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Best New Music April 2014

31 Mar



Welcome back! We are moving swiftly into the warmer months and that means one thing. Festival time. Starting this month with the big one Southern California’s Coachella, the monster two weekend desert blowout. The end of March saw the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Unfortunatley, the electronic music showcase may have to find a new home as the city of Miami and the promoters have clashed before and this year’s unruly gatecrashers (second year in a row for a gate crashing incident there btw) resulted in a serious life threatening injury to a security guard.

Let’s address this quickly. First, to the gate crashers. You should be ashamed. You’re stealing, because you didn’t pay admission. Most importantly your foolishness and brash actions resulted in a woman being left injured severely and hospital bound for an indeterminate amount of time. All because you didn’t want to pay to stand there and watch a guy play other people’s songs, push buttons, turn a knob or two, raise his arms and pump his fist Jersey Shore style, jump up and down then maybe climb on the deck table, and yell shout outs into the mic. Classy. And not to misplace blame but to the promoters. Second year in a row for a gate crashing incident? This didn’t get solved last year? If my info is correct you were cited by the City last year FOR THIS. It’s one of the reasons they were thinking of not issuing permits for you! Yet, it happened again and now someone is hurt. Second, the price of admission was bit steep compared to other festivals like Bonnaroo, Coachella, Lollapalooza which are also three day fetivals. If you swing for the fences, someone’s going to try and jump the fences! Hopefully, this young lady recovers fully and those responsible are caught. I hope the City and the Ultra Festival can work out their differences and that future events are incident free. As for the rest of the festivals be careful out there and take care of one another.

Now for Some New Music!!!!

kitty pryde- Brb

This girl has it going on.

Sharon Van Etten- Your Love is Killing Me

On her new single Van Etten drags us through the mud with her and piles it on with her amazing vocal performance.

Lee “Scratch” Perry Clams Casino- Jesus Is Soul Man

Lee “Scratch” Perry has made so much great music, and has been quite prolific about too! His latest is a collaboration with producer Clams Casino that is more meditative and laid back even for a reggae dub or whatever this is.

Knox Brown- Harry’s Code

Really quite enjoying the neo soul movement from Aloe Blacc to James Blake to Miguel and Frank Black the new kids are using the old school and adding new school technology. New kid Knox Brown has a great debut track you need to hear!

 Priests- Right Wing

Washington D.C. has given us some great bands over the years like Fugazi, Bad Brains, Dimemberment Plan, and the mighty Dischord record label. the latest awesome thing to rise from the city is this monster band.

Bandbook Radio Hour 4/27/14

Listen to another great mix of tunes on a lonely Sunday afternoon.

Young Widows- The Money

The driving third sneak peek at Young Widows latest Easy Pain out May 13th builds with muscle and strength to its bitter end.

Fight Night- Broken Wing

Blending emo pop punk and EDM trap beats is an idea that is hard to believe no one has attempted yet or hasn’t pulled off quite as well as Fight Night has. Judge for yourself!

Eels- Parallels

Marl Everett has had along outstanding career. His latest album is a stripped down acoustic flavored record of well written and crafted songs. Check out the great “Parallels” it’s a good one!

Vaults- Premonitions

Debut single from London based soulful electro based group. Out June 9th.

YNGCULT- Abøslute

L.A. duo use minimal electro bleeps and nu soul vocals to turn in a slow jam worthy of your time.

Craft Spells- Breaking The Angle Against The Tide

Adding a full band to his Craft Spells project Justin Paul Vallesteros fills out his dream pop sound fully. The new album Nausea is out in June.

Amen Dunes- Lilac In Hand

Psych folk rockers Amen Dunes new folk hymn “Lilac In Hand” is a lovely late night or Sunday morning listen with it’s soothing tones and soft ballad lament. The video is pretty solid aces as well.

K. Leimer- Gisella

Coming soon on the RVNG record label will be the round up of another way left of center artists who were passed over unduly. The ambient Seattle artist Kerry Leimer put out some very under appreciated ambient work in the early 80’s that will see much needed light.

As Elephants Are- Went Wrong

The soaring anthem “Went Wrong” will be ion the band’s forthcoming e.p. Hand Prints out early next month.

City Calm Down- Pavement

Aussie band are back with more powerful synth laiden alt rock that is dark with massive texture and mood mostly from Jack Bourke’s stellar baritone.

Bandbook Radio Hour Playlist: Coachella  Week 2! there’s two weekends of Coachella so we’ll do two playlist!

Plague Vendor- Black Sap Scriptures

Young California band set forth a squirming post punk opus from their album Free To
Eat. Jam it loud!

Antwon- Rain Song (Feat. Lil’ Ugly Mane)

I love it when new and exciting different flavors come up in all music. Here’s a new sound for hip hop from Antwon.

Gold Bears- For You

Atlanta, GA. band combine the jangly indie guitar and shoegaze sound into a fuzzball blast of sugary excitement. Very nice.

It Looks Sad.- Radical

Newer band from Charlotte, NC. has a a churning jangle pop sound that is phenomenal on this break out single. Unfortunatley the 7″ won’t be out till summer. Dig it now though.

Monogem- Wait And See

Perfectly airy indie pop nugget.

Arling & Cameron- NY Is Burning

A&C bring the funk back tot he dance floor, word to all you EDM scenesters. MORE FUNK NOW PLEASE!


Michael Gira is intense. I mean like intense kind of intense. The quit sharing my air intense if you get my drift. But he’s the real deal music wise, you couldn’t ask for a more committed dude. The singles including this one from their his new album To Be Kind shows the same level of intensity as all his other works.

The Both- Milwaukee

The new super duo of Aimee Mann and Ted Leo have a new self titled album coming out shortly. The first single is a great indie pop gem with a humorous mini movie of a video with Leo playing dual roles to perfection!

Stream Coachella Festival live here!

Bandbook Radio Hour Playlist!

This week’s list celebrates another outstanding lineup that mixes thebest of what’s hot, indie, hip hop and veteran heavy weight champs for a weekend of heavenly music and art.

Wild Beasts- A Simple Beautiful Thing

The next single from their great new album Present Tense (which you should already have by now!) features a pleasant synth line underscored by drop you where you  are lyrics.

Pharmakon- Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)

Noise/punk artist Pharmakon takes a shot, almost literally, at the classic Nancy Sinatra song.

School Of Language- Dress Up

David Brewis plays dresses up for this indie pop funk video for stop motion goodness.

Disclosure x Friend Within- The Mechanism

The wonder siblings will release this new single April 15th. Take a house ride with another great sample boasting over the top.

Danny Brown feat. Purity Ring– 25 Bucks

Brown recalls youthful struggles while hot indie duo Purity Ring supply the atmosphere and the hook.

HSY- Cyber Bully

Toronto  band’s heavy thick sludge punk will assault your ears but in a good way!

Only Real- Cadillac Girl (Harry Fraud Remix)

British crooner with a sleepy hip hop bent is working on his debut and released a little teaser with a bass heaping remix by Harry Fraud.

BORIS- Quicksilver

Been a while since the legendary noise rockers have loaded up the metal riffs and agonized screaming that was essential listening on their album Pink. now the thunder is back on a new album titled appropriately Noise, Rejoice!


The Hold Steady– Wait A While

Definitely my favorite track of the new album Teeth Dreams. What, you haven’t picked it up yet? Get to steppin’!

Queens Of The Stone Age- Smooth Sailing

Check out QOTSA’s latest video for their latest single the thoroughly rocking “Smooth Sailing” and find out just what the hell DID happen last night! Or, maybe you don’t want to know.

The Beverly’s- Bad Company

No, this is not a cover of the Bad Co. song, although that would be quite awesome if it did happen hint, hint! Instead it’s a virtual blitzkrieg of dist0rted guitars and a lightning fast rhythm courtesy of these Toronto punks.

Hems Alee- Punchy Stabby

The Washington trio have been very busy lately with a recent album release a split 7″ with
Ladder Devils and now another split release with Young widows featuring this short blast.

Pyramid Vritra- Spool

This is some kind of laid back avant trap based hip hop that unspools slowly and settles in nicely.

SOHN- Lights

SOHN’s latest release Tremors is made up mostly of singles that have already been released. Singles that we’re and still are some of the best music that’s been put out the last couple years. the haunting beauty of “Lights” will be on the album, so don’t waste time and go get it!

Bandbook Radio Hour Playlist April 4th, 2014

A gaggle of songs that are getting heavy rotation on the ear buds these days.

F*cked Up- Disorder

The band with the best band name going right now also makes some seriously solid rock music these days too. Their new album Glass Boys won’t be out till June 3.

T-White- Curses

T-White comes from Chicago and has been kind of an abscure hip hop treasure over the last few years. Recently he’s released a ton of material and it’s all good stuff. this one’s full of all kind’s of cursing!

Hailer- Digging Holes

We’re big fans of anything Australian because that continent just continues to churn out gold as far as music is concerned. Rock band Hailer is another fine example of the good stuff coming out of the down under these days.

Tigers Jaw- Nervous Kids

Off their new album Charmer comes this thick and heavy indie rock anthem from this sturdy Scranton, PA. band. Going to be a band to watch in 2014! On tour with Pity Sex soon.

Mike Adams At His Honest Weight- I’m Worried

Well I’m not sure if Adams is in fact at his honest weight here or not. I do know he lifts a Cure lyric from Just Like Heaven that fits nicely with this scruffy indie rock tune that takes a serious tone about the health of his baby.

Strand of Oaks- Goshen 97′

New single from kicks off with the salvo “I was fat, drunk, and mean…” How are you going to argue with that?

Lust For Youth- Epoetin Alfa

The new single from Denmark’s Lust For Youth is very 8o’s Depeche goth heavy. Pull the curtains closed it’s going to be along dreary day.

London Grammar- Darling Are You Going to Leave Me ( LCAW Remix)

Take a great song from one of the best newer bands around and add sturdy house producer LCAW for remix=gold.

Dawn Golden- All I Want

Gorgrous ballad from Still Life album coming out next month.

Greys- Guy Picciotto

So Toronto’s Greys drew a lot of Fugazi comparisons for there previous e.p.’s and have stuck their tongues firmly in cheek for this punky ode to idol worship. Picciotto’s probably nodding in approval somewhere.

Inevitable Daydream- Summer Song

Super catchy and noisy psych rock from Kent, U.K. trio. Download available from Soundcloud for free! BAnd to watch for 2014.

Herzog- Mad Men

This shuffling scuzzy garage rock band’s new song is not a missive about the wildy popular television show. It’s more about the trails and tribulations of being in a band. One thing the band does prove is that Northern Ohio/Cleveland area is still pumping out great rock n’ roll.

First Aid Kit- My Silver Lining

The Swedish siblings have new album out in June and the first single is a sign that their golden voiced folk pop is still hitting all the right marks.

Honeyblood- Killer Bangs

Their self titled debut will not be out until July. Until then this hyper first single will have to do.

Marc Lawrence- Beautiful (Electrocisum Remix)

For those that watched the Ultra Music Festival live stream the song at the end was this remix which I do have to say is quite fantastic and banging.

Popstrangers- Country Kills

The New Zealand band carries on the strong tradition of great guitar based indie rock that seems to fall off trees down there. Like a sugar hit straight from the 80’s alternative hey day of astounding NZ bands like The Chills, The Bats and the Clean this one sticks to you.

The Menzingers- I Don’t Want To Be An Asshole Anymore

Greg Barnett and his merry band of Scranton pop punkers have a desperate edge that is massively endearing and rises their tunage above the rest of the pop punk melee. Take their latest earnestly titled single “I Don’t Want To be An Asshole Anymore” in which Barnett pleads his case and promises to try it keep it together.

Rue Royale- Shouldn’t Have Closed My Eyes

Dark and moody indie folk piece from Nottingham England duo. From Remedies Ahead out now.

 Eagles & Butterflies- Paravana

Chill out ambient track from the new album The Butterfly Effect out April 14th.

Velociraptor- Ramona

Velociraptor is a twelve piece act out of Brisbane, Australia. Hopefully an album will be out soon with more of this catchy stuff.

DMA’S- Feels Like 37

DMA’S are current Australia’s latest buzz band craze. Their latest single picks up the pace from their last “Delete.” From their debut e.p. out now. Pick it up!

Hopium- Cut

Airy and minimal electro  tune form Melbourne, Australia band.