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Best New Music May 2014!

30 Apr



Holy cow, it’s friggin’ May already? Time flies especially when there’s good music floating about. Going to do our best to get you enlightened to some of it.  So open up those ears strap in and get ready to rock. Check back often as new tunes and sounds are added frequently!

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Listen to a super sweet batch of songs that puts anything you’d hear on commercial radio to shame. We know music, we bring it to you.

Me First & The Gimme Gimmes- Straight Up

As far as cover bands go this collaboration of punkers from No Means No, Swingin’ Utters, and NOFX are the best. the new album has them taking on female vocalists with their usual gusto and awesome results.

Jurasssic 5- The Way We Do It

Been eight years since this collective released any new material. Old school fresh!

Godflesh- Ringer

A quick look at their upcoming 7th album due sometime this year. Smashing as always.

Early Morning Rebel-Shallow Breath

Slow building song with great harmonies and a light eerie feel.

Boris- Vanilla

Japanese force of nature Boris have an upcoming new album out soon awesomely titled Noise. Check out the great new video of this riff heavy masterpiece.

The Phoenix Foundation- Bob Lennon John Dylan

The Phoenix Foundation are from New Zealand. the first single of their album Tom’s Lunch is a golden pop nugget.

Happyness- Leave The Party

The London trio’s second single from their debut Weird Little Birthday is a gentle and easy rolling reminiscent of Pavement ere 90’s indie rock that turns dark and twisted. Cool.

Mountain Bird- The Visitor

Mountain Bird is the latest good thing to come from Sweden is the solo project of Adam Öhman. The sweeping epic tune fills all the empty spaces around you.

White Lung- Face Down

White Lung are back with another face melting barn burner. Check the lo-fi video and rock along with them.

Ultramantis Black- West Siberian Plain

So Ultamantis black is also a wrestler, no kidding on that folks! And lucky for us with the help of members of Pissed Jeans he is also a rock star. His latest single is a bruiser just like his wrestling moves.

Muscle & Bone- Song For The Broken Road

Straight from Asheville, NC come this fresh sounding indie rock band with southern drawl all over their music so thick it sounds like honey.

Black Numbers- Little Shallow

Jersey City’s favorite punk kids have this great new anthem out soon.

Saint Raymond- Ghosts

Catchy indie pop gem. Great opening line!

Savages- F*ckers

Damn, Savages singer Jhenny Beth is amazing. She’s like the bastard child of Ian Curtis and Sinead O’Connor with her intensity. Not to mention the rest of the band laying down a a brutal post punk barrage. One of last year’s best albums. You should own this, Radio Hour: Mother’s Day Playlist!

Celebrate yo’ momma with this choice selection of tune’s about all the mother’s out there!

HTRK- Blue Sunshine

Cool electro tune featuring some serious depth charge bass.

Big Ups- Wool

One of the brightest new releases this year comes from this earth moving punk band from NYC. This sleek rolls along then explodes into a punk fury.

kitty (kittavelli)-emobOunce

The young hip hop star who once went by the name Kitty Pryde, and a few other names has release some quite awesome spacey and spare songs mainly through tumblr and Bandcamp (Recommended that you check them out!) The new single which has been embellished with symbols into the title is a another spacey hip hop piece.

Vomitface- Sloppy Joes

With a name like Vomitface I expected an explosive noise freakout of the room clearing variety. Instead it’s a finely honed stomping rock blast with moaning vocals and peeled off guitar.

Younghusband- Left Of The Rocks

Nice shade of psych rock from their debut album Dromes which is out now.

The Antlers- Hotel

The Antlers are back with another sweeping and epic missive. This one entails the meandering life of hotel living.

Spookyland- The Silly F*cking Thing

Australian Marcus Gordon is a ripe young talent at the age of 22. This melancholy single from his forthcoming debut is thing of tender beauty.

Young Widows- The Money

Like post punk mixed with stoner sludge metal this Louisville trio pummels your eardrums like sonic backhoe hitting rock. Play loud, very loud.

The Antlers- Hotel

The second sneak peak from their forthcoming album Familiars which will be out next month is a slow moving epic featirung horns! (more horns in songs please.) Great song.

Big Eyes- Asking You To Stay

Big Eyes is a project from former P.S. Eliot Kate Eldridge wherein the Seattle band blows out a hard turn on power pop crunchiness.

Future Death- Basements

The Austin, TX. band will release their debut Special Victim later this month on the 27th. Their sound is a full on assault of guitar chaos and jazz punk drumming over which vocalist Angie Kang exhults. Keep your eyes on this band!

Kristeen Young- This Is War

The St. Louis native, since transplanted to New York,  has been around for quite some time and I have seen her perform several times. Always great and very creative. Young has toured with Morrisey as well. It’s time for this talent to get due recognition! New album The Knife Shift will be out soon keep your eyes open and buy it.

Japanese Wallpaper- Waves (ft. Pepa Knight)

When I was 16 I was driving THREE blocks to school in a grey Buick Lesabre trying to figure out how to impress girls, and failing miserably! Which makes me impressed with Gab Strum’s and his super high listen levels on Soundcloud way past my achievement level at the ripe age of 16. Deep sigh….

Thee Tee Pees- Indian Bingo

A high energy garage rock blast full of organ grinding madness yelping vocals and a full cred low fi appeal.

Hooray For Earth- Keys

One of the more noticeable break outs from last year was this band. Still riding that steam they are set to release their new album Racy in late July. Check out the first single full of distorted guitar and sweet vocal hooks. Radio Hour Playlist 5/2/14: New Orleans Jazz And Heritage Festival

Check out some of the artists playing the 45th anniversary edition of the classic festival.

Local H- Team

Local H add some rock bombast to Lorde’s hit song.

Have A Nice Life- Dan And Tim, Reunited By Fate

Dark and tense mood set by rolling bass lines and a steady drum pound. From the San Fran label The Flenser.

Planning For Burial- Where You Rest Your Head at Night

Another bruising piece from The Flenser label. Room flattening.

Some Kind Of Wonderful- California Love

Nice cover of the Tupac classic!

Stagnant Pools- You Whir

After a few introductory seconds Stagnant Pools let loose their intoxicating shoegazey drone to wash over you.

MOLO- The Ghosts Are Dancing

London duo’s trip hop slow jam has a jazzy feel with its easy gentle flow.

Son Little- Your Love Will Blow Me Away When My Heart Aches

The British are doing a mighty fine job of out souling everyone out there recently. From Disclosure putting soul back into house music, to Sam Smith’s soulful croon and now Son Little comes on with this near Nina Simone simmer.

GOVS- Australian Summer

Another smooth soulful electro groove from the Gold Coast Australia based GOVS.

Teenagre- Visitor

Cool interwoven guitar work and sweet sounding female vocals from this Vancouver band.

Diamond Mind- Better Alone

This intricate indie pop cokes from Edmonton Canada’s fine band Diamond Mind.

Eno + Hyde- The Satellites

It’s pretty much a given that whatever Brian Eno touches is gold. On the new album he teams with Karl Hyde and other musicians (Including Andy Mackay on sax!) to once again expand your head!

The Burning Of Rome- God Of Small Things

Ultra cool blast of psych rock from Adam Traub’s expanded from a bedroom project into a full blown band. New album Year Of The Ox out May 20th

High Magic- Ghost Of  Evermore

Solid building guitar based rocker that rolls and cascades with a dark mood underneath.

Bob Mould- Hey, Mr. Grey

Bob Mould the aging alternative icon just quietly goes about his business and his business is making gloriously crafted guitar rock that should be more noticed than it is. Mould’s the man!

Man Vs. Indian Man- Ice Accountant

I’m just a sucker for anything that is sample heavy.

The War On Drugs- Eyes To The Wind

You’re going to see this band and this album on a  lot of end of year best of lists. Bank on that.

Pretty Girls- Waiting On You, We’re Baats

Boca Raton band bring forth a garage pop swinger.

Little Daylight- Overdose (Future Islands Mix)

Little Daylight’s great “Overdose” gets a revamp from hot it band Future Islands. Lightening the heavy and adding a breezy synth. Very nice results.

The Pixies- Greens And Blues

The grand fore fathers of all the sounds of almost everything you her on the radio rock wise these days The almighty Pixies have a new album Indie Cindy out! you should own by default. This is my favorite track.