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New Music January 2014!

1 Jan



Well, 2013 is now officially in the rear view mirror. Hopefully, you checked out our year end lists. Excited about another year of new music to listen to. Absolutely no idea where the trends will go. Who will be the year’s left field surprise? Only three and half months until festival season starts up again! As always if you are a musician, in a band, involved in any way with a the music scene in your area check out and sign up! Come back often as songs are added frequently and the list grows daily!

Special Explosion- Clotheslined

Seattle band’s new e.p. The Art Of Mothering will be out next month. Here their indie guitar epic first single here now.

Frankie Cosmos- Birthday Song

It’s only a little over a minute long but it contains whammy lyrics and tempo changes galore and manages to be completely enjoyable.

Coliseum- Late Night Trains

The Louisville band will be releasing a live document of their last tour supporting the Sister Faith album. Here’s a preview track!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.- I Think It’s Going To Rain Today

The band with possibly the most tongue in cheek name ever have put out a cover of RAndy Newman’s classic ballad. They have juiced it up with an electro slop of blips and beeps and cheesy beats.

Modern Rivals- The Dead Leaves (Danse Macabre Midnight)

The title comes off as a dark piece of Goth doom and gloom fancy, but fear not people this song is actually quite a sprightly and bouncy dream pop number.

Champ – Burnt Alive

Champ are on of the best discoveries of this young year yet. The San diego four piece creates a terse and tight punkish growl.

Chvrches- Bela Lugosi’s Dead

For the upcoming movie Vampire Academy Chvrches have recorded a synth pop version of the classic Bauhaus track.

Bandbook Radio Hour Jan. 25th!!/profile/Shark+Sandwich/14845699/broadcast

James Vincent McMorrow-  Red Dust

JVM’s latest album Post Tropical has him posed for super stardom. The album features more of an subdued electronic flow added to his acoustics instrumentation and his gentle voice. “Red Dust” is a highlihght.

G-Eazy- Sleepless

Rising hip hop artist G-Eazy has released a bevy of new songs in the last few days. “sleepless” is a laid back late night listener.

Scavenger Hunt- Dreamers

L.A. band’s bright shiny pop blast will have you moving and chanting along to the oh, oh, oh’s.

OFF!- Void You Out

Keith Morris has finally pulled the boys from his punk super group back together and done some new material. Killer stuff as usual.

Rare Monk- Splice

Beautiful and spacey psych rock workout from Portland band.

Dan And Amy- Pretend

Melbourne, Australia duo’s haunting ballad has an underlying sorrow and darkness boiling beneath the surface.

Brothertiger- A House Of Many Ghosts

Brothertiger is the brain child of John Jagos of Brooklyn, NY. His latest is a synth pop sample heavy and a most excellent piece of ear candy.

The Notwist- Kong

The long standing German band ‘s latest single is an upbeat and almost sunny number with a lilting synth line and a drving beat and a backing chorus. Lovely music indeed.

Keep Shelly In Athens- Old Time Glory

It seems that this fantastic band had barely been around long enough for an announcement that lead vocalist Sartah P. has decide to leave the band to pursue solo aspirations. The band has will move forward also. good luck to both.

It’s a new feature the Sunday Night Playlist! We just throw a pile of random music at you for your ultimate enjoyment!

Bandbook Radio Hour Jan. 19th, 2104

Just click the link and hit play!!/profile/Shark+Sandwich/14845699/broadcasthttp://

I Will, I Swear- Sleep

I recently ran across this slow building ballad by this Belgian band. Take a listen it’s very good.

Late- Losing You

Ethereal beats, atmospheric swirls, and a haunting female vocal all intertwine in a hazy seductive soup.

Disclosure- Grab Her!

We all know that British twins Disclosure’s throwback house is great in every way so check out the silly and humorous video for their latest single.

The Pet Shop Boys- The Last To Die

The proverbial and dynamic techno wizards cover Bruce Springsteen and it turns out pretty awesome. that’s not surprising because The Pet Shop Boys are always constant in the goodness.

Los Campesinos!- What Death Leaves Behind

Los Campesinos! latest single is a catchy and bouncy anthem riding a synth melody into the sunset on a warm sunny day even regarding the title’s morbid context.

Ben Goldberg– xcpf

You all need to get some more jazz into your musical diet. So dig into this great track from Jazz artist Ben Goldberg and then go pick up some of his stuff.

DJ Kay Slay- 90’s Flow

This hot jam features cameos by everybody including Fat Joe, Ghostface, Raekwon, Prodigy and possibly your mom, just kidding on that last one.

Tiger Forest Cat- New York, New York

No it’s not a cover of the Sinatra song but a lovely and breezy tune featuring a great piano melody.

Gardens & Villa- Colony Glen

Starting out with a deep DEVO worthy 80’s synth throb the latest pop nugget from Gadens & Villa wins you over with it’s electronic glide.

Tijuana Panthers- Tony’s Song

Great new power pop garage rock tune from Long Beach, California’s Tijuana Panthers.

Perfect Pussy- Driver

Perfect Pussy are primed to be one of the most hyped bands of 2014. That may cause you to turn your head but is usually a good reason that certain bands find hype and Perfect Pussy are one of the bands that actually deserve it.

Mas Ysa- Why

Mas Ysa is the solo project of Thomas Arsenault. “Why” is the first single off his forthcoming album Worth full of grand peaks and valleys and a driving electro beat featuring a beautifully shot hockey/relationship context video.

Childbirth- I Only F*cked You As A Joke

Sly and hilarious female band romps through a stone cold ripper dissing your sorry ass the whole way.

Dude York- Hesitate

From their debut album Dehumanize out later this month comes this poppy and bouncing indie pop nugget.

Night Beds- Head For The Hills

It’s a new Night Beds song from singer songwriter Winston Yellen. The light breezy feel and Yellen’s wavering voice come to a nice effect.

Twilight- Lungs

Thurston Moore has dipped his talents into the metal pool. this time with metal group Twilight that has a revolving cast of members. It’s like a metal version of Sonic Youth!

Real Estate- Talking Backwards

Real Estate will be releasing their latest album Atlas in early March. This is the first single off the new project featuring some great guitar interplay and the soft lilting vocals of Martin Courtney.

Pianos Become The Teeth- Hiding

A scalding emotion filled guitar drenched crusher from this Baltimore based emo band. It will lay you to waste.

The Mast- Luxor

Been a couple weeks since we checked in with anything regarding electronic music. Brooklyn duo The Mast lay down a haunting atmospheric drum n bass layered beat with floating lyrics riding the turmoil beneath.

together Pangea- Badillac

Some toasty deep fried garage rock from together Pangea from their forthcoming new album out January 21st.

Young Braves- Youth

Some pristine guitar pop from England’s Young Braves.

Sunday Night Playlist Jan 12, 2014

Krill- Turd

Not often a song comes along where the artist literally compares themselves to a floating feces in a toilet. song rocks pretty well though!

Protomartyr- “Scum, rise!”

Got to be honest, I thought this was going to be some type of metal business with a name like that. So i was pleasantly surprised to hear the cold darkwave post punk jitter this song sprung forth. Great dark lyrics.

Gem Club- Braid

Gem Club are back with more gentle chamber pop that will ease your ears into a blissful state upon hearing their light airy melodies and piano driven songs.

Unwed- Made Of

How about a furious blast of alt rock from members of groups like Hot Water Music, Small Brown Bike, and Primitive Weapons? Get some of this chunky stew of beefy guitar rock.

Flagland- It’s Your Time

Cool new chugging guitar rocker from the debut album of this fine NYC band. Love Hard comes out late next month.

Holy Science- Moon

Some sweet hazy psych guitar wooze. I know absolutely nothing about this band!

Black Lizard- Love Is A Lie

Have we ever featured a German band on here before? Not sure! If we haven’t we now have Darmstadt’s Black Lizard and their buzzing droning psych rock fuzz bomb for your ears to feed on. Their debut album came out back in April of last year. Hopefully it’s available in the U.S. and other parts of the globe so you can gather it up.

Fasano- It Wasn’t Me Who Left You Alone

Here’s a sweet acoustic and short lilting ballad from Fasano. Kick back and take a listen.

Exhumed- Gravewalker

Yeah! Hell Yeah! Now is the time to thrash. I’m a sucker for this type of thing.

Owls– I’m Surprised…

Owls are emo forefathers releasing their first album in the pre-emo days of 2001 shortly before horrible bands gunked it all up for everybody. their second album titled II will be released in March and “I’m Surprised…” is the first single.

Wild Beasts- Wanderlust

Been a while since Wild Beasts have checked in with us. The wait is finally over. The shuffling drums are still in tact, the synths still swirl and those vicious and delicious lyrics still cut like knives.

Damaged Bug- Eggs At Night

Since Thee Oh Sees have folded Jon Dwyer has resurfaced with a new project named (very excellently I might add!) Damaged Bug. It’s a tripped out electro jam for sure.

Bleeding Rainbow- So You Know

The Philly band’s third album is set to come out late next month. “So You Know” is the steady handed rocker that is the first single.

Hospitality- Rockets and Jets

New album Trouble will be out later this month. Her’s the great new first single sounding a bit more post punk.

Jessy Lanza-5785021

Jessy Lanza made our best of 2013 list with her minimal trap influenced mellow vibe “Kathy Lee” so I figured it was time to check in again with her.

Toxic Holocaust- Out Of The Fire

More brutal and punishing thus awesome old school throwback thrash to rattle around your skull.

Champ- Piss

Champ regail us all with a lo-fi sludgy punk rock bruiser that pummels the body.

Steve Mason- Oh My Lord

Somehow this got under my radar and that’s unusual being that Mason was in the Beta Band who made great music. This album Monkey Minds In the Devil’s Time came out early last year and is totally worth your time to check it out.

R.I.P. Benjamin Curtis. School Of Seven Bells, The Secret Machines who has been taken for too early.

Silversun Pickups- Cannibal

Seems the L.A. band is setting up to release a best of already. O.K. that’s cool. “Cannibal” will be the obligatory new song. It’s a bit more electro sided, but it still carries the Pickups mark all over it.

Tokyo Police Club- Argentina (Parts I, II, and III)

Tokyo Police Club’s first salvo of 2014 is a near ten minute long song that holds up all the way through.

Alvvays- Adult Diversion

I’m guessing that’s a clever way to spell always? Maybe, Maybe not. Anyhow, the song is a crisp and bright guitar work and with lots of pep in its step. A nice way to look hopefully toward the new year.

Eureka Birds-Fastest

Eureka Birds are from Baltimore, MD. They have recently put out their latest album Strangers. Their excellent first single “Fastest” has a fantastic video. This is your official heads up on this great band.

Spokes- Pigs Riddim

A dark and mysterious grime filled electronic splash of gun clicks waves of atmosphere vocal samples and sirens. Very cool.

The Hoteliers- The Scope Of All This Rebuilding

Formerly going by the name The Hotel Year the band has tweaked its name a bit but still retains the pop punk fury and angst ridden blast.

Blank Realm- Back To The Flood

From the Forthcoming Grassed Inn release Blank Realm’s scuzzy blues inflicted rock and bleary eyed vocals carren down a dusty road kicking up a swirling tail of psych rock haze that blazes brightly.

Nai Harvest- Hold Open My Head

The Sheffield duo won’t release this 7″ till March but it’s just too good to wait that long to preview.

Modern Baseball- Your Graduation

Let’s see it’s January 1st and we may already have the line of the year in “...bullsh*t, you f*cking miss me!” yeah, that’ll be hard to top for a while.

St. Vincent- Birth In Reverse

Anything Annie Clark does is always worth bending an ear towards. Off her forthcoming self titled fourth album.

Deaf Poets- This Pain

Full blown rocker from international duo, one’s from the U.S. the other from Argentina!