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Best New Music Febuary 2013!

1 Feb



Let’s face it this winter has been absolutely brutal on you. No matter where you live (at least stateside) you’ve dealt with blizzards, record low temps, ice storms, and it’s been miserable. The only thing outside of spring’s quick arrival to make things better is some good tunes, so let’s stop the jibba jabba and get going. Check back often as the posts are added to frequently!

Cloud Nothings- Psychic Trauma

From the band’s upcoming album Here And Nowhere Else coming April 1st. the first single starts out at a slow jog then finishes in a Usain Bolt like sprint.

Breton- Electrician

I’m going to hazard a guess that this band is French being that their Soundcloud is written in French. I may be wrong on that though so don’t hold me to it! The important thing is that song is fantastic. Update: They are a London based band!

Moonrags- Kings And Queens

A sweet mix of electro, jazz, ambient, pop and just great and cool music.

Chappo- I Don’t Need The Sun

Chappo’s latest single is bouncy and dancing tune that immediately lifts up your spirits, I mean it ends with birds chirping.

Protomartyr- Come & See

More great dark post punk posturing from the band’s Under Color Of  Official Right released April 8th.

Johnny Astro- Runway (feat. Aaron Carolina)

Astro’s latest rap gem is right on par with his other work and is also available a free download!

Ringworm- One Of Us Going To Have To Die

This banging stack of thrash hardcore goodness comes piping hot out of Cleveland. Tough as nails and hard as a brick.

Tokyo Police Club- Tunnel Vision

TPC’s latest single is a driving rocker with heavy hits of chunky guitar laced with their catchy pop sensibilities intact.

Jungle- Busy Earnin’

A hot disco funk slice laying down about the hard times while making your toe tap.

DZ Deathrays- Gina Works At Hearts

Real Estate- Crime

Real Estate’s music is like a warm summer breeze and hearing this new single can’t make summer get here fast enough. Hear it now and dream of being is a pool soon.

Bonobo- The Keeper (Alex Banks Remix)

Solid and dark remix by Banks on this entrancing song.

Bandbook Radio Hour! Feb. 23 Playlist

I was feeling the jazz this week so I sprinkled a lot in. More of a mellow easy going Sunday vibe on this one, enjoy!!/playlist/Bandbook+Radio+Feb+23+2014/95569095

The Weaks- How To Put An Audience to Sleep In Under Two Minutes

Let’s put it this way, if you fall asleep on this one you’re either narcoleptic or possibly dead check your pulse dude. Loud abrasive and fun.

Hundred Waters- Down From The Rafters

Hundred Waters new song is an atmospheric and light shuffle with ghostly vocals floating gently on the top. Very cool.

Line & Circle- Mine Is Mine

A couple Years back Line & Circle made out top songs list with their song “Roman Ruins” and now they are backbringing their jangle pop accessibility with them on this new single.

Future Death– Basements

It’s a pummeling assault of chaotic guitar and drums yet it sounds so good to me.

Night Flowers- Embers

They straight cop a little Cheap Trick in the beginning but soon branch out into a full blown harmonic explosion of sound.

R.I.P. Bob Casale who was one of the founding members of a band that is still ahead of its time.

DEVOGirl U Want/Gates Of Steel

Sunday’s Bandbook Radio Hour Playlist!

Bars Of Gold- Connected

Slicing indie rock punk fury in the vein of MC5 from the powerhouse Detroit Rock City.

Technicolor Teeth- Can You Keep Me Out Of Hell

A wicked combination of ambient, shoegaze, post punk and a little goth maybe thrown in to absolutely blow your mind.

Higgins Waterproof Black Magic Band- The Blast , The Bloom

Now that’s a band name! And the psych rock odyssey fits it to a capital T! Blast off with this one.

The Wytches- Gravedweller

Bluesy skronk rock currently blowing England apart soon to destroy all of the world!

Brick Mower- Shitty Parade

A golden lo-fi indie punk nugget from New Jersey.

The Twoks- First Light

It may be 2014’s electro pop sensation a la Haim or Lorde. Certainly catchy enough to be!

Doc Whisper- Stupid Choices

It’s another hilarious albeit warnful story of  things that didn’t go well and ended badly.

My Goodness- Check Your Bones

Smashing blues rock with the steam of AC/DC and the swagger of Aerosmith.

Holy Ghost!- Bridge & Tunnel (Midnight Magic Remix)

It’s refreshing that house music is coming back to your house party don’t you think? Well it is to me anyway! Here’s a house up of Holy ghost’s latest track.

Young Widows- Kerosene Girl

Straight out of Kentucky comes this doom wielding sinister post punk fury from this trio. Blazing.

Ume- Chase It Down

Ume are back and they brought their swirling and massive guitar attack with them.

Machinedrum- Back Seat Ho

The latest from Ninja Tune label artist Machinedrum is a kind of old school sounding hip hop riff. I’m digging it a lot.

The National- I Need My Girl

The National’s new video is appropriate for Valentine’s Day.

Alexander Teller- Like A Dog

Teller is a bright new talent hailing from London. His sparse bluesified cold and dark “Like A Dog” is a great new sound for 2014.

Pigeon- Climbing Trees

Brisbane, Australia’s five piece Pigeon have a new album out Settle In. “Climbing Trees” is a stand out from the album, it’s the sound that is huge right now so hopefully some attention will come their way from this part of the world.

Trust- Capitol

Trust is now the solo project of Toronto’s Robert Alfons. Here he turns in a dark intense goth infused synth driven tune with a catchy chorus.

Woman’s Hour- Her Ghost

From the fantastic indie label Secretly Canadian comes London’s Woman’s Hour with their lush and gentle indie guitar glitter. Bathe in it’s glory!

Leapling- Neutrino

This simple laid back gliding song from Brooklyn, NY band has an easy feel that is still quite affecting and catchy.

Walter Martin feat.Karen O- Sing To Me

Martin’s regular band the Walkmen will soon be on hiatus so in the meantime he has decided to put out music that would be smart, innocent, and catchy and appeal to both children and adults. The first single a quaint lullaby featuring Karen O certainly falls into that category. Check it out.

Mirah- Oxen Hope

From her forthcoming fifth album Changing Light that will be out in May comes the first driving single from solo artist Mirah.

Bear Hands- Agora

Brooklyn’s Bear Hands are among the better bands that have taken the word bear in their name, and there are many that have done so! Their new album Distraction is out Feb 18th.

Bandbook Radio Hour Feb 9, 2014

Ex-Hex- Hot And Cold

Mary Timony just keeps getting herself involved in great bands. Her teaming with members of Fire Taprs and The Aquarium they don’t hide the classic glam rock influence in this breezy rocker.

Indiana- Solo Dancing

Cool and sleek, calculated dance pop number from British band taking on a Midwestern name.

St. Vincent– Prince Johnny

The third sneak peek at Annie Clark’s upcoming album follows in the same awesome odd kilter pop that she conjures up pretty much effortlessly. Her Self titled album comes out Feb. 24th!

The Peach Kings- Be Around

Hot, sultry, bluesy number from Los Angeles duo to warm up this cold winter day.

IAMSU!- Yesterday

Fresh new jam from Cali rapper IAMSU! Kind of a laid back flow, but it still hits pretty hard.

The Knocks- The One (Feat. Sneaky Sound System)

Here’s one you can take directly  to the dance floor and totally shake the next party up.

The Body- Hail To Thee, Everlasting Pain

Experimental metal band The Body have teamed up with experimental electronic wizard Haxan Cloak to bring this audio nightmare that is quite spectacular and epic.

Strange Talk- Young Hearts

From their upcoming album Cast Away comes this synth pop anthem that is right catchy and sunny, another to warm up the winter blues with their tales of love.

Tincture- Similar Circles

Tincture is Brisbane, Australia’s and he flows in  the style of electronic music that also holds Purity Ring, The Knife, and Schlomo all the stuff that I really dig with it’s slowed down textures  and sharp bristling snares.

Phantogram- Bill Murray

The band has stated that they named this tune as an ode to the great comedic actor Bill Murray. Not the goofball of his SNL days or Ghostbusters and Meatballs fame but the introspective and somber Murray of Lost In Translation and Broken Flowers fame.

Sunday Feb. 2 Bandbook Radio Broadcast Playlist

Bandbook Radio!

Hard Working Americans- Down To The Well

The HWA are a bit of a Americana super group. Featuring Todd Snider, Duane Trucks,  Neal Casal, Dave Schools and Derrick Staehly. They have just release their self titled album and it is really good stuff.

U2- Invisible

For the full 24 hours of 2/2 itunes will allow you to download this song for free and Bank Of America will donate 1$ to (RED) to help fight AIDS. It’s a good cause. More info in video description!

NONONO- Hungry Eyes

Just a head’s up. This Swedish pop band is probably going to take over the world. And that’s cool with me because they do it right.

Marching Band- And I’ve Never Seen

And another Swedish band pops up completely randomly, this time it’s the indie pop duo whose third album So Much Imagine is out now.

Their/They’re/There- Traveler’s Insurance

This grammatically correct for any instance band is from Chicago.  Their latest release is Analog Weekend and it is out now. Great guitar work going on here.

Sonny & The SunsetsThe Void

This lovely indie guitar tune and others are available as a free download from Polyvinyl Records here.

Dead Meadow– 1,000 Dreams

Good news the original lineup of this D.C. group is back together as drummer Mark Loughlin has rejoined the fold. More psych rock than stoner rock on hte new stuff, but still sticky and good.

Thievery Corporation- Depths Of My Soul

You never really know where Thievery Corporation’s next direction is going to go, you just know it will be a good one. This one’s a softer trip hop style ballad reminiscent of Portishead.

Lydia Loveless- Boy Crazy

If there was more of this and less Taylor Swift in country music people like me would be more kind and tolerant of it. this is how it should be done less twang, no fake or sugarfied accent, and bruising sloppy music not an indistinguishable mush that sounds the same.

Holm.- 45th Parallel

Ambient bent hip hop with stuttering trap beats against interesting vocal samples. Nice work.

Cloud Nothings- I’m Not Part Of Me

A propulsive and catchy guitar fuzzblast from their upcoming album Here And Nowhere Else coming in early April.

Krill- Fresh Pond

Last month we took a look at this Boston band’s single “Turd” which was awesome despite the name. So of course when they release a new song we are already interested. Still pretty good. Take a listen and see for yourself.

Freddy Scott- This Is A Trent Reznor Song

Sure it’s a couple weeks old now and you’ve probably already heard it but,maybe you haven’t right? Check out Scott’s dead on Reznor vocal ticks and musical technique and celebrate NIN’s awesomeness with him.

Yuck – Athena

Yuck are moving forward yet again. Already releasing new songs from an upcoming e.p. Check it out.

The Presets- Goodbye Future

Australian duo’s latest single is a dance floor shaking auto tuned shakedown.

Timbre Timbre- Hot Dreams

It’s a new era for the slow jam and Timbre Timbre are perfecting it.

Damon Albarn- Everyday Robots

Albarn is always worth watching. whether he’s playing with Blur, putting a Gorillaz album together, or any of his special collaborations. this time however he’s going solo.

Cold Beer And Broads- First Amandement Blues (The F.U. Song)

First off if kids are around and you don’t want them to hear some foul language better clear them out. Pretty opinionated song from straight shootin’ named band! Get your sense of humor and rock along

Vampire- Howl From the Coffin

One word: YES!

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