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New Music November!

1 Nov



Wow, 2013 flew by really fast. I missed a lot of days in October due to the baseball playoffs with our website being based in the St. Louis area most of us Bandbookers are Cards fans and October means playoffs. Unfortunately, things didn’t end well so congrats Bosox and your funny substances in your glove, your ugly facial hair, your bullpen cop, and to Big Papi who was hitting everything, even pitches thrown to other batters. We’ll meet again, and this time… Anyway, let’s check out some new music. And, as always please check out especially if you are in a band, a musician, are a DJ, club owner, venue or venue owner, promoter, or in the music biz in general, because we have the tools you need for success. And, for all the music fans please check back here often as we add new music quite often.

Robert Pollard- I Killed A Man That Looks Like You

This one is listed under Robert Pollard’s own name. But it has that great sound of all his other projects.

Teenage Guitar- Atlantic Cod

Yet another Robert Pollard project that got past me. About half of everything he does gets by though because no one makes more music than Pollard does.

Hannah Georgas- Stay (Rihanna Cover)

Georgas spiced up a recent itunes session with this acoustic flavored cover of the massive hit.

Lorde- Everybody Wants To Rule The World

As Long as we’re talking great covers how about this sleek and eerie industrialized goth out of the Tears For Fears 80’s hit from the Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack

Mark Kozelek- Like Rats

And yet another good cover song! Kozelek’s latest release is a cover project. Here he covers industrial metal sludge rock legends Godflesh and it works.

Flume feat. Chet Faker-This Song Is Not About A Girl

Australian duo ratchet up the pace on this housey spaced out dance floor shaker.

Jarred A.G. (feat. Y.C. The Cynic)- False Gods

Chicago hip hop star Jarred A.G. lays down an ominous flow over a dark and moody track by Smoke Ono and features a killer guest verse from Y.C. The Cynic.

The Symposium- The Fifties

This sweet little less than two minutes long lo-fi garage rock nugget comes from the young Chicago band with huge potential.

Hudson Hank- Earthbone

Former trumpet player for Broadway orchestra’s steps out on his own and infuses more musical styles into the mix and throws his trumpet into the mix for good measure.

Dog Bite- Dream Feast

Atlanta’s Dog Bite have another new release coming soon called Tranquilizers. “Dream Feast” is the first single and is a dreamy slow motion shoegaze affair.

Gentleman Hall- All Our Love

Nice and tidy synth pop tune from Gentleman Hall.

SOHN- Lessons

Another chilled out masterpiece of ambient mood and catchiness mixed perfectly.

Champ- Piss

Soli chunk of feedback bleeding garage punk from San Diego.

Edemame & Big Jack- Holdin’ Me

Weather’s getting cold out there, better find your seetie and cuddle up and enjoy this slow jam.

Ubu Roi- Cheezburger

Cool slab of sturdy and hefty punk.

The Soupcans- Crimes Of The Future

A nice dirty sleazy noise filled scum rock dirge from the Toronto three piece.

YNGCULT- Let’s Get It Back

Los Angeles male/female duo offer up a hook worthy house dipped dark pop tune that will slither around in your mind all day long.

Magical Cloudz- Savage

Another harsh and direct but subtle narrative from Magical Cloudz.

Carousel- Into The Night

Another great slice of 80’s influenced pristine synth pop executed to flawless detail.

Wampire- The Hearse

The Portland, Oregon band are a band to watch this past year withe their indie pop synth driven sound. Their latest video for “The Hearse” is a cheesy 80’s psychological horror ode that has a surprise ending.

Neneh Cherry- Blank Project

Cherry’s last album was in 1996! Not sure why the long hiatus but she’s back with a new Four Tet assisted track anda new album early next year.

Vertical Scratchers- These Plains

Featuring members of Triclops! and Brainiac, Vertical Scratchers will release their debut in February of next year. Here’s a sneak peek with the first single “These Plains.”

Rue Royale- Shouldn’t Have Closed My Eyes

Nottingham, U.K. duo bring us a dark and ominous electric and folk tinged ballad.

Black Moth- The Articulate Dead

Some hard charging rock n’ roll from Black Moth to keep your head banging in order.

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks- Lariat

Malkmus is sounding like his old band Pavement and name checking bands again, and I’m a 100% cool with that.

Smile- Still Waiting For My Man

The Melbourne band pay homage to the late Lou Reed by making reference to the legendary Velvet Underground song and musing about the same seedy topic as the original, and the results are pretty awesome as well.

Happy Diving- Sincere

This fresh new band won’t release their debut e.p. until January but their first blazing alt throwback single is out and it rocks.

The Weeknd- Devil May Cry

The Weeknd’s track from the “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” soundtrack. It’s a smooth soulful slow jam.

City Calm Down- Speak To No End

The Melbourne band have been profiled here before and their epic sounding eighties infused alt rock is a nice calming sound for the upcoming weekend.

Solids- Traces

Nice rampaging rocker from Montreal duo.

Rio Rio- The Bashful And The Brave

The San Francisco band will soon issue their debut e.p. and have already released a sneak peek with “Gorilla Gorilla.” This latest tune is epic and sweeping in sound and ready to take over the world.

The Vinyl Records- Whims

This all female band hail from New Dehli, India and they throw in some electro vibes into their post punk mix to make an awesome sound.

Boy In A Movie- Slow

London band’s ambient electro shimmering new song will help through the day as it builds, falls out and builds again.

The Walking Sticks- Send The Night

The Maryland trio of two siblings and a female lead offer up a synthy dream pop and slightly bluesy delight.

George Cosby-Cold

This  sparse piano version of the sad and bitter ballad is haunting in it beauty.

Fragics- Airports

A very cool electronic and folk based song that merges the two genres effortlessly.

Sandrider- Gorgon

A good bit of heavy bruising and articulate and scraping metal noise to fill and hurt your brain.

Audion- Motormouth

Audion is the techno moniker of Mathew Dear. And he takes us on a deep techno ride back to the future and back again with a bass slamming weird sample-delic track.

Bel Heir- Kiss The Devil (ASTR Remix)

ASTR turn the indie rock band’s song on it’s head and bass it up and puff it out with electro effects gone wild.

Action Bronson- Pepe Lopez

Bronson uses The Champs 1958 classic to full effect.

The Visuals- Slowed Down

Smooth slectro post punk vibe from band that is from NYC or Berlin depending on which source you believe!

Broken Bells- Holding On For Life

New track from the DAngermouse and James Mercer collaboration project’s new album After The Disco.

Cathedrals- Ocean Charity

The gothy,darkwave, synth driven new track from Catherdrals is all dark atmosphere and haunting electro epicness.

I’m In You– Tinnitus

Cool post punk female fronted band from Brooklyn, NY. send us this very icy sounding tune.

Jeremy Jay- Graveyard Shift

Dream laden piano flavored ballad from indie rocker Jay.

No Joy- Second Spine

More entrancing dreamy shoe gaze from Montreal band No Joy from their new e.p. Pastel And Pass Out.

Porches- Townie Blunt Guts

Wobbly and punchy new folk rock track from the great and mighty Porches.

Ron Littlejohn & The Funk Embassy- Seems Like Yesterday

Old school funk throwback that is just awesome. You need this and you need it now.

The National- Lean

The National’s track from the soundtrack to the new Hunger Games movie.

Ghost And Gale- Rosemary

Lush acoustic from young new band.

Second Hand Heart- Spending My Time

Dreamy, dark, and atmospheric tune from Melbourne band.

Sky Rabbit- Oil

Sky Rabbit hail from India. Mumbai to be exact.Their debut album will be out in January. the first single sounds great.

The Relays- You Invented Horror

Young British band plays us a crisp guitar indie rocker that is not at all a Halloween inducing nightmare that the title suggests.

Pony Boy- If Only He Were You

Pony boy is actually not a boy but Marchelle Bradanini and this soulful and breezy song rolls out competently and is quite enjoyable.

King Krule- Easy Easy

The young Brit crooner has a new album out 6 Feet Beneath The Moon and this is the first single.

Ylvis- The Fox

This Norwegian duo’s silly song may be the next Gangham Style smash hit.

J. Roddy Walston &The Business- Heavy Bells

J. Roddy Walston & The Business have a new album out Essential Tremors and this is the first knockout single from it. Dig in folks.

Black Hearted Brother- (I Don’t Mean To) Wonder

Black Hearted Brother is the (possibly?) first shoegaze super group of sorts featuring members of Slowdive, Seefeel, and Holton’s Opulent Oog.  The first single from their new project Stars Are Our Home is “(I Don’t Mean To)  Wonder” and it blasts us straight into the atmosphere with sonically charged guitars that swandive all over the place.

Said The Whale– I Love You

The indie rock band from Vancouver’s new album Hawaii features big garage pop rockers like this golden nugget.

Manicanparty- It’s In Her Eyes

The debut e.p. from this Minneapolis duo is out now and this finely crafted pop song is available as a download from their Soundcloud right now so hurry on over and check them out.

Robbie Fulks- Long I Ride

Robbie Fulks has ridden the outer flanks of country making great music for a long time now. It’s time you started to check out his great work.

Sasquatch- The Message

Finally, the L.A. heavy rock band has released their new album IV and it rawks so hard! Just go get it!