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New Music September 2013!

29 Aug



September already folks! That’s month number nine on the calendar. 2013 is quickly becoming history. Summer is almost a history lesson as well. Let’s keep our ears open and check out some new tunes. As always check back here often because new music is put up often meaning pretty much daily so don’t miss out! And be sure to roll on over to and sign up for the  website to follow your favorite bands, music, venue etc! You can check out the Loufest preview that was previously part of this post and the review of the festival here.

Yuck- Memorial Fields

Yuck have released another preview from the upcoming album Glow And Behold. It’s a slower more relaxed number than the previously released “Middle Sea” but it holds up nicely.

Lupe Fiasco- Pound Of Flesh/ Paris Tokyo 2

Fiasco caught a lot of flack for his last two albums. Whatev Lupe, do your thing man don’t let those fools bring you down. On his new track he freestyles over some Drake business and it turns out nicely.

Saint Pepsi- Unhappy

Turning American Football’s “The Summer Ends” inside out works out quite well for Ryan Derobertis on this new Saint Pepsi single.

Suzuki/Method- Be Cruel Be Kind

The 80’s influence continues to sweep through music to delightful result. A perfect example is this new track by Suzuki/Method featuring a driving electro synth groove and post punk vocals and  danceable beat. Nice!

OFF!- What’s Next

OFF! recorded a new song for the Grand Theft Auto V game. It’s pretty freakin’ awesome like everything OFF! does.

Nuages- Lines

Haven’t featured a tripped out chill track by Nuages in a long time. So putting up their recent release “Lines” seems like a good move.

Turbo Lightning- Faster Than Light

A surprisingly tight and tuneful affair from former noise punkers Mae Shi members.

Iggy Azelea- Work (Wolf Saga Remix)

Sometimes you just have to sit back and bob your head to the beat and chill out man, just chill out.

Jesse Myles- Rolling Stone

Myles id from Baton Rouge, LA. and is an up and coming star on the hip hop scene. His debut mixtape Positive Feedback will be released soon.

LUCIANBLOMKAMP- You & Me Feat. Rosebud Leach

This young Australian beat maker is one to watch from down under.

Cass McCombs- Brighter (feat. Karen Black)

Sadly, the iconic cinema actress Karen Black passed away recently. She appeared on McComb’s 2009 album Catacombs and returns for his follow up Big Wheel And Others which comes out October 14th. The vocal is all Black as she gives a quietly powerful performance.

Midlake- Provider

After splitting with front man Tim Smith last year a lot of breath was held as to what would happen with the Texas psych rockers Midlake. Guitarist  Eric Pulido has stepped up to the mic to take over front man duties and the results are sounding pretty good as the band preps to release it’s first album post Smith Antiphon on November 5th.

Beachwood Sparks- Make It Together

From the unreleased early album Desert Skies that will see release November 20th. More of an 70’s era pop rock song than their psyched out country they are really known for. But one can hear the country influences bleeding through.

The Ancients- Hey Now

Mebourne’s The Ancients will release their third album Night Bus in October. “Hey Now” is the lead single. It’s a fuzzy and noisy rocker.

Deltron 3030 (feat. Zach De La Rocha)- Melding Of The Minds

The world needs more of these two. That’s all there is to say about that.

Free Energy– Somebody’s Baby

A excellent cover of the Jackson Browne song.

Pelican- The Cliff

The release of Pelican’s album Forever Becoming is still a few short weeks away. To keep us all satisfied until then the band have released another song the wandering slow building crusher “The Cliff.” It’s an  almost literal musical interpretation of standing on a cliff looking out over the fields or the ever moving ocean.

Hysterics- Outside In

This female Olympia, WA. band comes as close as it can get to sounding like true original hardcore punk. It’s a spitting, fierce, and brutal song. From the e.p. Can’t I Live out Nov. 15th.

MondreM.A.N.- M.C. Illin

Been a while since we put up some hip hop. Time to remedy that. Here’s a bass heavy, minimal with heavy flow number from the Main Attrakions member steppin’ out for a solo.

Kvelertak- Evig Vandrar

The Norwegian band’s album Meir is one of the best of the year so far. So it no surprise that the new single is nothing less thaan a sonic blast to your eardrums. The only real surprise is that the band gets  a little scuzzier along with the brutal rock they bring.Cool new animated video to go along with the song.

Ron Sexsmith- Sneak Out The Back Door

As I was watching the season finale of Royal Pains last week I was shocked to hear this golden nugget accompany the underlying theme of creating distance the episode had built up. It was a nice touch from a show that usually doesn’t use music and a reminder of Sexsmith’s under appreciated work.

The Killers- Shot At The Night

It’s hard to believe The Killers have been around or ten years already. To celebrate that landmark the band will soon release a greatest hits album. As with all greatest hits compilations there will be a few new songs songs to peak your interest. This first preview was produced by M83. Take a listen it has a big M83 stamp all over it.

Kings Of Leon- Dancing On My Own

The King’s did a cover of the Robyn tune for the BBC and did a pretty good job of it.

Worakls- Goodnight My Love (Joachim Pastor Remix)

Pastor remixes the lovely Worakls tune into a nice chiled out house mix.

Ministry– Permawar

Uncle Al is back! This is probably the last time we’ll hear from Al Jourgensen and his band after last year’s untimely passing of longtime guitarist Mike Scaccia. The new album From Beer To Eternity has all the features of  what Ministry has brought us over the years brutal industrial rock, techno freak outs galore.

Slayer- Raining Blood (Aylen Remix)

So that just happened. Aylen just to Slayer’s mega metal anthem and took it to the dance floor with a heavy dubstep vibe all over it.

Missheard lyrics Anyone?

Ever get the lyrics completely wrong while singing along? We all have. There’s a thousand books on the subject, but here’s a nice little round up by the good people at Just try to get through these videos without laughing.

And round 2

The Pixies- Indie City

So The Pixies have released a new ep. Why is that important? Oh, I don’t know maybe because they are one of the most influential bands of the last 30 years or so. So new material isn’t getting past my nose. this is my favorite track off the new e.p.

Frightened Rabbit- Candlelit

Another stunningly gorgeous epic ballad from Frightened Rabbit off their new Late March, Death March e.p.

Arcade Fire- Reflektor

So every other music blog in the universe has probably been all over this song. And guess what? We’re all over it too. Especially for the Anton Corbijn directed video which is fanstastic.

Eureka Birds- Mila Don’t Make A Sound

The first single off Baltimore band’s Eureka Birds album Strangers is a grand epic synt h and guitar washed song about love fading away. Attention must be paid.

The Trouble With Templeton- You Are New

Brisbane, Australia’s indie pop band continues the Australian tradition of exciting and new band’s popping up all over the place down there. Beautiful song.

Nine Inch Nails- Copy Of A

This song off Trent Reznor’s new NIN album has been the show opener for his latest Tension tour and it sets the tone right off the bat with Reznor lit only by a single light starting the song and gradually joined by his bandmates one by one until the song builds into a claustrophobic and visual filled masterpiece.

Meanest Man Contest- In The Dark

One would have thought this collaborative effort would be more psych hip hop based in the vein of DJ Shadow based on their 2003 album Following Merit but it’s more song crafted and almost downbeat a bit. But I still dig it.

Feed Me- Rat Trap

Feed Me broke out a few years back with their massive dubstep bangers, Following the tide of where EDM is going they’ve busted out a trap heavy tune called tongue in cheekily “Rat Trap.”

The Dismemberment Plan- Daddy Was A Real Good Dancer

The Dismemberment Plan will release their first album since 2001 next month with the release of Uncanny Valley. This is the third sampler song taken from the album. It finds the band in good form still.

Young Hunting – Baby’s First Steps

Off their debut album Hazel comes Young Hunting’s single “Baby’s First Steps” and it’s stomping beat and harmony rich vocals. Sort of like a goth folk dream pop symphony of sound. Like very much! Available as a download off Soundcloud.

Le Roi Crocodile- How I Feel

Vancouver’s Le Roi Crocodile synth-tastic single is a house based throwback tot he analog days before digital took over sounding like an 80’s dance floor work out but in a good way.

Future Of The Left- Bread, Cheese, Bow And Arrow

The post Mclusky band led by vocalist Andy Falkous and drummer Jack Egglestone pound out another pummeling fire and brimstone preaching burner that obliterates everything in it’s path.

Turnip King- Rooms/Fleece

Seacliff, New Jersey band bust out a rawkus post punk post rock psych rock thriller.

Dude Skywalker- Let The Sunshine

The Miami based trio sample 5th Dimension’s “Age of Aquarius” from the musical Hair and turn it into a house song. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love it when old stuff gets turned into new stuff.

Parquet Courts- You’ve Got Me Wonderin’ Now

Cannot say enough good things about Parquet Courts. From the new Tally Everyhting That You Broke EP out Oct. 8th. just go get it then.

Whitley- My Heart Is Not A Machine

Whitley comes from Melbourne Australia and their folk pop is a nice way to end a hard day with their gentle acoustic sound.

MORRI$- Breakfast At Richman’s

Featuring The Mars Chamber Ensemble this low key chilled cut is called “goombawave” or something like that. I call it short sweet and pretty.

Dawn Day Night- The Re- Animation Of Scottie

As it is September it is getting closer to the most awesome holiday ever, Halloween! Time to start thinking about breaking out all the scary songs. Here’s another great one sampling from horror flicks. Is Scotty O.K.? Probably not….

Babarossa- Turbine

Barbarossa’s latest single is a slick funky number with soulful vocals floating effortlessly on top. Offering the song as free download on the artist’s web site here.

The Bloom Twins- Fahrenheit

So what were you were you doing when you were just 17? I could barely dress myself as I accidentally wore two different shoes to school one day and didn’t notice it until FOURTH PERIOD! So check out this Ukrainian duo and their finely crafted cover of the Kish Mauve song.

The Debauchees- I’ve Got Energy

The Debauchees area fresh young band out of Louisville, KY. This is the bouncy post punk leaning first single from their album Big Machines And Peculiar Beings Released November 12th.

Gold Fields- Dark Again

Another fine Australian band playing that pristine crystal clear up tempo indie pop? Yes and they are doing it really well.

Avon Cottage- Party At Peter B’s

Pretty good little punk rock stomper from fairly new British band. Bit of humor in there too nice touch.

Sleigh Bells- Bitter Rivals

Ringing in their new album the title cut starts off laying down some Dicken’s quotes like it’s a threat of some sort. the song then spends the rest of its time bouncing around the ring looking for an opening to lay out the knock out punch. New album Bitter Rivals out Oct. 18th!

White Lies- There Goes Our Love Again

The first single off White Lies latest album Big TV is another big guitar, rumbling bass, driving drum song featuring the deep voice of Harry McVeigh echoing back to the mid eighties alternative heyday. Hopefully the band will garner a lot of attention stateside with their arena ready sound.

The Wee Trio– Queen Bitch

The Chicago based jazz trio put out an album of Bowie covers last year. I saw recently that they will be playing a gig quite close to my hometown later this month so in preparation I decided to hype up the band a bit. Check out their cover of “Queen Bitch” below. And if they come to your neck of the woods, catch them live.

Throwing Muses- Sunray Venus

Kristin Hersh brings her legendary alt rock band throwing Muses back strong with this dark and ominous song. Hersh almost sounds hungry as she growls and chews on verses in an almost angry manner as the song slowly builds to a crescendo. Good to see these alt rock veterans coming back to put real meat and potatoes heft back into music. Here the new single here on their website.

Throwing Muses- Sunray Venus

Kid Karate- Two Times

I’m just a tad behind the times with this Irish duo’s blues soaked rock burner as it came out in late July. But it’s just way too good to pass up. Featuring a video with more emotional depth than half of the Hollywood movies released this year this rolling stomp will stick with you for a while.

Frankie Rose- Street Of Dreams

Frankie Rose is set to release a new album very soon Herein Within. The second preview track released form the album is this magnificent cover of The Damned’s  “Street Of Dreams.” Great guitar work as this one moves along hauntingly.

Satellite Stories- Campfire

Satellite Stories and their big gorgeous guitar flights and melodies are from Finland. Campfire is the latest teaser released in anticipation of their album Pine Trails that won’t be out until November 1st. The song won’t be released officially until next month! We’ll just have to make do with the Soundcloud stream until then.

Red Fang- Blood Like Cream

The new Red Fang album is finally getting close! “Blood Like Cream” is the first new headbanging slammer from the album that will be released next month. Turn it up indeed!

September Girls- Ships

It’s great to see bands still working that heavy feedback guitar edge full band workout in music these days. Ireland’s female five piee September Girls are a great example of this. Their Cassette Store Day release “Ships” is a grinding heavy  guitar loaded song that hits the sweet spot repeatedly.

Violent Soho- Covered In Chrome

Violent Soho rock to us straight out of Brisbane, Australia. The Aussies as I have said, again and again, have it going on right now. and Violent Soho prove that with this rocking alt rock throwback to the mid 90’s heyday with this stomping rocker. Band to watch out for for sure!

Cleric- Left Hand Wrath

Ever been absolutely crushed by the weight of a metal tune? Listen to Cleric unveil this seismic shifting behemoth and you will know what it feels like to be smashed to bits. And I mean that in a good way! Goats up!

Thanks for checking out September! Please check out October’s list of new music here .