and will grow as it changes day to day! Also, be sure to swing by and check out the Halloween music blogs that have been re-posted here and also here.

Gwar- Bloodbath

As it’s the day before Halloween, it’s only appropriate that we hear some Gwar! This one;s off the great new album Battle Maximus.

R.I.P, Lou Reed, one of the all time greats.

Perfect Pussy- 1

Ferociously stomping out of the Northeast, Syracuse, NY. to be exact, Comes the awesomely named Perfect Pussy! Their debut/demo tape I Have Lost All Desire For Feeling is up on their Bandcamp site. Sounding angry claustrophobic, and feral as all get out their instruments crash into each other while the female vocals wrestle for control over the intensity. Music appreciators like me really dig this type of thing a lot. I can already see the mosh pits forming.

Kallisti- Michael Douglas

Raving mad house and Drum and bass inflicted number for your sweet night at the club.

Frameworks- Preamble

This track has all kinds of sharp razor edges but in a good searing kind of way.

Kevin Morby- Slow Train (Feat. Cate Le Bon)

slow and mesmerizing tack from Morby and Le Bon.

Blank Realm- Falling Down the Stairs

Sweet melodic guitar pop from Australia sounding like it came from New Zealand’s Flying Nun records in the early 90’s.

Crystal Antlers- Licorice Pizza

Crystal Antlers put up a skronking heated post punk blazer. Very nice indeed.

The Split- Your Disease

Tasty little surf punk song. Don’t know very much about this band but do like what I’m hearing here.

Blood Orange- Chamakay

Blood Orange is the side project of Lightspeed Champion’s Dev Hynes. Here rolling out a minimalist r&b chilled out vibe. Chill out and listen.

Dream Shake- Buffy

James Nee steps out from We Are Trees with this garage pop band. Shiny melodies underlie indie sounding guitar work and floating choruses.

Los Waves- Got A Feeling

Title track from London duo’s e.p. out now features an electro pop shake and shimmer that shines pretty bright.

Frankie Teardrop- Chicago

London sextet sing the praises of the upper Midwest’s largest city with a post punk fervor and drive.

J. Riley Hill- Fio

In the better late than never dept. we offer up J. Riley Hill and this funky psych rock blues soaked burner from last year that we missed out on until now. So dig it!

Mumblr- Somebody Touch Me

Philly spazz punk quartet jam out a rawkus number.

Fidlar- Awkward

New track from the up and coming indie band, Pretty rocking stuff!

Audacity- Wouldn’t Hold A Candle

Some good old California pop punk.

Ezra Furman- My Zero

Furman has a new release coming out Day Of The Dog. The talented young artist’s first single is this peppy track featuring horns. Horns are always a good idea!

London Grammar- If You Wait (Budo Remix)

The original version of this outstanding band’s song is really great in itself. This remix puts on a few added touches and polishes that push it even farther into the heavens.

The Jezabels- The End

The Australian quartet are working on their follow up to 2011’s excellent album The Prisoner. The album will be out sometime next year but the band have released a sneak peek for all us fans. Sounds good to me.

James Vincent McMorrow- Cavalier

the Irish singer songwriter puts a little r&b heft/ horn jazz up behind his soft acoustic led music in a sort of new direction to nice effect.

Soviet Soviet- Together

I have to admit I had never heard of this Italian band before this popped up on the radar screen. I’m digging the dark post punk feel tot heir sound. Reminds me a lot of Joy Division with a lot of goth thrown in.

Active Child (feat. Ellie Goulding)- Silhouette

The L.A. musician enlists the help of Ellie Goulding and Pat Grossi to add vocals over his atmospheric and minimalist electro track to excellent results.

Fort Frances- Plastic Hearts

Another fantastic driving indie rock song from the up and coming Chicago band.

Ilias- September Memories

Guitar driven instrumental from the Algerian/Australian instrumentalist. Has some nifty guitar work in it.

High On Fire- Slave The Hive

There’s a handful of metal bands that I’ll instantly put on ear on anything they release. High On Fire is one of them.

William Shatner- Ponder The Mystery

Shatner rolls out a new album of originals and not his usual cover versions. Still strangely compelling and enjoyable and humorous as always.

Weekend- July

Weekend serves up another guitar splattering epic with low bass overtones to drive it home.

Lupe Fiasco- Old School Love (Feat. Ed Sheeran)

Fiasco calls on uber hot singer Ed Sheeran to sing the hook on his latest rap sneak peak from his upcoming album.

Motorhead- End Of Time

It’ Motorhead, nuff’ said. New album later this month, be first in line.

We Are Twin- The Way We Touch

Off the L.A. band’s debut e.p. comes this soulful bouncer.

Broods- Bridges

Coming on the heels of Lorde’s takeover of the U.S. comes this sibling act from Auckland, NZ. With a synth pop sound and catchy melodies, hopefully they will catch you attention because they should.

New York Transit Authority- ’95

Here’s a short but deep throwback house thumper for your next party.

The Black Watch- I Don’t Feel The Same

Some pretty rocking psych rock from L.A. full of fuzzed out guitars and a screechingly excellent guitar solo.

Emperors- Be Ready When I Say Go

Emperors new single is an all out guitar assault reminiscent of the 90’s alt music scene with soaring guitar crunch and shining polished choruses and the loud, soft, loud again structure.

Ry & Frank Wiedemann- Watch You Run (Beat Bakery Edit)

Another slice of chilled out house from Ry and Frank Wiedemann remixed by Beat Bakery. Turn off the lights and chill out to this one.

No Joy- Last Boss

It stats with a gentle burbling then distorts out blissfully then suddenly changes direction again, thing of beauty this is.

Childish Gambino- Yaphet Kotto

I’ll always turn an ear to anything Donald Glover does as his rap alter ego Childish Gambino. Dude’s definitely an interesting character and his raps are always worth the time.

Jordan Klassen- Piano Brother

Nice piano driven indie rock tune from Vancouver’s Jordan Klassen that builds slowly then lets us back down gently.

Ghost B.C.- If You Have Ghosts

The Swedish metal band’s cover version of Roky Erikson’s early 80’s masterpiece of freak out rock n’ roll. Fromtheir soon to be released e.p. of cover songs that I’m betting is going to be awesome.

Eagulls- Requiem

Speaking of covers, here’s the Leed’s England’s badass punk band covering Killing Joke.

Shearwater- F*cked Up Life

Hey now, let’s keep the covers coming with Shearwater performing another band from the Sub Pop label The Baptist General’s tune about a less than stellar life.

The Editors- Honesty

The Editors latest single is a  grand and epic ballad. I’m telling you now The Editors are primed for world domination, so you’d better just get on board now.

Fossill Collective- Half Light

The Leeds, England band will release their e.p. The Water on Oct. 28th. This warm and fuzzy acoustic number is the lead single.

Happy Jawbone Family Band- I Have To Speak With Rocky Balboa

The second single of the loose and shaky Vermont band’s upcoming self titled release is  bright and fluffy rambling shuffle.

Saint Raymond- Everything She Wants

Bright and bouncy slice of guitar pop from the young British talent. Big gigantic hooks everywhere.

Heart Ships- Pinhole Of Light

Heart Ships new single is a charging guitar centered tune anchored by driving tribal like drums and the deep voiced vocals. Nie indie sound.

Russian Circles- 1777

Another great track from the Chicago band’s forthcoming album Memorial. This one stretches out and breathes but still manages to rock thoroughly.

Sherwood & Pinch- Music Killer

This collaboration between Adrian Sherwood and British toast master Pinch is a reggae inflicted wobbly bass bomb.

The Chain Gang Of !974- Sleepwalking

From the Soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto V comes this new single from synth pop act The Chain Gang Of 1974 and it sounds great and all 80’s slicked up and glossed over.

Killing Fields Of Ontario- Our Place To Drown

The young British band does earnest and yearning really well on this uplifting number.

The Bats- December Ice

The long running New Zealand band have released a new split 7″ with Melbourne Australia band Boomgates To celebrate Melbourne Music Week 2013. So hopefully this finds it’s way to American shores soon.

Tyler, The Creator/Earl Sweatshirt/Domo Genesis/Hodgy Beats- Look

So, at the Loufest festival last month I found out that the CEO of, who has been in alt country style bands mostly, is a huge hip hop fan. Who knew right? Dude hung tight with the Tef Poe performance all the way through in the blazing sun while I chucked out to the shade halfway through! Anyway, new tune from the OFWGKTA crew. Dudes are killin’ it right now.

White Lung- Blow It South

Vancouver’s White Lung unleash their punk fury on this fast moving new single that will be released as a 7″ next month.

The Weeknd (feat.Drake)- Live For

These nu-R&B artists like The Weeknd are really changing the game these days. Bringing in less bump n grind and more atmosphere and mood. I like where it’s going.

Phosphorescent- Terror In The Canyons (The Wounded Master)

Off his latest album the much overlooked Muchacho. My favorite track form the alt country crooner’s new work.

Phantogram- Celebrating Nothing

The duo just released their latest new music with their self titled e.p.  Sounds good so far.

Royal Blood- Out Of The Black

Brighton, U.K. duo sounds like a full band brandishing heavy rock riffs and thunderous drums. You won’t know whether to dance or head bang, either will do just fine.

Stockholm Syndrome- How Sad

Blending 60’s style bubblegum pop with 80’s synth lines and 90’s lo-fi vocals with a surf rock vibe works incredibly well for the the Montreal band. Off the e.p. Indian Summer.

Mt. Wolf- Midnight Shadows

The London quartet’s new single is a low key spaced out trip hop influenced hazy stunner.

The Wombats- Your Body Is A Weapon

Always a good thing when The Wombats have new music to release! Click the link for a DL from their Soundcloud.

The Stevens- Hindsight

Wouldn’t be a right not to include something from Australia as those bands down there are cranking out some of thebest music right now. The latest discovery is The Stevens with their lo-fi sounding pop sounding gems.

Popstrangers- Rats In The Palm Trees

New Zealand band puts the sparkle back into indie pop.

King Of Spain- Basement Fires

Moody and atmosphere filled swaying guitar driven piece form London quintet.

Molly And The Daves- Bitch

Not sure what is really going on here. Here’s the lowdown: Take Michael Cera, Jenny Slate, Nick Thorburn of Islands, and Luc Laurent staging a video as Molly And The Daves covering Meredith Brook’s 90’s smash hit “Bitch” in a slow and creepy way. Is it comedy? Is it real? Is it performance art? Is it Cool? Yes?!?!

Daylight- Siblings

Harkening back to the crushing sound of early 90’s alt rock guitar goodness comes Daylight. this track is off the Off The Board: A Studio 4 Compilation in which proceeds will help keep the legendary Philly area studio afloat and cranking out awesome music like this.

Purple- The Club

The Club” is the first single off Purple’s e.p. Salvation released Nov. 8th. It’s a dark sinister and deep club anthem.

Fractures- Cadence

As the leaves turn to their fall colors and the weather cools off let Fractures new tune soundtrack the coming chill with their icy moody tunes.

Inquisition- Darkness Flows Towards Unseen Horizons

Time to head band till it hurts by checking out this spastic black metal/thrash basher.

Goldsmith- Care

Spry little synth pop song with a hint of attitude and mood thrown in.

Courrier- Inch Of Rope

Austin, Texas band will play the Austin City Limits Festival this month and see their album Cathedrals Of Color released. Hope the rest of the album is a s bright and shiny as this fantastic first single.

The Juan Maclean- Feel Like Movin’

The DFA label carries on it’s tradition of doing dance music right with the label’s standout act The Juan Maclean using LCD Soundsystem’s Nancy Whang on vocals on this feel good dance floor burner.

Lee Ranaldo And The Dust– Ambulancer

Ranaldo has taken his post Sonic Youth days in stride. His new project is an album coming out with this new band. It sounds very good and has a lot of the old SY qualities that we love so much.