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New Music August 2013

31 Jul



If you look up you will notice that it is now the eighth month of the year. Where have you gone 2013? Before we dip into the tunes I first must offer a kudos and recognition to the country act Love & Theft who are a rising act in the mainstream country world. It seems these chaps played at the local fair in my area recently, to a less than stellar crowd due to weather, and made a point to join the local band playing the after show at the beer pavillion for a couple of songs. That’s right good on you boys, you were not required to do that but you did, hats off to ya! Although I do not listen to mainstream country I salute the effort.

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Keep Shelly In Athens- Flyway

The Greek indie duo will release their next album at home Sept. 17th. The first single is the spacious synth driven “Flyway” featuring breathy vocals of vocalist Sarah P. The song is atmospheric and ambient feeling. Strong first single.

Ghostlight Orchestra- Old Cities

Props to this Venice, CA. band for actually sounding like the band’s name as this haunting song pervades your senses with eerie guitar sounds and lilting vocals hidden within the mist. From their debut album Haunted By Shapes Part 1 due Sept. 10th.

Gentlemen.- Sailor (Of The Cosmic Ark)

Check out this light gentle airy psych rock song from this London band that literally flies through the cosmos on its synth line alone.

San Fermin- Daedalus (What We Have)

San Fermin is the chamber pop, classical work of Ellis Ludwig-Leone of Brooklyn, NY. The latest single Daedalus is an intricate work of woodwind horns, lightly plucked banjo, and the deep voiced vocals of Ludwig-Leone. Will be touring the U.S. in Sept. and October.

Thundercat- Heartbreaks + Setbacks

A little jazz funk rock fusion for the end of summer.

Wild Cherry- Play That Funky Music White Boy

I was just riding in my mother’s car the other day setting the radio controls for her. She asked for the oldies station to be set so she wouldn’t have to scroll for it. So I pulled up the oldies station and while setting it this song was playing. My mom says, “Maybe they’ll play that funky music white boy song.” To which I said, “Mom, this IS that song!” We turned it up and jammed. And that’s how I grew up rock n’ roll. Remix by Kill Paris, it’s pretty tight.

Death Grips- Birds

Yes, I’m aware that every other music site or blog whatever has posted up this song. That’s because us music diggers really like it when something like this comes along and slaps us upside the head with its difference making potential. So it’s important that we get  the word out!

Simon & Garfunkel- The Sound Of Silence (The Golden Pony Remix)

I love this kind of thing. It makes me so happy. Taking old songs and punching them up into the current times either by a whole makeover cover version or taking it to the dance floor. In this case The Golden Pony put the funk in Garfunkel and do up their classic hit for the clubs.

Me And My Drummer- Don’t Be So Hot

Well, look what I’ve stumbled across! It’s German duo Me And My Drummer consisting of Charlotte Brandi on keys and piano and vocals and Matze Prollochs on percussion. That’s all the info I have on them. I do have this awesome ballad to offer up as proof of their greatness.

Medicine- Long As The Sun

Back in the 1990 Medicine’s debut album Shot Forth Self Living came on like a boulder landing on a pillow with their guitar fury and quickly distinguished itself from other shoegaze bands of the era.. That original lineup eventually splintered. But they have reformed for their new album To the Happy Few. This tidy new song is the first single and it has the feel of the old 90’s band to it.

Twigs- Ache

This British songstress has seduced my ears with this sleek deep and rich future r&b slow jam. Slow and moody and atmospheric with a slow deep groove the song slides right through you.

Nothing- Dig

Check out the big guitar sound churning out of this new song from Nothing. Sounds like 1993 is calling in and wanting to make a big comeback. Man I wish that would happen!

Kilto Take- Mimic

Indie rock band Kilto Take come from Britain carrying their influences on their sleeves. Sounding like an early U2 with a dash of Muse sprinkled in Kilto Take aim for arena ready alt rock with big airy guitar washes and emotive vocals on top of driving songs. Pretty good ear candy.

Yuppies- Hitchin’ A Ride

Yuppies are fresh new band out of Omaha that bring us a jangly post punk rant and roller with their debut single “Hitchin’ A Ride” that comes off their debut self titled release which will be released September 15th via the Dull Tools record label.

Icky Blossoms- Sex To The Devil (Gosteffects Remix)

Icky Blossoms also hail from Omaha. This remix from their self titled album is done by Gosteffects. It will accomplish one of three things are all of them if you’re lucky:

1. Freak out your parents.

2. Freak out your friends and/or neighbors (hopefully both!)

3. Rock a dance floor at the club or party!

sssShawnnnn- Pizza Rolls

I am huge fan of mashups. I’m especially a sucker for mashups that pile on the goods. Which is exactly what sssShawnnnn has done with this cut. This hodge podge features Bauer, Michael Jackson, Deadmau5, Martin Luther King, Justice, and Paramore can you pick them out? Available as a free DL!

Live Review

Dwight Yoakam

The PageantSt. Louis, MO. Aug. 18th


I’ll probably get a lot of flack from my alternative friends and punk rock loving brothren for attending a country music concert by a superstar like Dwight Yoakam. Hey, screw ’em! Music is music and in my book. You’re either the real deal where you write your own songs and perform them, or you are part of the machine that spits out soulless crap. And Dwight Yoakam is the real deal and I’m a big fan of his and country music can be a beautiful art form when it’s treated and done right. It was good to see the various Wilco shirts and various other alt country acts, and aging hipsters to justify my point!

 Yoakam came out swingin’ with four quick songs leading into one another and not engaging in banter until midway through the Buck Owen’s cover “Streets of Bakersfield” with the obligatory city name mentioning that always draws cheers from the crowd. Yoakam peppered in eight songs from last year’s Three Pears album joking that for every old song he played he would get to play up to four new ones. Of the new ones “Rock It All Away” with it’s big power chords by guitarist Eugene Edwards was the highlight.

Rocking in front of a stage design that looked like three old Drury Inn chandeliers and a weird light that looked like an old hairdryer from a salon Yoakam’s band was rounded out by strong bass playing from Jonathan Clark and multi-instrumentalist/ piano /keyboardist Brian Whelan, and the solid steady beat keeping of drummer Mich Marine. Marine did not sport one of the bedazzled jackets that the rest of the band wore, and looked as though no one were crazy enough to ask him to.

Yoakam kept things lively for the 32 song set that included a cover of “Ring Of Fire” as if it were played by a glam rock band in the late 70’s. He did not disappoint rolling out many of his biggest hits throughout his twenty seven year career including. “Honky Tonk Man“A Thousand Miles From Nowhere” his Elvis cover “Little Sister” “It Only Hurts When I Cry” “Guitars, Cadillacs” and “Little Ways” If only the sound mix wasn’t so muddy it would have been a perfect night. Often times Yoakam’s golden throated vocals were almost lost deep in the mix and a few times one could see the person playing, but couldn’t hear their instrument as the mix was way to bottom heavy.

Show opener Sturgill Simpson is one of the year’s best new acts in the country music field. With a sound that harkens back to Waylon Jennings his sound and songs are as impressive live as they are on his debut High Top Mountain. Even more so considering that he announced that his band was now a three piece instead of a four since someone (his guitarist) decided, “…the road was not for them.” Too bad some in the crowd decided to talk all the way through his set, never understood that- paying money to be entertained- then ignoring the entertainment. That was some good music going on there by a true talent and they missed it.

Youngblood Brass Band- Ain’t Nobody

The YBB are soon to be four albums in when their latest album Pax Volumi is release September 9th. The second single from the album is this brass filled cover of the R&B classic. It will light up your day.

Active Child- She Cut Me

Another mesmerizing cut from electronic wunderkind Pat Grossi. “She Cut Me” is a spellbinding avalanche of soundethereal choir like vocals mixed with a flowing electronic ensemble. It’s just a teaser release for an as yet project coming soon.

Eagulls- Nerve Endings

All the way from across the pond in England comes Eagulls dispensing a terse dark and gloomy post punk rocker onto our ears. Unfortunaltely for us it won’t be releases until Sept. 30th as a 7″ and download.

Knee Chin- Melting Upwards

Late discovery of the month! As this single actually came out last year. I know nothing of this band or person. Totally dig the post punk rant though.

Arcade High- One Year Ago

One Year Ago? This song sounds more like thirty years ago with it’s synth and electronic drums. With a great vocal sample right down the middle. Good stuff.

Superchunk- Me You And Jackie Matto

It is summer so that means it must be time for new Superchunk. The latest song off their upcoming release is this sprightly, sunny, power pop tune that ends with a handful of attitude to back up that I hate music statement. Head on over to

DJ Rashad– I Don’t Give a F*ck

Using the ever increasing influence of trap and drum and bass layered under some kind of dial tone noise and a sample of Tupac from Juice DJ Rashad assembles an interesting hip hop piece. Yep, I definitely want more of this!

The Darcys- Muzzle Blast

The first single from their forthcoming release Warring out Sept. 17th isa lush and swooning and crashing warm beast. Much like band such as Wild Beasts there is a danger in getting to close because the lyrics bite.

WHY?- Murmurer

WHY? is one of those bands that will always pull my attention. Their spaced out indie pop doubled with  the half spoken half rapped vocal delivery had me hooked instantly. For their latest e.p. out next month called Golden Tickets the band theme was to do a song about a specific fan of the band, whether or not we will know who they are addressing will remain a mystery until we hear more. But for now the first single “Murmurer” has been set out on the world for us to enjoy.

Joanna Gruesome- Sugarcrush

Joanna Gruesome is not a single person but a five piece noise pop from Cardiff, England. the quintet is set tot release their debut release Weird Sister on September 10th. “Sugarcrush” is the bashing noisy first single that hides candy coated melodies in the vocals.

Subrosa- Ghosts Of A Dead Empire

I’m a big fan of the doom metal. I love the slow and low crushing power. While i also love thrash metal and really all types of metal it’s this Sabbathy style of doom that I dig the best and this song has it in piles. Eleven minutes worth of epic doom even laiden with strings! Yes!

Minor Alps- Buried Plans

Minor Alps is a collaboration between Juliana Hatfield and Nada Surf’s Mathew Caws. “Buried Plans” is the first single off their debut Get There that will be released in October. It’s a light airy subdued acoustic flavored number.

Potty Mouth- Black And Studs

Potty Mouth are from Northhampton, MA. and area straight four piece all girl band. Black And Studs comes from their debut release Hell Bent out September 17th. It’s a spiky lo-fi guitar driven rocker with plenty of kick and spirit. Will be a band to keep an eye on!

Yuck- Middle Sea

Since becoming a three piece after the departure of Daniel Blumberg it seems that Yuck will continue on undaunted. With the sneak peaks at the first two singles from their upcoming album Glow And Behold including this latest “Middle Sea” Yucl find themselves carrying on with the guitar goodness and for good measure have thrown in a little horn action on top of this fiery nugget. Horns are always a good idea, we need more horns in rock, bring back the horns!

Far Out Fangtooth- Mother Nature Fetish

Philly’s Far Out Fangtooth first single from their second album Borrowed Time is a shoegaze and psychedelic feast for the senses. Dark and sullen vocals with cascading guitars that punctuate with feedback washes the song drives and sppeds along towards the end with a feedback wash out.

La Femme- It’s Time To Wake Up (2023)

And now for something completely different! Curve ball alert! Don’t even know where to put this one. Varying widely from psych pop, to electro-pop, to fuzzed out bliss comes this wide ranging tune from La Femme. Using French and English vocalsthe band spaces out and carries you out to sea with a semi trippy head journey.

Annie Eve– Elvis

Annie Eve is a young up and comer from London. Her sullen voice and raw and emotional lyrics and exceptional talent spur this languid ballad along.

APES- Helluva Time

While down under in Australia bands are pumping out quality indie pop left and right. That’s not where APES are at with their style at all. Owing more to The Hives and a gritty bar band with a punked up attitude sound APES aim to rock the world. Check out their video for the single “Helluva Time” where things didn’t go so well.

China Rats- Deadbeat

China Rats made a few waves last year with their debut self titled e.p. And it looks like they are set to release the follow up Don’t Play with Fire in September. The first single is the rawkus scraggly rocker “Deadbeat” which finds the four piece band from Leeds in full on rock mode and charging hard.

Groove Cereal– A Cold Autumn Night

Guess what’s right around the corner? Autumn and it’s chilly temperatures. So you better enjoy these last month or so of summer that we have left. Grrove Cereal is the musical work of Francesco Cimato from Buffalo,New York. His jazz infused trip hop beats are just the type of thing to stave off the chill for a little while longer.

Reuben Hollebon- Faces

This acoustic driven song came completely out of left field today. Offset with minimal percussion and electronic loops the eeriness and desperation set in but with a beauty hiding underneath that peeks out. I know nothing about Hollebon other than his facebook says he’s from Norfolk. But, i definitely can’t wait to hear more stuff soon.

Midi Matilda- Love And The Movies

Since I am not in any way a rich man and have obligations to the real world and life in general I cannot jet about and explore the world a to my own whim so my landlocked self is often confined to catching the major music festivals via their live streams. Which is always a toss up, but complaints are muffles when the service is basically free. As the Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco heats up this weekend their live stream offered here has already produced a gem. One should always catch the early parts as this is when up and coming bands are featured as yesterday when this San Fran duo played their pristine indie pop set with energy and flair to spare. Perfect song.

No Age- C’mon Stimmung

The good folks at Sub Pop are offering up No Age’s this single from No Age’s latest album An Object that will be out Aug. 20th. IT’s a blistering feedback filled but methodically forward moving rocker. Available for download at Sub Pop’s Soundcloud!

Blaenavon- Prague

Blaenavon are a young trio from Hampshire, England. “Prague” is an impressive single that instantly catches your attention then builds slowly into a frenzied guitar stampede and moanful wails. Their latest e.p. Koso will be out soon.

Big Ups- Goes Black

What we need right now is a pure vitriol filled anger spitting punk song to fill the void. Big Ups “Goes Black” fits that need. Old school style punk full of an intense rant and full force playing with reckless abandon as it should be! All I know of this band is that their Soundcloud says they are from Brooklyn, that’s probably as it should be too!

Brick + Mortar- Bangs

Are you going to be in St. Louis next month? Say around the 7th and 8th for Loufest? The Gateway City’s answer to the alternative music festival craze that has swept the American landscape over the last few years. If so you can catch this rising New Jersey duo. “Bangs” is the title track of their latest e.p. It’s a fuzzy electric throbbing but different sounding and pulsating song with an ultra violent but cinematic video that you can watch below.

Battlecross- Force Fed Lies

Seems like it’s been a while since we checked out anything from the world of thrash because there is always good stuff happening there. Battlecross just spent the summer traveling the land as part of the Mayhem Festival. which did not come to my neck of the woods this year, what’s up with that? Off the album War Of Will this one pummels with the guitar ferocity and punishes your skull with the thunderous drums and the intensity of the vocals.

Russian Circles- Deficit

Chicago instrumental trio Russian Circles are set to release their new album Memorial in late October. As a precursor they’ve set this stark, desolate and hammering tune upon our ears to get us ready. With as much wide open space as it has tightly wound nooks and crannies the song makes for a great six and half minute ride.

Neko Case- Night Still Comes

There’s probably been mathematical equations done that prove that Neko Case could sing the phone book  and it would be outstanding. And if it hasn’t been done, just skip it because the outcome is obvious. On her latest song released from the upcoming album The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You. It is a slower paced ballad but still kicks like a mule.

White Denim- Pretty Green

Austin’s White Denim teamed up with one Mr. Jeff Tweedy who has produced a few songs on their forthcoming album Corsicana Lemonade. The first single “Pretty Green” has popped up on Youtube so here you go, enjoy it’s pretty solid stuff.

Northeast Party House- Youth Allowance

It’s anew single from the Melbourne five piece. And it is more dance rock goodness with a strong post punk influence.

Rocket And The Ghost- Goodbye

The debut single from Rocket And The Ghost has a soaring chorus somewhat in the Mumford vein, a laid back groove in the manner of Alabama Shakes, and striking instrumentation reminiscent of Vampire Weekend all mashed together to make an uplifting  and emotional song that bounces along nicely.

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin- Young Presidents

It’s pretty official that anything SSLYBY release is automatically going up on this blog. First, because the music they make is some of the best being produced out there right now. Secondly, the come from the Show Me State, which is where I and the creator of are both from! But really though this song is right fantastic. The album Fly By Wire will be out Sept. 17th.

Bill Callahan- Expanding Dub

So Bil Callahan progenitor of Smog, and four self titles releases has decided for his latest album Dream River, out next month, that his latest sound will be dub. That’s actually exciting for me. If anyone can pull it off it’s Callahan, and judging by this sneak peek it seems to be working.

Wild Nothing- Ride

This has been Wild Nothing’s set closer at Festivals this summer and for good reason it just may be the perfect summer song. While this version is a flawless piece of awesomeness it is best experienced live so if Wild Nothing comes your way soon don’t miss out.

Steve Martin & Edie Brickell- Love Has Come For You

This is the title track to the debut combo album from the actor/comedian/very accomplished banjo player Steve Martin and singer Edie Brickell. Music like this is timeless.

Quixotism– If I Had You

Quixotism literally means the pursuit of irrational goals and lofty ideas, or being impulsive without the thought of consequences. So now you know that! For the song from the band of that name I see no relation to impulsiveness in their electro blip and bleep ambient  heavy slice. Although their dreamy atmospheric music may lead me to imagine sword fights with windmills!

Forest Fire- Waiting In The Night

Listening to Forest Fire’s first single from their new album Screens, which is out early September, is like having a cool breeze wafting by while sitting on your porch in the evening. Gently moving along on shuffling drums and a light guitar pattern with spiraling synths wavering underneath it all and Mark Thresher’s gentle whispery lyrics the song is a relaxer after a hard day at work.

Bambara- Hawk Bones

I don’t know, I don’t think you are ready for Bambara kids. I’m not sure, because this is intense stuff, you’re sure you can handle it? We’re talking Swans level committment here. This is deep stuff, you’ve got to get in there and feel it man. this isn’t bob your head while riding on the metro material, you have to take this home pull out the speakers and let it hit you type stuff. You promise me you can do that?

BANKS. – Waiting Game (Produced by SOHN)

It’s a match made in heaven pairing up the songstress BANKS. and mysterious electronic musician SOHN. This is actually their second time meeting up as SOHN did a pretty good remix on BANKS. previous single “Before I Met You.” BANKS. dark sensual voice fits perfectly in the moody throb and swirl of SOHN’s production.

Thomas Jack (feat. Adrian Symes) – The Final Speech

Using the moving speech from Charlie Chaplin’s  The Great Dictator young Australian producer Thomas Jack aided by saxophonist Adrian Symes take us on a laid back house music journey.

Live Review

Adam Ant

Plush St. Louis, MO. Aug. 2

Before I even got into this word slinging about music thing I used to tell people all the time that any time you get a chance to see an act that’s been in the game for a long time, just go. Veterans always know how to put on a great show. That was definitely the case this past Friday evening when Adam Ant brought his latest tour through the Gateway City. In the case of Adam Ant I was going because he is a punk rock pioneer, a post punk pioneer, and is one of the most charismatic front men of all time and he’s put out a fantastic catalog of music over the years.

True to Ant’s flair for the dramatic was Tchaikocsky’s “1812 Overture” then an excerpt from Lord Cardigan’s speech from The Charge Of The Light Brigade film as his entrance music to which he leaped onto to the stage with his crack band ripping into the new album track “Marrying The Gunner’s Daughter.” And it didn’t let up from then on. A more rock oriented show with his band being anchored by two drummers and bass player and guitarist with Ant sometimes lending his accomplished axe skills to certain songs. New  wave era tunes such as “Goody Two Shoes” and “Strip” were definitely beefed up by the rock bombast.

The set list was not disappointing at all as Ant pulled no punches and wasted little time as one song often led into the next with minimal break between. Featuring songs from every album in his career and sprinkling in songs from his excellent latest release Adam Ant Is The Blue Black Husser In Marrying The Gunner’s Daughter. Ant was in fine fashion sporting his trademark clothing and hat and make up (but not as much as back in the day) was a sprite ball of energy not standing still even once, and using the limited stage space to twirl, leap, leg kick, and wield the mic stand in true rock star fashion. Best moment of the night occurred when Ant leaned into the crowd to give a woman up front in a wheelchair one of his handkerchief’s to which she clutched the rest of the night. Classy move Mr Goddard! With his hit packed set and encore that included a cover of T-Rex’s “(Get It On) Bang a Gong” Ant and his band gave everyone every ounce of bang for their buck and more.

Opening the show was Prima Donna. This fine young band are from L.A. and they had the crowd eating out their hands from the moment they hit the stage. Bringing back the lost tradition of having a saxophone was a welcome addition to their glam punk sound. By the way their merch table was swamped after the show I’m pretty sure the crowd dug them. You should definitely seek them out, I guarantee that you will like it! If Adam Ant has not been to your neck of the woods yet make sure you catch him.

Prima Donna- Feral Children

INVSN- Down In The Shadows

Now that the Refused reunion is over front man Dennis Lyxzèn has a another music project with Sara Almgren from the (International) Noise Conspiracy, Anders Stenberg most recently of Lykke Li’s band, Andre Sandström of The Vicious, and Richard Österman who’s listed as the token new guy. Although the debut album is not release yet the lead single “Down In the Shadows’ and its dark goth atmospheric tone is available. I’d suggest you get it and wait breathlessly for the full album.

Dwight Yoakam- These Arms

I’m the first to admit I’m not the biggest fan of country music. Not a lot of it appeals to me. But, I’m not averse to it as there are some artists out there I actually like quite well. Dwight Yoakam falls into the category of country Artists I do like. That’s saying a lot because I tend to favor the alt country sounds more so than the mainstream artists like Yoakam. “These Arms” comes from Yoakam’s latest release Three Pears and is straight country ear candy. The entertaining video boasts cameos from Vince Vaughn and Joey Lauren Adams as troubled lovers and Dwight in full cabbie mode.

The Chain Gan of 1974- Miko

The dark electric synth groove of Kamtin Mohager’s musical project Chain Gang of 1974 has done two albums of pretty solid music. A third album should be on the way soon. “Miko” was thrown up recently on his Soundcloud page to warm up the fans. It’s a hard beating throbbing fast paced dirge.

Hammered Satin- Barbarian Baby

Is the world ready for a Glam Rock revival. They’d better be! And after hearing L.A. Glam Rock kings Hammered Satin (thumb’s way up for the genre appropriate band name!)  shred your face with this rock and roll stomper. It’s like Ziggy Stardust and Marc Bolan had a mess of love children and they grew up to form a band.

Laura Veirs- Sun Song

Laura Veirs has been putting out great stuff for almost a decade now. She’s getting ready to release a new album Warp & Weft August 20th. “Sun Song” is the first single off he new album. It is a gorgeous pop gem with a cool guitar line running straight through it.

The Neighbourhood- Afraid

According to their facebook page this five piece comes from Califournia. Their debut album I Love You was released back in April. It’s full of these type of swaying guitar rock songs with a hip hop swagger lurking beneath. Worth checking out.

Torres- Honey

Coming out of Nashville and straight into the attention must be paid slot on your playlist is Torres, which is the name that Mackenzie Scott performs under. Using no more than a trusty Gibson guitar, some muted drums, and an incredible emotional range she will captivate you and pull you in with not just this song but all of them on her debut self titled album.

Indians- Magic Kids

Indians are from Copenhagen. It’s basically a one man band of Soren Lokke Juul. From his album Somewhere Else comes this amazing song with it’s chimes and slowly swirling elegiac melodies it is quite simply straight up ear candy.

Airbourne- Live It Up

This Melbourne band eat rock n roll for breakfast. Munch on metal for lunch and then serve it up mixed together thunderstruck style for dinner. Somewhere in heaven, Bon Scott nods his head in approval. Hell yes, my friends it’s time to rock!

Ha Ha Tonka- Colorful Kids

Ha Ha Tonka are from Springfield, Missouri and are set to release another album in September called Lessons. “Colorful Kids” is the first single. It is a sharp harmony rich propulsive song that even mentions another good ole’ Missouri boy Huck Finn himself. Looking forward to the release.

Savoy- You Make Me Feel Good

Savoy have put out the best Daft Punk album this year and that’s including Daft Punk themselves (with that 70’s era yacht rock motif they went with and all) with their album Three Against Nature. THIS is the banging electro vocoder thump we wanted. Hop on over to Savoy’s Soundcloud from the song link to grab a free download!

Batillus- Mirrors

Just not getting enough of this doom metal sludgery from the Brooklyn band’s album Concrete Sustain. Here’s another slice of industrial strength tension and pull to crush and weigh you down.

Editors- Two Hearted Spider

This is my favorite track from the Editor’s latest album The Weight Of Your Love. Sprawling and epic on a U2 and Coldplay like level, which isn’t always a bad thing, you get easily swept up when Tom Smith sings “Every you move you make, breaks me, breaks me…” who hasn’t felt like that? No one that’s who. Incredibly good live band, check the video below to watch the band perform the song from their headline spot at Rock Werchter.

Bob Marley- I Shot The Sheriff (Roni Size Remix)

A month or so back I got wind of the Marley remix project called Legend Remixed and wandered if it was a good idea or not. Conclusion, yes it was. While not every song on the album is a winner quite a few do work well as re-interpretations of Marley’s songs. In the capable hands of U.K. drum n’ bass auteur Roni Size the legendary tune comes to new life.

Suicidal Tendencies- Show Some Love, Tear It Down

Mike Muir and the legendary So Cal skate punk crew are back for their first album in thirteen years, thus the name 13. It’s always good to hear Muir laying it down. Lean from the masters all you youngsters out there who think you got this punk thing down.

Totem- Rich Girl

A month or so back Totem released a stellar song called “In And Out.” They have just put out another great one called “Rich Girl” it’s in the same mode as “In And Out‘ but they’re both great. Take a listen to them both at their Soundcloud page and I believe if you hurry you may be able to download them!

John Zorn- Yaldabaoth (Featuring Bill Frissell, Carol Emanuel, and Kenny Wollesen)

Zorn is one prolific jazz man. Releasing many projects, he had a hand in eight releases in 2012 alone and two so far this year that I know of. Which is why I check in frequently to try and keep tabs. This song comes from his album The Mysteries which is a project he recorded with guitarist Frissell, Emanuel on harp, and percussionist Wollesen. Each musician equally giving to the songs light magical feel.

Windhand- Woodbine

One word: DOOM! More words: Sludge, awesome, rock, heavy, low, slow, kick, ass, metal.

Abnormal- Faye Valentine

Abnormal is from St. Louis so shout out for that! He’s been producing some chilled out beat mixes on his Soundcloud page for a while. It’s laid back vibey and trippy and all good stuff. “Faye Valentine” is his latest post up.

Die Mason Die- You’re Lonely

Their Soundcloud page list this as Ghost Folk. That’s a pretty good summation of what’s happening here. It’s a pretty little song with falsetto vocals that soar and careen over a mid tempo acoustic guitar laiden indie shuffle. O.K., so I’m interested in hearing more.

Psychostick- Sadface:(

I am a huge fan of this Phoenix band. They will make you laugh. Their songs and humor within them are usually right on target and satirically correct. Their latest song is a perfect example as they nail every annoying trait your facebook “friends” do daily with their posting. But don’t just stop at this song, seek them out and explore their humorous metal. Bonus, they do metal really well and the drummer Schmalex is the ace in the pocket.