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New Music July ’14

3 Jul



Going to be the Fourth Of July soon. I suggest you read up on all songs America from out special 4th Of July Edition way back  . Then, when you’re done sit right back and take in some new tunes.


Trampled By Turtles- Are You Behind The Shining Star

The festival stalwarts have a great new album out Wild Animals. Same great bluegrass sound intact.

Kristeen Young- The Pictures of Sasha Grey

Another great electro clash post punk beauty from the talented Ms. Young.

Wo Fat-Read The Omens

Tumultuous metal riffage alert! And hell yes, more please.

 Radkey- Feed My Brain

St. Joseph, MO. punk band is killing it with their newest release check out the title track and see for yourself.

Weird Al Yankovic- Foil

As part of his new album launch Yankovic is releasing eight songs in eight days. So far everything’s been spot on brilliant. His Pharrell digging “Tacky” the take down of improper grammar “Word Crimes” and the best yet this take on Lorde’s smash hit that turns very humorously dark.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers- Fault Lines

From his latest Hypnotic Eye comes this psych leaning fast moving tune from Petty and his masterful band.

Coral Cross- The Coldest Steel Across Your Face Slides

This weird metal mash comes from Jorge Elbrecht, the man behind Violens. It’s definitelt a different sound.

Weird Al Yankovic- Word Crimes

Weird Al has a new album out, that’s a good thing. Good grammar is important.

Sailor & I- Turn Around (Ame Remix)

Anytime I see Ame attached to a remix I just get it no questions asked.

Torres- New Skin

Torres is the most exciting talent who deserves a breakthrough this year. Go pick up her debut album from last year you will not be disappointed.

Menace Beach- Tennis Court

Leeds based indie duo lay on the fuzz thick on this new cut.

Naomi Punk- Firehose Face

Their sophomore album  Television Face is out early next month.

Take Over And Destroy- Taste Of The Grave

The band with a stellar name, TOAD for short, will release their next album in August. check out the blazing first single.

The Gaslight Anthem- Get Hurt

Title track from their upcoming new album. Take a listen.

S.- Vampires

Jenn Ghetto’s new project after Carissa’s Weird is so forth titled S. Well, o.k. then. The new indie glistening single is glorious.

United Nations- United Nations Vs. United Nations

Just cool. That is all.

Tricky- Nicotine Love

Tricky has been the most consistent trip hop artist that came from the mid 90’s scene. He keeps releasing quality efforts and this year should be no different witha new album due is September.

Husky- I’m not Coming Back

Indie folk is still alive.

The Gromble- Slam

The perfect light airy summer soundtrack for you to jam on those hot nights.

FKA Twigs- Two Weeks

It’s a fine way to start July’s musings.

Puce Mary- Courses

It’ll just blow your mind.


New track off Bonobo’s new Ten Tigers e.p.!