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Bourbon Trail Road Trip Playlist!

3 Dec



Road trips are the best. Pick a destination, pack up your friends jam the tunes and ride out. Once a year my friends and I trek to a place we haven’t been before. This year we chose the great Commonwealth of Kentucky and their tasty Bourbon Trail to visit. What better way to celebrate the culture of this mighty state than by listening to some of it’s best musical output. Kentucky has produced some great musicians and talent from bands like The Everly Brothers, Cage the Elephant, My Morning Jacket, Slint and all their offshoot bands, Rappers Nappy Roots, Dwight Yoakam, Sturgill Simpson, and the coal miner’s daughter Loretta Lynn and her sister Crystal Gale to great metal acts like Coliseum and some profound jazz artists. Kentucky has also given us the acting talents of one Mr. Tom Cruise, George Clooney, and Johnny Depp and my personal favorite Michael Shannon. Film director and composer John Carpenter hails from Kentucky. The great comedians Ben Bailey (The Cash Cab guy),Chris Hardwick, and Hal Sparks are also from the Bluegrass State.

This particular playlist features artists from or band members from Kentucky. Songs about Kentucky or have Kentucky in the title. Since it’s a bourbon trail trip any and all whiskey themes are included! The list also includes a general Kentucky “feel” maybe a touch southern gothic thrown in for good measure. Yes, I’m well aware that Kentucky was not a confederate state! But, it’s biggest city Louisville calls itself “The Gateway to the South” even though laterally it sits relatively equal to non southern cities like St. Louis and Kansas City so go figure. The only Cyrus clan member to make this playlist is Trace and his band Metro Station, (Miley and Noah are technically from Tennessee) daddy didn’t make it because just no, not gonna happen… Dig in, it’s fourteen hours of pure music goodness featuring some artists from Kentucky!

Anyway here’s the jams in order: * Denotes artist from Kentucky, originated in Kentucky, or a band member from Kentucky.

  1. Stack Waddy*- Kentucky
  2. Murder By Death- Kentucky Bourbon
  3. Dwight Yoakam*- Suspicious Minds
  4. Cage the Elephant*- Cold Cold Cold
  5. Ralph Stanley feat. Rickey Skaggs*- Ain’t It Hard
  6. Blackberry Smoke- Ain’t Much Left of Me
  7. Muhammad Ali* on Ali Vs. Foreman
  8. Ben Bailey*- Accidental Ornithologist
  9. Dead Child*- Angel of the Odd
  10. The Gits (Mia Zapata )*- Another Shot of Whiskey
  11. Ryan Adams- Answering Bell
  12. DEVO- Working In A Coalmine
  13. Chuckie Campbell*- A Moment In Time
  14. Dwight Yoakam- Long Way To Go
  15. Cage The Elephant*- Back Against The Wall
  16. Adrian Belew*- Matchless Man
  17. Shipping News*- Bad News
  18. Todd Snider- Ballad of the Kingsmen
  19. The Glasspack*- Barn Party
  20. Nappy Roots*- Be Alright
  21. Sleeper Agent*- Be Brave
  22. BR5-49- Better Than This
  23. My Morning Jacket*- Big Decisions
  24. Drive By Truckers- Birthday Boy
  25. Richard Hell*& The Voidoids- Blank Generation
  26. The Johnson Mountain Boys- Blue Diamond Mines (Harlan County USA Soundtrack)
  27. Elvis Presley- Blue Moon of Kentucky
  28. Ganja White Night- Bourbon
  29. Municipal Waste- Bourbon Discipline
  30. Lydia Lovelace- Boy Crazy
  31. Gary Stewart*- Brand New Whiskey
  32. VHS or Beta*- Bring on the Comets
  33. American Aquarium- Burn. Flicker. Die
  34. Cunninlynguists*- Kentucky (Interlude)
  35. Uncle Tupelo- Whiskey Bottle
  36. Wax Fang*- Can You See the Light?
  37. Crain*- Car Crash Decisions
  38. Chris Hardwick*- Cartoon Voiceovers
  39. Keith Whitley*- Charlotte’s In North Carolina
  40. James McMurtry- Childish Things
  41. Cage the Elephant*- Cigarette Daydreams
  42. Scissor Sisters (Scott Hoffman)*- Comfortably Numb
  43. Golden Smog- Corvette (Corvette’s are made in Bowling Green, Kentucky!)
  44. Dwight Yoakam*- Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Queen cover)
  45. Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit- Cumberland Gap
  46. Dave Alvin- You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive
  47. Apples In Stereo (Robert Schneider)*- Dance Floor
  48. Drive By Truckers- Danko/ Manuel
  49. Joe Henry- Dark As A Dungeon
  50. Ryan Adams- Doomsday
  51. The Hookers*- Devil’s Blue
  52. Chris Hardwick*- Dick Poems
  53. Endpoint*- Dignity
  54. King Kong*- Dirty City Rainy Day
  55. The Avett Brothers- Down With the Shine
  56. The Muckrackers*- Through My Door
  57. Kentucky Headhunters*- Dumas Walker
  58. Young Widows*- Dumb
  59. Chris Hardwick*-Dweebs
  60. Muhammad Ali on Ali Vs. Spinks
  61. Psycho Sun- Corvette
  62. Chris Stapleton*- Either Way
  63. Amtrac*- Escape (feat. Forest)
  64. Johnny Depp* speech from Trancendence
  65. Morning Teleportation*- Expanding Anyway
  66. The Mallet Brothers- F-150 (F-150’s are produced in Ky.!)
  67. Wayne Kramer & The Lexington Arts Ensemble*- A.R.C.
  68. Black Stone Cherry*- Fade Away
  69. The 23 String Band*- Fat Frankie
  70. Scud Mountain Boys- Fiery Coffin
  71. Bill Monroe* & Doc Watson- Fire On the Mountain
  72. Artifex Pero*- First Do No Harm
  73. Rosemary Clooney*- A Foggy Day
  74. Sleeper Agent*- Get It Daddy
  75. Natives*- Ghost
  76. Chris Hardwick*- Ghost Hunters
  77. My Morning Jacket*- Gideon
  78. Johnny Cash- God’s Gonna Cut You Down
  79. Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers*- God Fearing People
  80. James McMurtry- Gone To the Y
  81. Slint*- Good Morning, Captain
  82. Ben Bailey*- Google
  83. Kingdon Come*- (Gotta Go) Can’t Wage A War
  84. Matty Matlock*- Ain’t We Got Fun 
  85. Jay Munly- Amen Corner
  86. Dwight Yoakam*- Rock It All Away
  87. Ryan Bingham- Hallelujah
  88. Dave Alvin- Harlan County Line
  89. Roger Alan Wade- Haulin’ Ass
  90. 16 Horsepower- Heel On the Shovel
  91. Harry Dean Stanton*- Help Me Make It Through the Night
  92. Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers*- Hills of Hell
  93. Bodeco*- Hip Shake (Slim Harpo)
  94. My Morning Jacket*- Holdin’ on to Black Metal
  95. Chris Hardwick*- Holler If You Need Anything
  96. Dwight Yoakam*- Home For Sale
  97. Houndmouth*- Honey Slider
  98. Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit- Hope For the High Road
  99. The Hookers- Horror Rises From The Tombs
  100. The Everly Brothers*- How Can I Meet Her?
  101. The For Carnation*- How I Beat The Devil
  102. Sturgill Simpson*- I’d Have To Be Crazy
  103. Scud Mountain Boys- Silo
  104. The Avett Brothers- I and Love and You
  105. Bering Strait- I Could Use a Hero
  106. White Reaper*- I Don’t Think She Cares
  107. Nine Pound Hammer*- I Don’t Think So
  108. Uncle Tupelo- I Got Drunk
  109. Tom T. Hall*- I Like Beer
  110. Dwight Yoakam*- I Want You To Want Me (Cheap Trick cover)
  111. Medeski, Martin, and Wood*- Your Name Is Snake Anthony
  112. Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers*- Ichabod
  113. Lethal*- Immune
  114. Sturgill Simpson- In Bloom (Nirvana Cover)
  115. Black Stone Cherry- In My Blood
  116. Cage The Elephant- In One Ear
  117. Bonnie “Prince” Billy* (Will Oldham)- Intentional Injury
  118. Hayes Carll- It’s A Shame
  119. Muhammad Ali on how “It’s All a Promotion”
  120. CABIN*- It Is What It Looks Like
  121. Dwight Yoakam- It Only Hurts When I Cry
  122. Johnny Flynn- Kentucky Pill
  123. Malachi Thompson*- Jammin’ At The Point (Reprise)
  124. Lionel Hampton*- Jivin’ The Vibes
  125. Bobby Mackey*- Johanna
  126. The Watson Twins*- Just Like Heaven (The Cure cover)
  127. Timothy Olyphant and Jacob Pitts as Agents Raylan Givens and Tim Gutterson from the show “Justified“- Seeds of Mistrust In a Garden of Assholes (show was fictionally based in Eastern Kentucky based on the Elmore Leonard novels)
  128. Muhammad Ali reflects on his career
  129. NEEDTOBREATHE- Keep Your Eyes Open
  130. Thieving Birds- Kentucky
  131. Tom Waits- Kentucky Avenue
  132. Pavement- Kentucky Cocktail
  133. Government Cheese*- Kentucky Home
  134. Pokey LaFarge- Kentucky Mae
  135. Ben Bailey*- Lactose Intolerant
  136. Coliseum*- Last/Lost
  137. The Avett Brothers- Laundry Room
  138. The Killers- Leave The Bourbon On the Shelf
  139. Robbie Fulks- Let’s Kill Saturday Night
  140. Dwight Yoakam- Liar
  141. Sturgill Simpson*- Life Ain’t Fair And the World Is Mean
  142. Talking Heads* (drummer Chris Frantz) – Lifetime Piling Up
  143. Sturgill Simpson- Living the Dream
  144. Black Stone Cherry*- Lonely Train
  145. Primer 55*- Loose
  146. Ella Fitzgerald- Louisville, K-Y
  147. Richard Hell* & The Voidoids- Love Comes In Spurts
  148. Jim Ford*- Love On My Brain
  149. Mike Doughty*-  27 Jennifers
  150. Muhammad Ali on Ali Vs. Frazier
  151. Iron Horse- Mama, I’m Coming Home (Ozzy Osbourne cover)
  152. Cage The Elephant*- Mess Around
  153. Jimmy Blythe*- Messin’ Around
  154. Michael Shannon* & Andrew Garfield from 99 Homes
  155. Uncle Tupelo- Moonshiner
  156. The Glasspack* My Curse (Dirty Women)
  157. Kill Kurt Reifler*- My Mic
  158. Randy Newman- My Old Kentucky Home (Live)
  159. Drive By Truckers- My Sweet Annette
  160. Deacon The Villain*- My Very Flawed Theory (Intro)
  161. Waylon Jennings- Kentucky Woman
  162. Hermano- Kentucky
  163. Nightime Safari- ’87 Camry (Toyota Camry is produced in Ky.)
  164. Soul Coughing (Mike Doughty*)- Screenwriter’s Blues
  165. The National Acrobat*- The National Hymn of the Acropocalypse
  166. Dead Child*- Never Bet The Devil Your Head
  167. VHS or Beta*- Night On Fire
  168. Jonah Jones*- Night Train
  169. Scott H. Biram- Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue
  170. Sturgill Simpson*- Oh Sarah
  171. Mansions*- On My Way
  172. My Morning Jacket- One Big Holiday
  173. James McMurtry- Out Here in the Middle
  174. Drive By Truckers- Outfit
  175. Kentucky Knife Fight- Own Damn Good
  176. Nazareth- Kentucky Fried Blues
  177. The Coal Porters*(Sid Griffin)- Heroes (Bowie Cover)
  178. Rachel’s*- Kentucky Nocturne
  179. Elvis Presley- Kentucky Rain
  180. Love Jones*- Paid For Loving
  181. Herman Chittison*- Persian Rug
  182. Evergreen*- Petting The Beast
  183. Fess Williams*- Phantom Blues
  184. Hal Sparks*- Poker Vs. War
  185. Loretta Lynn* (Feat. Jack White)- Portland, Oregon 
  186. Dierks Bentley- Pride (In The Name Of Love) feat. The Punch Brothers & Del McCoury (U2 cover)
  187. Dwight Yoakam*- Purple Rain (Prince cover)
  188. George Clooney* “What’s In Your Backpack” speech from Up In the Air
  189. Uncle Sinner- When Jesus Comes
  190. Circle X*- Albeit Living
  191. Tom Cruise* & Jack Nicholson from A Few Good Men
  192. Chris Hardwick- Native ‘Merican
  193. James McMurtry- Rachel’s Song
  194. Helms Alee- Crystal Gale
  195. Crystal Gale*- Ready for The Times To Get Better
  196. Nick Searcy, Erica Tazel, Timothy Olyphant “Recognizing A Badass” scene from Justified
  197. Papa M*- Red Curtains
  198. Eluvium*- Requiem for Franfort Ave.
  199. Jackson Taylor Band- Ride The Lightnin’
  200. Drive By Truckers- The Righteous Path
  201. American Aquarium- Road To Nowhere
  202. Muhammad Ali on Ali Vs.Liston
  203. Loudon Wainwright III- Harlan County
  204. RA Scion*- Satchelmouth
  205. Cannibal Corpse*(Pat O’Brien)- Savage Butchery
  206. Sturgill Simpson- Sea Stories
  207. Houndmouth- Sedona
  208. Metro Station*(Trace Cyrus)- Shake It
  209. Cage The Elephant*- Shake Me Down
  210. NRBQ* & The Whole Wheat Horns- Shake, Rattle,& Roll
  211. John Carpenter*- The Fog
  212. Fifth On the Floor- Shine
  213. Rodan*- Shiner
  214. Whiskeytown- Sit & Listen to the Rain
  215. Corey Branan– Skateland South
  216. Kentucky Headhunters*- Skip A Rope
  217. Hellbound Glory- Small Township
  218. Erin Hill*- Song For Someone (Roxy Music cover)
  219. Joan Osborne*- St. Teresa
  220. Bum Steers*(Mark Fosson)- Stick Pony
  221. Uncle Tupelo- Still Be Around
  222. Sturgill Simpson- The Storm
  223. Hard Working Americans- Straight To Hell
  224. Squirrel Bait*- Sun God
  225. Edgar Hayes*- Sunday Mornin’ Blues
  226. Iron Horse- Sweet Child O’ Mine (sweet Guns N’ Roses cover)
  227. Bonnie “Prince” Billy*- Kentucky
  228. Cornershop- Moonshine
  229. Antietam*- The Border
  230. Muhammad Ali “The Ghetto Whopper”
  231. Five.Bolt.Main* – The Gift
  232. Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers*- The Kentucky Song
  233. VHS or Beta*- The Melting Moon
  234. Moonshine Bandits- The Sermon (Intro)
  235. Dwight Yoakam*- Things Change
  236. Ben Nichols- This Old Death
  237. Dwight Yoakam*- A Thousand Miles From Nowhere
  238. NEEDTOBREATHE- Through Smoke
  239. Dwight Yoakam- Train In Vain (The Clash cover)
  240. Sturgill Simpson*- Turtles All The Way Down
  241. Jim Varney* (Ernest!)Laclede Gas Commercial
  242. Emarosa*- Utah
  243. Chris Stapleton*- Was It 26
  244. Sturgill Simpson*- Water In A Well
  245. Billy Bragg & Wilco- Way Over Yonder In the Minor Key
  246. Waylon Jennings- Waymore’s Blues
  247. Nickel Creek- When You Come Back Down
  248. Drive By Truckers- Where The Devil Don’t Stay
  249. Jason Eady- Whiskey & You
  250. Sturgill Simpson*- You Can Have The Crown
  251. The Long Ryders (Sid Griffin)*- You Just Can’t Ride That Train
  252. Gravel Switch*- You Make Me Weak