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Best New Music June 2014!

31 May



Halfway point. So look up 2014 is already half way down the drain. As time marches on so does the overwhelming onslaught of tasty new music choices. Hope your enjoying the plentiful festivals that are out there now that festival season is in full ramp up mode. Don’t forget to support local music and music venues as well. All musicians, bands, dj’s, venues, bars, or whomever may work within the music field jump on over to the main  site. Check back in here frequently for updates on new tunes. Enjoy Radio hour June 29th, 2014!

The Death of Pop- Whenever

The cold icy post punk glittering guitar pop on this release which is out July 28th is pretty sweet.

The Front Bottoms- 12 Feet Deep

The Front Bottoms are releasing an e.p. of unreleased tracks that are as sturdy as anything they have put on their albums. so just run directly to your local record store and pick it up.

Sturgill Simpson- The Promise

Simpson takes his country talent to the New Wave hit by When In Rome and it’s stunning.

O.K. Go- Writing’s On The Wall

Sure it’s another fantastic one shot brain tease of a video that was a giant feat to pull of, but listen tot he song it’s pretty great as well.

Modern Hut- Life

So this band the other week on The Chris Gethard Show (Which you should be watching, it’s brilliant!) and found their slow moving languid tunes grow on you slowly.

 Gold-Bears– For You

Great new lo-fi sound from this Atlanta band.

 Godflesh- Dogbite

This track of the legendary proto-industrial metal band will seismically shift the foundation of your house.

Dum Dum Girls- Are You Okay?

Another great rack from their excellent album Too True which is out now.

Jessie Ware- Tough Love

Damn if this new Jessie Ware song isn’t a pop nugget. Soulful sleek and emotional and Ware’s great vocals.

Fern- A&B

Soft and sweet acoustic ballad from this fine young talent.

Angus & Julia Stone- Heart Beats Slow

This latest song from the duo sounds a little beefed up, but by beefed up it just means the bass and drums are a little more up front. It’s still lovely and gentle.

Low Roar- Vampire On My Fridge

Cool moody ethereal track from Icelandic musician Ryan Karazija. Listen and dig.

Destruction Unit- Dust

Gotta love a band called Destruction Unit based on the name alone! Fortunately their blazing rock is pretty ace as well. check out this latest single via the great Adult Swim singles collection.

Bandbook Radio Hour: Bonnaroo!

Since we all can’t be there, we can at least make our own playlist and dream about it.

Greys- Flip Yr Lid

We featured this great new Toronto based band a few weeks ago with their song “Guy Piccioto” and it seems like a perfect time to put them back out there for you to hear. Is this song a nod to the mighty Husker Du album Flip Your Wig? That’d be cool.

 Invisible Familiars- Clever Devil

The New York trio have a sort of goth jazz punk thing going on here with the horn spurts, funhouse organ sounds, and the post punk vibe. Dig it!

Real Lies- North Circular

Coolest song of the week so far! Over a sparse house beat the narrator beats a spoken word monologue. Sweet.

Doozies- Me+ You

Doozies are from the D.C. area and their melodic garage rock is a bit different from the cutting post punk and punk that has come from that area before. That’s a good thing!


Party Next Door? Sounds like the party’s right here and it’s hit the slow jam part of the evening. Either way jam onit.

SHARK?- Big Summer (Summer Ale)

The NY band follow up last year’s excellent Savior witht his catchy as all get out anthem of lo fi guitar sludgy goodness about summer.

The New Pornographers- Brill Bruisers

The Canadian super group with the sweet name are back after a few years off with a big chorus and flying guitars.

 Total Control- Glass

The Australian post punk band is back with their sophomore release Typical. This one has a measured Kraftwerk vibe about it.

Operators- True

Dan Boeckner of Handsome Furs, has yet another side project now since his last Divine Fits project. Now going about synth pop with members of DF and with Devojka they take on New Wave head on.

Kristeen Young- Pearl Of A Girl

Been a tough week for this former St. Louis native. And being that she’s a hometown girl i will say it’s hight tiome she gets noticed for her musical career, not this b.s. who got who sick biz that freakin’ Morrissey is throwing at her. Hey Mozz you got sick, guess what everybody does. Difference is we suck it up, just like my home girl did. DOESN’T MATTER WHO MADE YOU SICK! Take some meds, get some rest and get back out there for your fans.

Hundred Waters- Murmur

Completely different from the debut’s sound. Nice to see band’s still pushing themselves to be creative.

Bandbook Radio Hour 6/8/14

Time for another great Sunday evening listen.

Caribou- Can’t Do Without You

The album won’t be out until October but the first single is pretty sharp slow builder that picks up nicely and finishes great.

How To Dress Well- Face Again

HTDW continue their new wave of r&b strut with the third single off their soon to be released album What Is This Heart?

Nick Raven- Nineteen Fifty Three

Another great guitar pop song from New Zealand.

The Death Of Pop- Whenever

I will never ever get tired of bands that make this kind of shoe gazey jangly indie pop. This is just the latest band to fancy my ears.

PS I Love You- For Those Who Stay

Title track off their latest due out next month is a six minute head trip.

Greg Gives Peter Space- The Feeling Shaker

F0lk dub, mellow dubstep? These are two appropriate classifications of this spare electro folk number. whatever it’s called it’s pretty damn good. Self titled release out next week.

Greys- Pretty Grim

Putting this Candian band back onto your radar because their debut is out later this month and you WILL go get it!

Tomahawk- M.E.A.T.

This single is basically a left ovewr from last year’s excellent Oddfellows. Wonder what Mike Patton is up to these days?

United Nations- Serious Business

Former Thursday frontman Geogg Rickley has a certain way with the spoken word vocal intoa scream thing that goes above what others try for. A swirling barrage of drone and underlying guitar sprawl makes this an interesting listen for sure.

Young Magic- Fall In

Off the great Carpark records comes this psych pop band. Top notch groove falling out throughout this tune.

Bandbook Radio Hour 6/1/14

Listen to this great playlist and be exposed to great music!

Miguel- Simplethings

R&B singer is always pushing the genre forward and I like that sort of thing. Plus, dude makes some pretty good music in the process.

A Sunny Day In Glasgow- Bye Bye Big Ocean (The End)

Another semi trippy offering from ASDIG. I’d suggest a full volume experience to get the effects desired.

Panama Wedding- Uma

Summer sounding synth tastic new song from this great young band.

French For Rabbits- Goat

New Zealand duo that has come out of nowhere with this fantastic little acoustic and airy strummed folkster.

Simian Mobile Disco- Parson’s Nose

I’ll admit most electronic music can be a real patience tester at times. but there are some bright shining lights in the genre that reward your listening with well executed pieces that stand up. SMD is one of those bands. This new tune is part of a compilation Content celebrating their label’s 20th year.

Space Captain- Remedy

Nice and slow bit of cool r& and jazz feel to cool you off in the warmer temps. Be a good night time listen.

Mac DeMarco- Passing Out Pieces

DeMarco’s latest weird psych rock gets a weird video treatment that makes you go, “ummm, what…?” Parental Advisory or something?

Cazzette- Sleepless

Aussie dance duo have another great auto tuned out ear candy song out.

Trash Talk- The Hole

Thrash punk band Trash Talk have  new brutal and explosive album out called No Peace which is exactly what you will get with their sound.  I’m not sure if you’ll survive their short and violent skate-tastic video either!

Brave Bird- Rekindle

Jangly emo branded indie rock per Ann Arbor, Michigan band. T-Minus Grand Gesture out now.

Wolves In the Throne Room- Celestite Mirror

It’s fourteen minutes long can you handle the riffs, the synths and surprisingly the flutes (!), the sonic death drums, the blackness of the metal? It takes five minutes just to build up! Try it out and see.

Vulture Sh*t- Sweat Lodge

Coming all shredding noise tank like forging the path of Jesus Lizard intensity is Vulture Shit! The Brooklyn trio release their 7″ The Joys Of Employment back in February why don’t you have it yet?

Digitalism- Wolves (feat. Youngblood Hawke)(RAC remix)

RAC takes the great single from Digitalism and Youngblood Hawke and puts on the dance floor but doesn’t overpower with the thump keeping it nice and smooth.

Kool A.D.- Word

Another great free associative track from Kool A.D. with a mind blowing animated video to accompany it.

jj- All White Everything

The Swedes have given yet another great pop gem! What pray tell is in the water up that way? That country just pumps out the superb pop craft.

Carousel- My New Friend

Carousel’s music all has that 80’s synth pop feel to it, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing. Released in the last few days their new song hops along with another sweet groove.

Rat Fist- Disrupt Your DNA

Rat fist is a collaboration between Randy Randall of No Age and Pissed Jeans Sean McGuiness. It sounds exactly like what would happen if those two noisy bands collided. Awesome!

EMA- Drown

“Drown” is the bonus track on the young Ms. Anderson’s new album The Future’s Void. It’s a dark mechanical journey. EMA moves us around here.

Mr. Dream- Loud Tools

Firebrand rock n roll from Brooklyn with a certain a swerve to it. Jammin’!